Kanwalkishore Solanki

As a Kundli Reader and Astrologer I have tried many services online and this is by far the best. It is easy to navigate, simple to get the answers you need, and very user-friendly. – Google Review

Nancy Bajaj

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with several astrologers and psychics, but the experience has been a bit hit or miss. I was very impressed on the accuracy of some of the readings that I received through this app. – Google Review

Ankush Deshmukh

This is a great webApp that explains everything to me and gives me helpful tips. I like that you can take a quiz when you have questions about your reading and then find some books for the answers. – Google Review

Arup Biswas

In terms of the accuracy and quality of readings, I have found this app to be superior to its competitors. The only time it has not been 100% accurate was when the reading took place during a solar eclipse. – Google Review


Mypandit is a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing app with a great interface that is easy to navigate. I love the fact that it connects me to so many different readers. – Google Review

Avdhesh Tiwari

I love this app! I’ve had a few readings and the accuracy was remarkable. It is also very user friendly, easy to navigate, and the people on the chat were super Awesome! – Google Review

Ishna Naik

The readings from Astro Tarot Kundli are really amazing. The customization process is so easy and the app is very intuitive. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to have some guidance. – Google Review

deepu bhati

I love this App! It is so easy to navigate and the information is so helpful. It makes a complicated subject very easy to understand for beginners. I’ve been reading about astrology for almost two years now and I still find new information on this App.

Pragati Bawankule

I had a consultation with MyPandit and I can’t thank her enough! She was able to pinpoint some areas that needed help and guide my focus. The webAPP is so easy, and she delivered the reading quickly. – Google Review

Berthelot Stockinger

The response was on point and relative. The service provided is great and user interface of the app is simple and straightforward. Wishing you guys the best and thank you for the free reading! – Google Review