Kemdrum Yantra Copper – Appease the Lonely Moon!

Astrology and astronomy both deal with the planets, stars and other cosmic bodies. But there is a prominent difference in both the streams with regards to the major planets. While astronomy believes that Moon is the satellite of the planet Earth, Vedic astrology considers it to be a planet with two nodes Rahu and Ketu.

There are many important astrological calculations that are based on the position of the Moon in the horoscope of the native. And as with other planets, the Moon also has its set of Gunas and Doshas. One such dosha is the Kemdrum dosha or yog. This article reflects on the formation of kemdrum dosha in horoscope and how it influences the native. And of course, the article will also cover the remedies for kemdrum dosha, the kemdrum dosha nivaran yantra copper and kemdrum yog puja.

One pivotal point here is that for any dosha to build up; there are at least two planets required to come together. But in the kemdrum yog, this is not the case. This dosh is formed due to the absence of any planet on the Moon.

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Let’s discuss this after understanding the status of the Moon in astrology in the following section.

Moon: The Queen of Planets And Its Significance

As mentioned earlier, Moon is given the status of the planet in Vedic astrology. It is considered to be the significator of mother, pregnancy, mind, behaviour and intellect. Of all the other planets, the moon is the fastest moving body. In astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras, and the Moon stay in each of them, one day at a time. And there are two tithis based on the Moon’s radiance and degree. The brighter side of Moon’s fifteen days period is known as the Shukla Paksha, while the darker side of Moon’s later fifteen days is known as the Krishna Paksha.

The strong Moon in the kundli can have many positive aspects to add to the life of the native. The native would have a charming personality, strong bond with mother and also her motherland, as he/she would be a true patriot. It represents the family life of the native. It also signifies personal relationships. The native would be blessed with a stable, positive and calm mind with a strong moon. It makes the native cheerful and happy person.
But a weak or afflicted Moon can cause diseases, fever and cough. It can also result in mental instability and improper growth in life. It may also result in financial issues.

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Some important yogas formed by the Moon include Sunafa Yog, Anafa Yog, Gaj Kesari Yog, Durudhara Yog and Kemadrum Yog. Let’s talk about Kemadrum Yoga in the following section.

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Moon: The Associated Legend

There is a mythological tale behind the Moon’s phases. It is believed that the Chandra or Moon emerged at the time of Samudra Manthan from the sea milk. He got married to Tara and had a son Buddha, planet Mercury. But father and son didn’t have a cordial relationship. Hence, they are enemies in astrological houses. Another story believes that Chandra married the 27 daughters of king Daksha but loved only one daughter, Rohini. He promised Daksha to love all the 27 daughters equally but couldn’t keep his promise. So, Daksha cursed him that he would lose all his lustre, but after a great penance, Daksha forgave him and granted him the lustre that would keep bright and gradually fade in the period from Purnima till Amavasya. There are some more interesting stories behind the phases of the Moon.

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Kemadrum Yog: A Slow Poison

The kemadrum yog or dosha is formed when there are no planets present around the sides of the moon in the horoscope. It means the Moon is left alone with no planet, neither benefic nor malefic, in the second and the twelfth house. One needs to remember that the two nodes – Rahu and Ketu are not significant in this dosha and hence their presence is not taken into account. This loneliness of the Moon is not regarded as auspicious in astrology. It has some adverse effects on the native.

The kemdrum dosha brings with it various challenges and problems. Though the native tastes success, yet he/she might not feel happy about anything in life. There is a void every time in life which leaves him/her fearful and insecure. The success can vanish overnight and there would be extreme financial crunches from time to time. Sometimes, the dosha might leave the native poverty-stricken too. With so many problems, the native is ought to lose mental peace and emotional balance.

But with kemdrum yog pooja, the native is relieved of the ill-effects of the dosha.

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Let’s know more about it.

Kemadrum Yantra: How It Strengthen the Moon?

The correct kemadrum yoga puja and rituals can help in reducing the pain created by any dosha. And for the kemdrum yog, astrology also has kemdrum dosha homam, which involves the sacrifice of significant things and worship of lord Fire. But the easiest astrological remedy is the worship of energised and attenuated kemadrum yantra copper.

The copper plated kemadrum yantra signifies the planet Moon. It has well-crafted and clear geometrical patterns of the planet moon. When this yantra is worshipped, it radiates energy that brings in positivity and reduces the evil influence of the dosha. It is important to perform the rituals and pooja every day for maximum benefit. With the positive influence of this yantra, the native will be able to lead a happy and prosperous life with peace of mind and soul. He will be able to express his emotions and also will have his emotions under control. It will also help in getting rid of people who would try to manipulate the native.

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Kemadrum Yantra: The Ending Note

The kemadrum yantra copper will enhance the personality of the native and boost self-confidence in him. It will help him in taking independent decisions. And with so many benefits, people might feel tempted to get the kemadrum yantra copper on their own. But it is advisable to get it only after consulting an expert and use it after energising it in a proper and correct way.

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