Vastu for Septic Tank – As per Vastu Septic Tank Location

Vastu for Septic Tank – As per Vastu Septic Tank Location

Having your own house is a dream come true, but there are many factors to consider when it comes to building a home. A person must plan according to their budget as well as the latest styles that are popular. However, no matter how modern the world becomes, some things do not change and are required for a home, such as having a septic tank.

What is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a home where all waste material, from kitchen waste to human waste, is collected and flushed out. Every day, various types of work are carried out in the house, resulting in destruction. Are you going to manage the leftovers? Where will you dispose of your waste regularly? It is practically impossible to collect the waste generated by kitchen work and humans, so septic tanks are installed in homes. It collects the waste and flushes it regularly to keep the machine running smoothly.

Many people who are firm believers in Septic Tank Vastu in accordance with the guidelines.

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Importance of Vastu Septic Tank Location

According to Vedic astrology, the septic tank is prone to negativity and evil. It is a waste-filled area in the house containing a lot of negativity that can harm the site. There is a chance that the negativity stored in the tank will be retained for an extended period of time, posing a risk to the house. Placing the Septic Tank Vastu guidelines reduced the negativity. It did not allow anything evil to enter the house. Vastu Shastra protects the house from any harmful interference and suffering, so having the septic tank fixed, according to Vastu, is essential.

Here are some Septic Tank Vastu; take a look and say goodbye to negativity in the house:

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Correct Location for the Septic Tank

According to Vastu Shastra rules, you can determine the correct location by dividing the North area into nine equal parts. After you’ve divided the side, the favourable position for the septic tank is in the third section of the North-West direction. Apart from the North-West, avoid all other locations because each has its own set of consequences. If the tank is installed in the wrong direction, it can cause physical, financial, and mental harm. In such a case, it is best to close the tank by performing Hanuman Chalisa pooja and then build a new one.

Distance From The Wall

There must be at least two feet of space between the wall and the tank to prevent moisture damage to the wall. Make sure that the tank does not come into direct contact with the compound wall. Also, ensure that the tank is divided into three equal parts. It is best that the water is on the east side and outlet for the excretion on the west.

Dimensions of the Tank

It is critical to keep the dimensions of the area and the tank in mind while constructing and repairing the tank. When checking the tank’s dimensions, the length must be in the east-west direction, and the breadth must be in the south-north direction. Opposite directions can cause physical and mental problems, so it’s better to avoid them.

Level For The Tank

It is best to build the septic tank on the ground level. Avoid building the tank higher than the plinth level of your apartment, as this can stifle growth.

Way Out For The Tank

According to Vastu Shastra experts, the best bet is to have the tank’s outlet in the North or West directions.

The Positioning of The Pipes

The toilet and bathroom pipes’ outlet must be in the West or North-West direction when they are installed. Diverting the Kitchen pipes in the East or North direction, on the other hand, is the best option for the outlet.

Directions to Avoid

Regardless of a lack of space or another issue, avoid installing pipes in the South direction at all costs. If the outlet is in the South, ensure that the lines are diverted to the East or North. The building’s gutter can face North, East, or West, but facing South is an absolute no-no. If you live in a multi-storey building, try to avoid the South-West corner for the drainage pipes because it brings bad luck and makes you suffer a lot.

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Septic Tank Vastu FAQ's

What is the best Direction to install a Septic Tank for East Facing House?
It makes no difference whether your house faces east or west, because the direction of your house has no bearing on the location of your septic tank. As a result, according to Vastu, your septic tank should always be located in the northwest corner of your home.

What should be the size of the Septic Tank?

A septic tank should be able to hold the household wastewater for at least three days. Let us assume a minimum capacity of 2000 litres for a house. Septic tank depth should not be less than 1.8m. Sludge settled at a rate of 30 litres per person every year.

Which Direction is best for the Toilet?

When positioning the toilet seat inside the bathroom, you must take special care. It must be placed in the West or North-West direction because it aids in removing waste and toxins from the body.

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Ending Note

To summarize, a house is not complete unless a proper septic tank is installed in the appropriate direction. To be able to live a happy, healthy, stress-free, and wealthy life, follow the above guidelines and enter your dream house with a wide smile.

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