6th House Astrology – Impact on Zodiac Sign

6th House Astrology – Impact on Zodiac Sign

The Shatru Bhav in Vedic astrology, popularly known as the 6th house, holds something crucial and unique just like other houses in your Kundli. Usually, it is about your health and well-being, so it is also called Rog than in astrology. Besides, a healthy mind and a healthy body, the house is also related to your daily habits, routines, and responsibilities. However, the sixth house in your natal chart determines how we deal with challenges in life. So, what exactly does the sixth house astrology in your Kundli mean? Let’s find out.

What does the 6th House Represent?

  • Service and employment
  • Obstacles
  • Debts
  • Servants
  • Subordinates
  • Faithfulness
  • Physical Strength
  • Difficulties
  • Brave attitude to fight challenges
  • Enemies

Thus, the 6th house in astrology will drive you to overcome challenges, obstacles, and uncertainties. And at last, win over the try times and enemies. Also, your capacity to go the extra mile and physical strength is governed by the sixth house in Vedic astrology.

Natural Healers of your horoscope! Yes, this house indicates what type of illnesses you are most susceptible to. Not only this but also the recovery time can be forecasted too. Also, the body parts that are most vulnerable to disease or injuries can be indicated. However, the strength of your immune system also comes under the domain of the sixth house.

In Astrology, the 6th house represents obstacles, hostilities, challenges, debt, etc. So, when the naturally malefic planet occupies the sixth house, it will mitigate the adverse impacts of this house. Also, the planetary placement will render favourable results in competition, daily routine challenges or tasks.

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Good days and not-so-good days are part and parcel of our life. When the time is not fortunate enough, only the sixth house of the horoscope has the power to give internal strength. This strength will make you a Superhero to fight against the outer world. It may not be wrong to say that the favourable influence of the planets in the sixth house can make you a Real Avenger.

Stay strong in trying times, All is well when the 6th house is favourable.

Now, you know the real power of the 6th house in Vedic astrology. It’s time to know who is the lord of the 6th house. Generally, the lord of the 6th house is Mercury as Virgo governs the House of Enemies. However, the lord of the 6th house may change based on your ascendant. S

o let’s gain insights into the significance of the sign placed in the house 6 astrology and its lords.

Significance of the 6th House in Astrology and Their Lords Based on Your Ascendant

Aries Ascendant

Virgo in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Virgo sign. So, Mercury is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. Your profession is always your priority, and to progress in your field you pull out all the stops. However, you will ace in the career where caring is required, like education and the medical field. It may not be wrong to call you practical and calculative people. As you will always calculate career growth.

No worries in the health department, Aries pals! You check out all the time what you eat and drink. So, there’s no chance of having an unhealthy diet. On top of this, it’s tough for you to ignore routine exercise. So, good health and wellness are likely to be experienced unless some unfavourable placements or aspects of planets are there in the sixth house.

Taurus Ascendant

Libra in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Libra sign. So, Venus is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. No one can match the way you balance. You will see the benefits of everyone before making decisions. Also, you are very particular about your undertakings. When there is a task to accomplish with a team, you are the best teammate. As you work quite well with others.

However, you will give your best to maintain harmony within the team. So, often you are approached as a team leader too. However, you will do best in your personal life as well. Your partner will be happy with you as you avoid arguments and conflicting situations.

Gemini Ascendant

Scorpio in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Scorpio sign. So, Mars is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. Extremely hard-working people! You are too much into the work that at times, you get obsessed with the work. However, you prefer to work alone. Being chained to a desk is what you would keep to distance forever.

Challenges attract you. So, it is best for you to choose a profession that is challenging and requires a bit of creativity. Once you get one, you will never look back for a lifetime.

Cancer Ascendant

Sagittarius in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Sagittarius sign. So, Jupiter is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. Social butterflies! Yes, you read that right. Not only you are active in social gatherings but also warmly welcome other guests. This is why they enjoy being around you.

Undoubtedly you are lively and energetic as the influence of Sagittarius is there on the 6th house. Also, you have a positive approach to life. Your active lifestyle will keep you away from all health issues. But at times, due to overeating or the habit of drinking may lead to health ailments.

Leo Ascendant

Capricorn in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Capricorn sign. So, Saturn is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. You enjoy your job. The checklist of the things to be done is always in your hand. Unless all boxes are ticked, you will feel restless. However, sitting stagnant is not your cup of tea.

BTW, you are highly disciplined and constantly efficient in all the undertakings. On the health front, you are quite responsible. Still, you are likely prone to issues related to bones, nails, and teeth.

Virgo Ascendant

Aquarius in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Aquarius sign. So, Saturn is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. You are innovative and energetic. Also, your thinking is quite forward. Always ready to take up new and exciting projects. And why not? Your immense energy will never let you exhaust.

Like Gemini, creative and innovative work areas are the best option. However, working in a team is never a challenge for you. In fact, you enjoy working with others. On the health front, you are not likely to face any major ailments as you keep a close watch on your nutrition. Besides, on a tight schedule too, you are not likely to miss your routine exercises.

Libra Ascendant

Pisces in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Pisces sign. So, Jupiter is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. The Pisces sign in this house makes you a day-dreamer. However, you keep distant from the work that requires too much mental energy. Besides, you will opt for a job that interests you.

You want everything pitch-perfect. So, you are more likely to get worried about your job. Also, you may get restless when something goes wrong.

Scorpio Ascendant

Aries in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Aries sign. So, Mars is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. You are highly committed to your work. To meet deadlines, you fight from tooth to nail. Even, you will burn the midnight oil to achieve your goals and make your dream come true. You will never take a back seat and expect the same from others.

Highly disciplined, your schedule is fixed on the Google calendar, and you will follow it religiously. It would be best for you to become an entrepreneur or freelancer instead of working under an employer. However, work based on the contract according to your terms and conditions is also a good option. But avoid making compromises on any condition while signing the contract.

Sagittarius Ascendant

Taurus in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Taurus sign. So, Venus is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. Venus ruled sixth house will make you highly balanced. So, you are exemplary for others when it comes to maintaining a balance between personal and professional life.

However, you will not work anything without interest, and even spend quality time with your loved ones. You will opt to relax after a hectic schedule. Life is not a race for you. Thus, you will rush after anything. Instead, you will work at your pace and free will.

Capricorn Ascendant

Gemini in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Gemini sign. So, Mercury is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. You are sociable, but at the same time, you freak out soon. Highly passionate about your job and uses your intellect and creativity to accomplish all the tasks.

However, you are not interested in monotonous and boring jobs. The unique work always excites you. As you can use your intelligence and artistic skills.

Aquarius Ascendant

Cancer in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Cancer sign. So, the Moon is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. You are very connected with your profession. It’s not just a job for you, but an important part of your life.

Whenever you achieve a milestone in your field, you feel overjoyed. At the same time, you get motivated to work more. However, mundane activities like house cleaning, driving, cooking, and more seem to be rewarding for you. As challenging and stressful projects lead to an unhealthy mind.

Pisces Ascendant

Leo in the sixth house: Your 6th house belongs to the Leo sign. So, the Sun is the lord of the 6th house in your Kundli. You take pride for People of these cusps take pride in the work they do, and always approach every project with sheer joy and excitement. And when their work does not go successful, they feel lethargic and unhealthy. Such people need to look for a job where they can experiment on a daily basis.

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Influence of the Placement of Planets in the 6th House

Sun in the Sixth House:

The presence of the Sun in the sixth house makes you involved in routine jobs. Also, you eliminate risk and are very careful about every single thing you perform. The thing to note is you are pitch-perfect in whatever you do. Besides, you will be precise too. After continuous efforts, you will elevate to a higher and more responsible position. Read More…

Moon in the Sixth House:

You are emotional and caring. The placement of the Moon in the sixth house offers you an attitude of helping and nurturing others. Never-ending desire to ace your skills helps you to be on the epitome. However, you have a good body-mind connection. But once this gets imbalanced, your mental peace is likely to get lost. Read More…

Jupiter in the Sixth House:

This position of Jupiter will give you a life purpose that makes you feel contented. Also, the benevolent planet will offer a greater goal to serve society. So, you will have the urge to help all those that are struggling in life. However, you are well organised, punctual, and disciplined. Read More…

Venus in the Sixth House:

The planet of luxury will make you dedicated to achieving worldly pleasure. You are very fond of gems and jewellery. Also, you are a foodie and love to have all exotic cuisines. However, you will share everything with your loved ones. Your bags are always packed as you love to travel to distant places all the time. Read More…

Mars in the Sixth House:

Mars is not very happy in this position. However, you are very hardworking and have high expectations of your subordinates. You will not stop inducing your efforts and energy into the work until you are completely exhausted. Instruction from others is the least thing you like in life. And why not? You have your own style of working. Read More…

Mercury in the Sixth House:

It’s hard to match the efforts that you put in your work. So, it may not be wrong to call you the hardest working individual. Your friend circle is likely to have an attitude and aptitude similar to you. The thing for you to note is that you don’t need to be perfect to catch the attention of others. People love you the way you are. Read More…

Saturn in the Sixth House:

Saturn is very comfortable here. You are a workaholic and take your professional work very seriously. However, you will work for a living rather than live for working. Also, you have a strong sense of responsibility and get busy for them. So, you will not have time for other necessary things. It’s better to lighten yourself a bit and enjoy the beauty of the world too. Read More…

Rahu in the Sixth House:

This position of Rahu is good for conflict management. You will ace while working in an association and resolve the conflicts. Also, you have a strong urge to help others. So, you may join the NGO or start your own NGO to help the weaker section of the society. It would be better for you to avoid arguments that have no purpose. Read More…

Ketu in the Sixth House:

You tend to be attentive for every finest detail. However, you always learn from past incidents and will try to avoid repeating them. However, you will enjoy pink health and possess a strong physique. Needless to worry about health if there is any minor illness, the influence of Ketu in the sixth house is likely to give quick recovery. Read More…

It is not necessary that the 6th house is always bad. However, there are reasons for it. Let’s figure out all of them.

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Why is the 6th house bad?

The sixth house in Vedic astrology tends to bring problems in life. On a high key, they teach us Karmic lessons so that we change for good. However, the problems are part of our life, and the bad influence of the sixth house can bring issues related to enemies, diseases, and debts.

There may be a condition of imbalance. Although it is considered a negative house, it is still one of the houses of the financial trine. Skilful natives are likely to produce a good income. Also, the malefic planets posited in the sixth house can give benefic results under certain circumstances.

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