Vastu for Dining Room – Vastu Tips for Dining Room & Guidelines

The dining room area is considered the most sacred place, according to Vastu Shastra. It is the one room where the members of the family come together and guests and friends as well. In short, it is a place of bonding over nourishment. Implementing the use of Vastu helps you strengthen the bonds whilst bringing positive vibes for health and harmony.

You can design your dining room to have an aesthetic look. Whether contemporary or traditional, you can make it as appealing as you would want it to be. However, if proper care is not taken, your glamorous dining room may transform into a negative zone. Vastu dining room ensures that such misfortune is avoided and that the place always strives with positivity and prosperity. Below are few guidelines for you to refer to before designing or renovating the dining room area.

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Vastu for Dining Room Guidelines

  • Any shape other than rectangle or square should be avoided. A rectangular or square shape dining table brings in positive energy flow. It also brings a sense of stability.
  • The dining table direction as per Vastu has laid down the for each member of the house to face while having their food. The head of the family should sit in a position where he or she is facing the east or north.
  • The shape of furniture also plays an essential role in
  • Vastu. According to the dining table Vastu, the rectangular or square-shaped dining tables are best as these shapes represent stability in life.
  • People should not face the South direction while sitting at the dining table. The head of the family should occupy the chair at the South-West corner while facing the North or East direction.
  • Vibrant colours like green, orange and yellow are perfect for decorating the walls of the dining room. Do not use dark shades like brown and grey in the dining space.
  • The dining area should have an appealing look. Place attractive painting and place images of greenery, fruits, vegetables or any image that stimulates your appetite. Do not place art frames that reflect unhappiness. The dining area should be filled with happy vibes.
  • According to Vastu dining room, the West zone is perfect for placing the dining table.
  • There should be no beams over the dining area. Overhead beams are the symbols of burden, worries and stress.
  • Avoid placing television, unnecessary materials, newspapers and magazines and large-sized tabletop decors in the dining room.
  • Wash Basin should be placed in the North or East zone of the dining area. Do not place a dining table in front of the main entrance. This might cause a loss of wealth.
  • The placement of mirrors in the dining room is beneficial as it enhances the flow of positive energy in the house.

Few More

  • Beautiful dining table décor also arouses hunger. You can keep posters and photos of delicacies in the dining space.
  • According to Vastu tips for dining room, you should have a meal with your family members. 
  • Do not construct dining areas near toilets.
  • Listen to soothing music while having lunch and dinner.
  • Keeping television in the dining room is not recommended by Shastra.
  • The kitchen and dining table should be placed according to the home.

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Vastu Tips for Sitting Position in the Dining Area

According to Vastu dining room, dining etiquettes are equally important when it comes to inducing people. Good dining habit is the symbol of healthy living. It has been found that the ancient tradition of sitting on the floor and eating harms our health as it activates positive vibes in the surroundings. This habit helps in improving the digestive system and blood circulation as well.

Stated below are some valuable Vastu instructions you should follow while eating:

  • Eating at the dining table while facing the East or the West brings wealth and prosperity.
  • It would help if you did not face towards the south direction while eating.
  • Avoid eating in the bedroom as it might cause health issues.
  • There should be no beam or loft running over your head while eating.
  • Water Filter or any other water storage item should be placed in the North-East direction of the dining room.
  • As per Indian tradition, sitting on the floor while eating indorses health.

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Best Colour for Room according to Vastu

Colours also have great significance in our lives. Correct combinations of colours can create a soothing and vibrant ambience in the area. Vastu colours for the dining room should be pink, white, light yellow as eye-soothing colours and well-liked by every family member.

If the dining area is located in the East, yellow, saffron, and peachy shades are ideal for the dining area. If the dining area is located in the North direction, you can choose the light green and blue colour. Make sure that the room should be spacious, airy and well ventilated. Do not watch television while eating.

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Dining Room Vastu Dos and Don’ts

While choosing the dining table for your dining space, wooden tables are best as per the Vastu dining room.

  • Placing a mirror in the dining room stimulates the flow of positive vibes.
  • Avoid darker shades of colour for painting the dining room walls, especially the darker shades such as black and brown.
  • Avoid placing the pictures of deceased family members in the dining area, especially the North-East Zone.
  • Do not keep shoes in front of the dining area.
  • Decorate your dining area with fresh flowers so that a pleasant aroma can freshen up the mood and ambience in the surroundings.

The dining area is an essential portion of every home and is directly linked with our health and well-being. Hence, the dining area should be designed as per Vastu dining room plan for good health, richness and overall success.

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