Check Your Health Metre During Rahu Transit in Aries 2022

Check Your Health Metre During Rahu Transit in Aries 2022

Planets and their movement play a vital role in moulding the lives of people as per Vedic astrology. When a planet moves from one sign into another, it is known as a Transit in the language of astrology. Each planet has a fixed period of stay in a particular sign. During any astrological transit period, the planets pose some challenges over the natives. These planets also exercise positive and negative effects which can make or break the natives. Every aspect of life, including health, finance, relationships, career and education, are equally affected due to the transit.

Rahu is one of the nine planets as per astrology. Although Rahu is considered to be a shadow planet, its influence and significance cannot be denied at any point. It is a planet that is believed to create an illusion and misguide natives in its negative role. It brings instability in life and also makes people experience fear of unknown danger. Hence, it is believed that Rahu’s transit in any zodiac sign should be taken seriously. It affects all the realms of life in all possible ways.

The Rahu Transit 2022 date and time as calculated by expert astrologers is on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 10:35 am respectively. This is the day and time when Rahu will enter Aries and exit from Taurus. This astrological event will have some great implications. We shall highlight the influence of Rahu transit in Aries on the health factor of natives belonging to the different zodiac signs.

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Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Aries: Immediate Medical Attention Needed

Rahu will be seated in the first house of Aries sign during the Rahu transit 2022 phase. Health of the natives will need some attention. It is expected that they will become slow and lazy physically. The transit may also result in some stress and reduce the immunity too. It is quite possible that some natives may face problems associated with spinal cord and kidney, which needs immediate care and precautionary steps should be taken accordingly. It is advisable to make some changes in daily routine and incorporate yoga and meditation as a ritual to remain safe and reduce chances of further deterioration of health.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Taurus: Frequent Hospital Visits On Cards

With the Rahu transit in Aries, Rahu will be placed in the twelfth house of the Taurus sign. There are chances of facing some health-related issues. During this phase the natives may have to visit hospitals frequently. It is advised to be careful about your health and don’t ignore the benefits of healthy eating habits. Women might experience some uterus related ailment and this needs to be taken care of at the early stage. People might also have stomach problems.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Gemini: Some Issues In Store

The Rahu transit in Aries will place Rahu in the eleventh house of Gemini sign. The period needs attention towards your health. There is a high probability of facing issues related to the stomach, intestine and spinal cord. Frequent and consistent pain in the back and stomach might make you restless. There could be a deficiency of vitamin D. During Rahu transit in Aries, the natives should exercise and practice yoga regularly to have balance and harmony in life.

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Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Cancer: Exercise Regularly

When Rahu transit in Aries, it will be positioned in the tenth house of Cancer sign. The period would be average for the health of Cancer natives. They might experience physical and mental stress occasionally. There is a possibility of experiencing restlessness and blood pressure too. The natives may also complain of some problems of heart, liver, acidity and joint pain. Hence, natives are advised to exercise and practice yoga regularly.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Leo: Finally The Awareness

The Rahu transit in Aries will position Rahu in the ninth house of Leo sign. The period looks good considering the health aspect of Leo. Natives will get aware towards a healthy lifestyle and will take steps to ensure improvement in health and maintain balance in life. Balanced diet would be the secret mantra to a healthy life. Though the major part of this phase would see you healthy, you may face some issues related with bones and legs. Yoga and meditation would definitely help you scale up your health.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Virgo: Don't Ignore Your Health

When Rahu transits in Aries on April 12, 2022, Rahu will occupy the eighth house of Virgo sign. The transit is expected to pose challenges over your health. It is expected to experience some changes in physical health though it will be a sound time for mental health. The natives may suffer with sex related issues. They might also experience problems with piles. Liver related issues are also expected during this transit. Women are advised to take special care as there is a high possibility of facing problems related to the uterus, which could be painful and you may have to go through some surgery to resolve the issue. It is advised not to ignore your health during Rahu transit in Aries.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Libra: Not So Great!

The Rahu transit in Aries for the Libra sign will be full of ups and downs. Rahu will occupy the seventh house in Libra. Health of Libra is expected to remain unstable during this period. There are chances of facing some or the other pain and problems consistently throughout the period. It is quite possible that the natives will not feel energetic and remain low most of the time. Some tension and mental stress could also be experienced by the natives, which will, in turn, result in restlessness. Regular exercise and pranayama might help people fetch the required respite and maintain balanced health.

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Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Scorpio: Back To Old Habits

When Rahu will transit in Aries, it will be placed in the sixth house of the Scorpio sign. The period of Rahu gochar is expected to be a bit difficult for the natives with regards to their health. The period is likely to relapse some old diseases and health issues which might trouble the natives. During this transit period, the natives may have to suffer from problems related to kidney, liver and intestine. It is advised to be alert and take precautions as you may meet with an accident or tragedy. This may lead to some surgery too. Taking a balanced diet and practising yoga with exercise might help reduce health risks.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Sagittarius: Stable But Need Attention

Rahu will be placed in the fifth house of Sagittarius natives during the Rahu transit in Aries. The period seems to be average with regards to the health of the natives, though they might suffer with problems associated with pancreas, kidney, liver or stomach. It is advisable to follow a strict daily routine and avoid eating outside or else you may suffer with stomach related problems. Pranayama and yoga should be practiced daily for better health.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Capricorn: Stress Ahead!

The Rahu transit in Aries will place Rahu in the fourth house of Capricorn natives. The Capricornians are likely to experience physical and mental stress at this time. There are chances of facing issues of heart and lungs. It is advisable to go for regular check-ups to avoid any major health problem. Also, practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis to avoid mental stress which is quite expected to be an issue during Rahu transit in Aries.

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Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Aquarius: Major Lifestyle Changes In Store

The Rahu transit in Aries for the Aquarius natives will take place in the third house. This would be the period of some major shuffling and changes for the natives. The phase would be significant and beneficial too. On the health front, the Rahu transit in Aries is expected to be sound. The natives are likely to get respite from some old and prolonged disease. It is expected to be a positive period for the health of Aquarius. Though they may suffer with lungs related ailments, regular practice of pranayama and yoga will certainly help them keep the situation under control. People would be inclined towards a healthy lifestyle and get involved in healthy eating habits.

Effect of Rahu Transit in Aries on Pisces: Health Issues May Haunt You

The Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will place Rahu in the second house of Pisces natives. It could be a bit of a critical period for the health of Pisceans. They are likely to get troubled with the problems of eyes, nose and throat. This would be a recurring problem during every season change. Special attention should be given to eating habits. The natives might get haunted with the tension of family members’ health too. The elders of the family should be taken for regular check-ups without fail.

The Concluding Note

As observed in the predictions above, in most cases the health of the natives is going to suffer in some or the other way. Hence, it is advisable to take all necessary precautions and consult your physician as and when necessary. Taking advice from expert astrologers and asking for remedies can also be a great help in reducing health issues. The Rahu gochar 2022 might not be as bad or severe as it seems if proper steps are taken beforehand. Though it is difficult to completely avert what is expected, one can always try to avoid it in the best possible ways. Following the simple Rahu transit remedies can reduce the Rahu transit effects to a great degree.

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