Vastu of Study Room – Best Vastu Remedies Study Room

Vastu of Study Room – Best Vastu Remedies Study Room

We, humans, are considered as different species on the planet. Knowledge, intellectual art can differentiate us from others. One of the essential characteristics that humans possess is the process of learning. It’s known that expertise can be adapted through several methods, including reading, writing, doing, observing, hearing, and various other education modes. Since the olden days, we follow one of the most common learning methods or “Studying”.

While studying, you need to be focused, rigorous and attentive. This learning method can be done by sitting at a calm, composed and an open mind. This method of learning demands- an area where you can sharpen your brain, increase the retaining power of the mind and a place where you can be comfy and study without any noise. According to Study Room Vastu this area is known as “Study Room”.

Every house must have a study room where your kids can focus on gaining knowledge. The Study room should be built and constructed as per Study Room Vastu norms. The room should be located at the right place and direction, followed by Vastu Shastra guidelines. If you place the books, table and other furnishing materials in the right place, this room will allow you to concentrate on your study.

Study Room Vastu Direction

Most often, we have heard that parents complain a lot about their ward’s performance in the house, school, and academics, but they hardly give importance to which direction is best for students to study? Which approach is perfect for placing a study table?

As per Study Room Vastu norms, a child’s academic performance depends upon the corner they sit in and the ambience of the room. Academic performance does not depend on the time duration they study.

It’s all about attentiveness and acquisitive power that help them. The ambience of the study room is essential as it helps achieve success while improving their absorption level and learning capacity. Here is a brief layout for the Study Room Vastu for children to help them for better studies, attentiveness and memory.

Shape of the Study Table: According to the study table, as per Vastu, students should use a regular-shaped study table. Square, rectangle or circular shaped tables are perfect for study rooms. Irregularly shaped tables create confusion and do not let them focus on their study.

North facing direction for Study: North pole attracts energy from the north direction. North direction is considered the best Study Room Vastu Direction. Always sit facing toward the North direction. This increases concentration and makes you feel energetic. Do not place heavy objects in the direction. Placing a looking glass on the North wall harms the ambience.

Solid Back: While you sit for studying, there should be a solid wall behind your back. A window or a small door at your back may reduce your concentration level.

Remove junk from the room: Dirty and unorganised rooms disturb the ambience of your surroundings. Remove old items such as your old mail, junk stationery items, notes, new pens, waste papers and many other unnecessary things. Make sure to clean up your study area and room as well for better concentration.

Colours: Colours play a vital role according to Study Room Vastu. Lemon-yellow and violet shades sharpen the memory and enhance learning capacity. The yellow colour is the symbol of the Solar plexus chakra. Located below the chest, this chakra is the centre of lower emotions in our body.

Violet colour is directly connected to our crown chakra. This chakra is associated with our advanced level of emotions such as good character, spirituality and stable mind. Violet is considered as the divine colour and allows us to focus our concerns making our mind calm, steady and peaceful under any strenuous situations.

Corners: Whenever you design the study room, always check the level of corners. If the North-West corner is higher than the South-East corner, it might create problems in gaining higher education.

Appreciate Yourself: Never underestimate your capabilities and qualities. Be positive towards your attitude. Use optimistic affirmations while you go to sleep. Repeat it seven to twenty times a day. If you have faith in yourself, this works wonders.

Activate your Subconscious Mind: Do whatever you like or want to do as an individual. Create an ambience of your choice. Either you are a music lover or sports enthusiast, crate surroundings accordingly. It will activate your intuitive cognisance and help you in your study and work as well.

Begin your Day with Charm: Wake up in the morning. Look at your palms. As per Study Room Vastu, doing this strengthens your mind, attracts peace and makes you feel good during the entire day.

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Study Room Vastu Position of Study Table

The Study table has its importance as per study table Vastu norms. The placement of the study table also affects the concentration level among the students. The proper order of study tables will be beneficial in grasping their lessons. Most students choose a calm and quiet corner. Generally, a study table comes in rectangular or square shape. But we do not give importance to the position of the study table.

According to the ancient Indian architectural system, the East or North is considered the best direction for study table placement. This direction helps in boosting the concentration power of the student. It is essential to check that some space should be left between the study table and the wall.

As per Study Room Vastu, books are an essential part of our academic life. Vastu also indicates which direction will be suitable for keeping the books. You should also check the area for supporting the study table. According to our Vastu Experts, please do not place a study table in the centre of the room as it might create disturbance in the area.

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Study Room Vastu Tips

  • Study room should be located in the West, East or North-East corner of the home.
  • Students should sit facing either North or East direction as based on study direction vastu instructions.
  • The East, North or West wall is the right location for constructing a window in the learning zone.
  • North-East, North, West and East directions are perfect for the entrance of the study room.
  • Do not construct doors in the South-East, North-West and South-West corners of the study room.
  • Do not sit under the beam while studying.
  • The study room should be well illuminated with bright light as it brings a positive ambience to the room.
  • Do not keep the walls of the study room blank. Decorate the room with the picture of motivational quotes and inspiring personalities.
  • There should be some gap left between the study table and the wall. It facilitates the brain to develop and attracts new ideas in mind.
  • There should be sturdy support behind the sitting position as the solid wall is the symbol of sustenance.
  • Do not construct a bathroom and toilet in the study area.
  • There should be a bathroom in the reading room.
  • The East or North wall is perfect for placing book racks and shelves in the reading room.
  • Do not keep books in the South-West zone of the reading room.
  • According to Vastu for study room, avoid the North-West zone for keeping books as these might get stolen by someone.
  • Do not place the bookshelf over or under the study table.
  • For excellent results in academics, use a rectangular or square study table.
  • According to Vastu tips for study room, you should place idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswati for better performance in academics.
  • Use the South-East area of the study table for placing the table lamp.
  • Keep computers and other educational gadgets in the South-East corner of the learning room.
  • Place a pyramid in the reading room as it helps maintain a balance in the energies that exist in the surroundings to enhance the memory.
  • North wall is perfect for hanging a pendulum clock in the study room.
  • Use soft lights and soothing pastel shades for decorating the room.
  • The study area should be tidy and noise free.

Now, we have come to know how to utilise the right directions for the placement of study tables. Which approach is best suitable for facing while sitting in the study room? If you are still confused and unable to decide the best zone, colours, or location. Then talk to our Study Room Vastu Experts. They are always available to provide you with the best services anytime and anywhere.

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