Venus Transit 2023

Venus Transit 2023

Venus Transit in Vedic Astrology

In astrology, the outcome or the effects of a transit depends on the house it takes place in. Depending on that, the pros and cons of the Venus transit affect everyone differently! Venus governs the aspects of our lives related to art, fame, hobbies, and relationships.

It can enhance your marriage prospects when placed right. You may also get inclined to a certain kind of art and music under the influence of Venus transit. It can get you some social status and fame in society if the transit is beneficial for you.

And it is not all about marriage and love relationships. Relationships and responsibilities towards your family, friends, and people around you may also get affected when Venus transits from one sign to another.

Moreover, Venus transit planetary combinations can also be formed when another planet combines with Venus in the same sign. Depending on Venus’s relationship with those planets, the effects may differ.

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Venus Transit 2022: Dates and Time

Now that we know how Venus transits affect us, it’s time to look at the Venus Transit dates for 2023. Since Venus’s transit to Capricorn happened on Dec 29, 2022, currently, Venus is in Capricorn. On January 22, 2023, it will transit to Aquarius. The Venus transit in Gemini 2023 will take place on May 2, 2023.

January 22, 2023, Sunday04:03 PMAquarius
February 15, 2023, Wednesday08:12 PMPisces
March 12, 2023, Sunday08:37 AMAries
April 6, 2023, Thursday 11:10 AMTaurus
May 2, 2023, Tuesday02:00 PMGemini
May 30, 2023, Tuesday07:51 PMCancer
July 7, 2023, Friday04:28 AMLeo
August 7, 2023, Monday10:37 AMCancer
October 2, 2023, Monday 01:18 AMLeo
November 3, 2023, Friday 05:24 AMVirgo
November 30, 2023, Thursday 01:14 AMLibra
December 25, 2023, Monday 06:55 AMScorpio

Venus Transit Effects On Each Zodiac Signs 2023

Venus, as mentioned before, is the ruling planet for Taurus and Libra. It is also an exalted planet in Pisces. Therefore, it will affect these signs the most, and many a time, in a positive way. However, every transit is different, and it will be different for each sign, too. Let’s see the impact of this transition on all the zodiac signs.

Venus Transit In Aries

What happens when Venus moves to Aries? Venus rules the earth sign Taurus and air sign Libra. At the same time, Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars. Venus is the planet of beauty, passion, love, and everything feminine. Mars represents aggression, activeness, and confidence. But hey, opposites attract! Don’t they? When these two meet, it can result in increased passion and intimacy in the natives.

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Venus Transit In Taurus

When Venus enters its own sign, the need for luxury and riches will only increase. Even an earth sign like Taurus that is grounded to reality most of the time will breathe in a wave of fresh air by the entry of its own ruler planet, Venus. Under the influence of Venus transit in Taurus, the natives may actively try to attract a luxurious and wealthy lifestyle and work towards that goal.

Venus Transit In Gemini

The air sign Gemini also gets affected by the transit of Venus. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the lord of communication and knowledge. The natives are likely to find a new interest in the matters of art and other similar mediums of expression as a result of Venus transit in Gemini. It can be music, dance, cinema, theatre, etc. Venus also has a great amount of impact on deciding the married life of the natives.

Venus Transit In Cancer

The Sign of Cancer is a water element sign, and the ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon. Now, Venus has a little shaky relationship with the Moon and sometimes, the transit of Venus can bring adverse or unfavourable results for the natives. However, since Venus is a fast-moving planet, the effects of Venus transit in Cancer won’t be as lasting. When placed well, it can bring marital bliss and happiness to the natives.

Venus Transit In Leo

Leo’s element is fire, and the sign is ruled by the Sun. Just like the Moon, Venus also shares some not-so-great relationships with the Sun. However, it depends on the particular transits, as we discussed before. When Venus transits to Leo, it will go through Purva Falguni and Uttara Falguni Nakshatras. Which nakshatra were you born in? Un derstand your Nakshatra better, with Nakshatra: Types and Significance.

Venus Transit In Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign, and it is ruled by Mercury. Unfortunately, Venus is debilitated in Virgo. This means it can sometimes cause problems for the natives when Venus transits in Virgo. However, Venus and Mercury are friends with each other, and that can be a saving grace when the transit happens. Adverse or favourable, it will bring changes related to worldly and marital pleasures.

Venus Transit In Libra

Just like Taurus, Libra is Venus’s own sign. Since the Venus transit to Libra will be in the planet’s own sign, the effects of this sign will be visible for all the signs. The element of Libra is Air. It can help the natives with their personal goals and stand against the enemies. Venus in Libra can also bring marriage on the cards for the single natives of the sign.

Venus Transit In Scorpio

Scorpio, just like the Aries, is also ruled by Mars. Mars is all things masculinity, whereas Venus represents femininity. Here, Scorpio is considered a water sign and exhibits the characteristics of the same. A Venus transit in Scorpio can bring positive as well as negative changes in natives’ lives. Support from your spouse, meeting a positive match for the singles, and other relationship-related possibilities get a boost under the Venus transit.

Venus Transit In Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter and Venus share a close relationship in Vedic astrology. Where Jupiter is the Guru to the Gods, Venus is considered the teacher of the ‘Asuras’ or the demons. Venus transit in Sagittarius can sometimes bring a challenging time for the natives, especially on the personal front in matters of love and relationships.

Venus Transit In Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn and Venus share a friendly relationship with each other. Impact of Venus Transit in Capricorn may prove beneficial or advantageous for Capricorn at times. Venus can bring personal and professional satisfaction to Capricorn natives. It is supposed to bring happy times to your domestic life.

शुक्र का कुंभ राशि में गोचर

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Saturn. Now, as we discussed before, Venus and Saturn share a friendly relationship. Venus is also a yoga karaka planet for Aquarius, which means it rules both the trikona (trine) and kendra (angular) for Aquarius. The yoga karaka planets anyway support the natives with materials and social status, and having Venus as the yoga karaka helps Aquarius, too.

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Venus Transit In Pisces

Pisces is a water sign ruled by Jupiter. Venus transit in Pisces can be favourable for the natives. As Venus manages your dynamics with the opposite gender, it can affect that aspect of natives’ lives positively. For your relationships as well, the bonds with your partners and spouses can get stronger under the influence of this transit.

Venus Transit 2023 with Nakshatra Transit Details

There are 12 zodiac signs and 27 Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. Therefore, each sign overlaps three Nakshatra under it. For example, Ashvini, Bharani, and Kritika Nakshatras come under Aries, and Pisces has Purva Bhadra, Uttara Bhadra, and Revati Nakshatras. Therefore, a Venus transit in a sign can be divided into two or three-step Venus transit in Nakshatra.

Here are the Venus Transit in Nakshatra 2023 Date and Times:

Jan 59:20 pmPurva AshadhaSagittarius
Feb 228:22 pmUttara AshadhaSagittarius
Mar 111:17 amShravana NakshatraCapricorn
Mar 249:02 pmDhanishtha NakshatraCapricorn
April 61:53 pmShatabhisha NakshatraAquarius
April 186:00 pmPurva Bhadrapada NakshatraAquarius
April 304:10 pmUttara Bhadrapada NakshatraPisces
May 127:05 amRevati NakshatraPisces
June 44:57 amBharani NakshatraAries
June 1511:25 amKrittika NakshatraAries
June 264:01 pmRohini NakshatraTaurus
July 78:56 pmMrigashirsha NakshatraTaurus
July 1810:19 pmArdra NakshatraGemini
July 2910:03 pmPunarvasu NakshatraGemini
Aug 910:16 pmPushya NakshatraCancer
Aug 207:02 pmAshlesha NakshatraCancer
Aug 312:21 pmMagha NakshatraCancer
Sept 1110:26 amPurva Phalguni NakshatraLeo
Sept 223:30 amUttara Phalguni NakshatraLeo
Oct 27:39 pmHasta NakshatraVirgo
Oct 131:07 pmChitra NakshatraVirgo
Oct 244:09 amSwati NakshatraLibra
Nov 36:50 pmVishakha NakshatraLibra
Nov 1411:17 amAnuradha NakshatraScorpio
Nov 241:40 amJyeshtha NakshatraScorpio
Dec 54:02 pmMula NakshatraScorpio
Dec 168:24 amPurva Ashadha NakshatraSagittarius
Dec 2610:57 pmUttara Ashadha NakshatraSagittarius

Venus Transits’ Remedies

Being one of the most illuminated planets, Venus, just like the Moon, has a lot to do with the colour white. White food, white clothes, silver jewellery, White Sapphire or diamond all are related to the planet Venus. Venus Transit 2023 remedies will be different for each sign, dependent on that particular transit. In general, it can include donating white food like rice and milk to those who are in need, wearing ornaments of silver and the gemstones related to Venus. However, it is always advisable to wear a gemstone only after consulting an astrologer to avoid any adverse effects. Other Venus transit remedies may also include feeding the animals, lighting a camphor lamp, pouring white flowers in a river, and chanting the mantras related to Venus.

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Mantras Related to Venus

Here are some Mantras related to Venus, which you can chant during a Venus transit.

  • Om Shum Shukraya Namaha (ॐ शूम शुक्राय नमः)
  • Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraya Namah (ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः)

Puja for Venus Planet

If you think a Venus transit can bring some unwanted results for you, you can always perform a Shukra Graha Shanti Puja. It can bring name, fame, glamour, and overall luxurious life to the deserving devotees. Not only that, it can help you prosper in your work and business. A Shukra Grah Shanti Puja can also help you eliminate the malefic effects of the planet from your life. If you want to perform a Puja with expert pandits authentically, you can book an Online Shukra Graha Shanti Puja with us.