Vastu for Plants – Vastu for Plants in Home – Guide!

Vastu for Plants – Vastu for Plants in Home – Guide!

The perfect Vastu completes with a beautiful garden. If you plan and design your garden as per Vastu for Plants, definitely you will achieve good health and happiness. An outdoor garden is not only adds attractiveness, but at the same time, it also gives us the luxury to enjoy serenity and calmness. It also allows us to come closer to nature and learn the true value of life.

Remember, Vastu for Plants will help you tap into natural beauty and its energizing qualities, making you fall in love with it. There are certain auspicious plants like Tulsi, Neem, Coconut, Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Saffron that you must plant in the garden.

Plan your garden with a mini waterfall and benches to look more attractive. You can create as per what you like but always follow Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for Plants and Peaceful Gardening

  • Tulsi is said to be the most auspicious plant. But it should be planted within the specific limits of the house. Also, you can plant Jasmine on the pathway of your home.
  • East or North direction is considered the best for Gardens, Lawns, or Decorative plants. Also, these directions are said to be the best for a waterfall.
  • Decorative plants should not be more than 3 feet.
  • Violent items in decor must be avoided as they can lower the serenity of the place.
  • Ensure you clean Creepers, Dead leaves, Flowers, Overgrown shrubs, and Weeds every day.
  • A path between the front gate and the main entrance with Jasmine planted on the sides is beneficial. Never plant a huge tree on the main gate.
  • You can plan a swimming pool in the North or North-East direction.
  • It would be better to keep water pots and grains for the birds in the garden because it attracts good deeds (Karma). Keeping a bowl filled with water for the Sun would help overcome health issues related to the stomach. Also, it encourages good fortune for life.
  • Avoid thorny plants like Cactus as they are harmful, make weak relationships and bring tensions.
  • Avoid Bonsai plants as they are very short and promote stunted growth.
  • Don’t keep plants and trees that are milk-bearing.

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Vastu Plants with an Astrology

Apart from the Vastu for Plants, a few plants are also related to planets as per Vedic astrology. Walkthrough it to know the relations between Vastu plants and astrology.

  • The Sun is associated with Arka and Bael.
  • The Moon is connected with Dhak and Khiri.
  • Mars is related to Khaira and Anantmool.
  • Mercury is related to Apamarga and Vidhara Root.
  • Jupiter is associated with Peepla and Banana roots.
  • Venus is linked to Gular.
  • Saturn is related to Shami.
  • Rahu is linked to Durva and Sandalwood.
  • Ketu is associated with Kush.

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Vastu Plant as Per Zodiac Signs

As you know, there are 12 sun signs in astrology, but very few of you may know all of them is associated with different plants. Let’s figure out the connection between astrology signs and plants:

  • Aries zodiac sign should plant grass stalls, vine, and fruit trees.
  • Taurus, the Bull, should plant leafy green vegetables, especially cabbage and lettuce.
  • Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, should harvest root and fruit for storage. Watermelon and Muskmelon are also the right choices.
  • The Crabs should go for prune.
  • For Lions, cultivating prune fruit trees and harvest them for storage is considered best.
  • Virgo natives should plant flowers and vines, especially medicinal plants.
  • Libra, the Scales, should plant beautiful fragrant flowers, vines, and herbs.
  • Scorpions can opt for sturdy plants and vines, tomatoes, corn, and squash.
  • Sagittarius should plant potatoes, onion seeds, and fruit trees.
  • Capricorn should plant potatoes and other root crops and use organic fertilizer.
  • Aquarius should choose to plant onion seeds.
  • Pisces should choose to plant prunes.

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It’s a beautiful idea to keep a sweet fragrance in a garden for the smell, making the environment very smooth and calm. This also increases attraction towards the garden. A garden is a place to enjoy yourself and forget worries. You should follow Vastu for Plants in Home garden to achieve desired results. Always follow the astrology of plants and always choose plants as per zodiac signs. It will help you in a lot of ways.

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