Vastu for Job – Tips to Get Job – Vastu Guide for Job

Vastu for Job – Tips to Get Job  – Vastu Guide for Job

Have you got professional success as per your expectations? We bet most of you are nodding your head for denial. As you know, mostly all deal with issues in their career and profession, so only a handful will achieve their professional goals. Of course, those people have achieved it after all tough dealings, spending additional money, and strongly putting all their efforts into walking an extra mile. So, undoubtedly, you deserve achievement. However, if you don’t have it, it is understandable how frustrating this could be for you.

On the other hand, several individuals are more creative and highly skilled than others. This is why they’re quite competitive. The truth is that not everyone has the same talent and capabilities. Well, what’s the secret to attaining greatness? There’s no denying that ability, and work ethic are essential, yet you also have to draw happy vibes and energies into your existence to be effective. But then there’s the issue of how we’re going to do it.

Every single person is bombarded by intensive energy and zeal. They all are actively associated with those types of forces. As per Vastu shastra, a household seems to have its power, and everyone who lives there will be affected by it, which will affect his thinking. As a result, you must ensure that the home emits the appropriate power. Vastu for Job is as important as Vastu for House.

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Vastu Locations for Job

Following are Vastu Tips for Career Growth in terms of Vastu Locations.

Bedroom Location:
The Moon aspect is correlated with both the South-West (SW) region. As a result, it means that overall life is stable. So, the sitting area in the bedroom should be located in the southwest. If one’s career path necessitates consistency, people must nap throughout this path. But if you’re a graduate, though, they could use the West-South-West (WSW) zone of the bedroom. It’s the realm of wisdom and understanding.

Study Room Location:
You should construct your reading room in the West of South-West (WSW), East, or North-East (NE) zones if you’re a student or investigator. Place your study room’s door in the northeast, north, or east direction.

Study Table:
The study table should be square or rectangular. There should be some space between your table and the wall to allow your thoughts to flow freely. Maintain a safe distance between the study table and the wall. Job Vastu indicates Good study, Good Career.

Sitting Position:
When learning, keep your back to the north or east. A business owner should face north or east because it is deemed unusual for economic gain. Apart from that, you must have a second floor. This not only signifies help psychologically but also leaves you feeling healthy. A stunning mountain photo could also be mounted on the wall above you. When operating, they must not sit under a table.

Furniture of The Room:
Furniture made from wood is often favoured. Large furniture items must be placed in the bed’s SW corner. It would be best if you sat in chairs with an overturning moment. It’s fine and gives respect, particularly for practitioners. Furniture that has been damaged must be fixed or substituted as quick as possible.

Importance of North-East For Corner:
The northeast (NE) is the path of self-discipline and sight, all of which are critical for career development. As a result, no action must be allowed in this area. This should be cleaned regularly and clutter-free because it is among the most critical areas of the building. Water-related objects, such as a water supply or a water fountain, should be placed in the northeast.

Importance of East For Corner:
The path of accomplices is easy. If communication and media affairs are essential aspects of your job, the East must be cooperative and organisational. Keep it open and build a lovely garden in this line. When a greenhouse isn’t feasible, they may spray a green colour on the East wall or hang a stunning image of a park instead. You’ll be shocked by how it can help you grow the platform and improve your community outreach.

Importance of South-East for Corner:
That cash-flow area is in the southeast (SE). Working capital is critical, particularly if you own a company. It is as vital to a company as plasma is to the human body. As a result, for improved working capital, the South-East should be following Vastu. That’s where all fiery things must be stored. The kitchens of your home must preferably be built in the southeast. Each wall must be a soft pink colour.

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Placement of Objects:
Both the north or east side of the study room should have a bookcase. Many devices and electronic objects could be positioned in the South-East corner of the bed, and your computer or desk light could be placed in the South-East corner of the study desk.

Importance of Main Entrance:
That main entrance, as per Vastu, is among the most critical and successful parts of the home. There are many eight potential entrances (four cardinal and four ordinal), every spanning 11.25 degrees. Some of these entrances are thought to be very lucky for job advancement and ultimate improvement as per Vastu for Career. The following are indeed the propitious doors:

North Direction

  • Mukhya
  • Bhallat
  • Soma

East Direction:

  • Jayanta
  • Indra

South Direction:

  • Vitatha
  • Grih Rakshita

West Direction:

  • Pushpadanta
  • Sugriva

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Secret Vastu Tips for Finding Suitable Job & Career

1. The northwest (NW) zone should never be used to build a reading room.
2. In the southwest (SW) and northwest (NW) directions, avoid constructing the study room door.
3. It is not a good idea to sit under the beam because it causes psychological stress.
4. You may feel vulnerable or uncomfortable if you pose on your back to the bed’s entrance. As a result, you must stop sitting in this spot if you want to concentrate on your job.
5. Refrain from placing the bookcase just above the study desk.
6. Drawings of water bodies or wars should not be hung because they draw resentment and signal a lack of accountability.
7. Strong colours, such as bright red, purple and violet, vibrant yellow, and black, are strictly forbidden in Vastu. It will harm productivity, attitude, and emotions.
8. According to Vastu, avoid irregular shape furniture in your house.
9. Toilets should not be built in inauspicious directions; in particular, a toilet situated in the North-East (NE) would have catastrophic consequences for the profession and the Cash Flow.
10. Position no large loads in the centre of the room (Brahmasthan). This area must be kept tidy and free of clutter.

Reaching a good IQ or even being resourceful and skilled doesn’t completely ensure a successful career. Many individuals who are far a bit less talented than certain peers have achieved the success they desired. This is mainly attributable to the Vastu flaws in your structure (e.g. home office, shops, factories).

As a result, it is recommended that these Vastu flaws be corrected with expert guidance. They will expect a healthy shift in your thought style and your choice abilities since rendering the buildings Vastu compatible, which will eventually aid you in your career advancement.

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Feng Shui Tips for Job

You may use various basic feng shui techniques to improve the exchange of power in your workplace. According to Job Feng Shui, a specific place in your home or workplace is responsible for distributing creative vibes to all of your professional endeavours. This Bagua area’s full title was Path in Life, which we now interpret as Career.

If you’re unfamiliar with Feng Shui, Bagua is an ancient Feng Shui energy map that can be used to apply Feng Shui to any space. Even though you don’t understand your Bagua, you could use these five positive personality ideas.

Such simple Feng Shui Tips will assist you in attracting the performance you earn whilst still providing you with unique, refreshing, and lively energies as your progress through your career. Please make an effort to use all five of them, and don’t be afraid to try things. Enable yourself to explore Feng Shui to find the best results. Here are five simple Feng Shui Career suggestions.

Activate Your Career Bagua Area

North is the Bagua region that regulates your Professional life. However, according to Feng Shui knowledge, you may use things associated with your current or desired profession to access the North Bagua region of your home and workplace. Consider which images best reflect the essence of your career and place them prominently in this Bagua region.

Map The Right Path

Putting a chart on the North wall has been said to explore new resources and help you to find your way if you’re unsure of that direction to take or even which step to follow next in your career. On a conscious level, it can occur when you unexpectedly obtain simple instructions or a feeling of understanding which direction to take.

Let It Flow

Throughout the North Bagua city, a waterfall or, at the very minimum, a water banner will help to produce more Chi, or Fundamental power, which would help to invigorate and boost the energy streaming to your profession. The water must be flowing, not still, and it must not be overcast or tumultuous. Reflectors could also be used to carry the energy of water into your Career Bagua sector, and they are outstanding Feng Shui for this area.

See Success to Attract Success

Upload images of individuals, places, and things that remind you of a rewarding and fruitful profession. You can also show regular motivational proclamations like “I feel innovative and enthusiastic about my career change.” Above all, ensure the Career Bagua surface is smooth and clutter-free and visually reflects the energy of newness and progress.

Choose The Right Element

Since the Profession Bagua region is dominated by the Water Seng Shui aspect, black and white photographs are ideal, combining the Metallic and Liquid Feng Shui components. Things belonging to the Feng Shui aspects of Earth, Wood, and Fire should not be placed here because they remove power from either the Water Feng Shui component, which is required here. Large crystals, big plants, the colours green, earthy, red, purple, or photos of fire and wood are all things to avoid in your Job Feng Shui Bagua region.

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