Store Room Vastu – Store Room Vastu Tips, Do’s & Don’ts

Store Room Vastu – Store Room Vastu Tips, Do’s &  Don’ts

Vastu Shatra is an occult science that is followed very strongly throughout the world. It already has impacted the whole world but now especially in the 20th century, it has come to the limelight. Because of the increasing competition between entrepreneurs and a much more desire for success which everyone wants, this Vastu Shatra science decides your all-around success and happiness.
A store-room is a hidden place and not many know what is there. Many follow a lot of things properly according to Vastu Shatra on the outer level but when it comes to inner spaces such as the Storeroom it equally values and matters a lot. Although hidden from consumers, it plays a crucial role to achieve success in businesses when it comes to making profits.

All junk things are kept in the Storeroom but they should be maintained properly. You must make sure that junk things should not be there too much and all the things must be kept in the right place. To get an idea, how to keep these things, following Vastu science is crucial.

Follow these some interesting Vastu for Store Room to get desired results.

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Tips for Store Room as per Vastu Shastra

In the North-west portion of the building, you must make a Storeroom. This is extremely beneficial to provide-good provision of storage with minimal chances of a shortage in grains.

You can construct the door of the Storeroom in any direction except South-west with two shutters.

The height of the granary should be higher than other rooms. Windows of the room must be made on facing eastern or western sides.

Always choose tints of White, Blue or Yellow colour for the Storeroom.

You must post a picture of Lord Vishnu on the eastern wall of the Storeroom.

Daily used grains must be stored in the North-west direction.

Annual store of granary must be kept in the South-west corner.

Oil, Ghee and Gas Cylinders should be kept in the South-east corner of the Storeroom.

Never ever sleep in a storage room as per the Vastu Shatra. Vibrations in the storage room affect the sleep of the person which disturbs the mind as well.

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Vastu for Store Room requires deep research and thorough analysis.

Following are some of the points we must keep in mind for Vastu for Store Room.

Vastu for Store Room - Do's

  • The exact location of the Storeroom in the house.
  • Entrance direction.
  • Direction and placement of windows.
  • Direction and placement of almirah (Cupboard).
  • Things to be placed in the storeroom.
  • Placement and direction of the trunks.
  • Rooms colour scheme.

Money is an important factor in everyone’s life as the whole world revolves around this. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Space- these are the five elements that are a combination of cosmic energies as per the Vastu Shatra principles. If these elements’ balance is disturbed it attracts a tone of negativity in the home. By following some of the methods as per Vastu Shatra monetary gains, peace and abundance can be achieved.

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Here are some of the things you must avoid while constructing a storeroom.

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Vastu for Store Room - Don'ts

  • Never place a bed in the storeroom, this is against vastu shastra.
  • Try not to store water in the storeroom.
  • There should not be any empty container.
  • Refrain from building the storeroom in an irregular shape as this can attract evil eyes.

You must make use of Golden-Plated Vastu Yantra which can curb negativity and convert positivity in your house.

So, this is all about Vastu for Store Room in your house. The storeroom is a hidden place and can give unexpected results by keeping the right things in the right place.

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