Which is the Best Zodiac Sign Among All?

With a world full of beautiful and intelligent people, it gets difficult to analyze who is the best. It becomes more challenging when one is asked to categorize zodiacs into the smartest, prettiest, and sexiest, and conclude to give the answer to the question “which is the best zodiac sign among all”.

As per Vedic astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, and each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are honest, while others are smart. Some have great courage, while others have confidence. Some like to gossip, while others like to stick to themselves. Not only the positives, but every zodiac also has its own negative traits too like being pessimistic, liar, cunning, and selfish. So, it is not justified to tag any of the 12 zodiacs as the best or worst zodiac without analyzing their traits individually.

And this article is a trial to explore and find which zodiac sign is best. In the various sections of this article, we will highlight the qualities of all the 12 signs and analyze who is the best zodiac sign. We will also try to understand the characteristics and know what makes the best star sign. Let’s start!

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Revealing the List of the Best Zodiac Signs – It’s About Pretty Looks Here!

While having some healthy discussions on zodiac signs, it’s common to see that the entire conversation shifts to find out which one is the best zodiac sign. So, we decided to check on all traits, starting with the face value – which means trying to know which is the prettiest zodiac sign. And here we are with the conclusion.

In the race of being crowned the Prettiest Zodiac Sign, the winner would certainly be the Pisces sign natives. It isn’t easy to remain unaffected by their deep oceanic eyes, beautiful hair and well-shaped natural brows. Next on the list would be the Leo sign natives, who possess a perfect face structure. Their face is most of the time oval, and often they are found smiling with a beautiful dimple on the cheeks. This makes them very attractive with their clear complexion.

Following Leo is the Libra sign’s gorgeous beauty. These natives have naïve and raw beauty with deep eyes and silky hair. Their grace is infectious. Next, we have Sagittarius, who have beautiful big eyes, and one cannot ignore that stunning black thick hair bunch.

Geminis look like dolls and have vibrant and radiating face charm. Virgos are cold and have icy eyes with a melancholic appearance. Scorpios have a different version of beauty. They have a round face and strappy features. Taurus have baby-like features with hidden charm. Aries have a stern look as they are always serious and aggressive about their work. Though not top on the list, Capricorns are not ugly people. However, they have straight faces. The Aquarius sign is least bothered about looks. So, no point in discussing. The Cancer sign is lovable and adorable but not considered pretty.

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Which is the Best Zodiac Sign Among All the Kindest Being?

It’s important to have a kind and gentle heart to be a genuine person. Being kind is an important value, and one needs to learn this value from the top 5 best zodiac signs among all.

The first on the list of Kind Zodiac Sign is Pisces. They are kind to known people and to strangers and even to stray animals. They understand the plight someone is going through and is always ready to help and guide with a comforting and patient attitude.

Next, the most kind zodiac sign is Virgo. They are good listeners and always ready to help. In case they are unable to help you, they will ensure help is arranged for you in some way.

The third position goes to the Libra sign, who are compassionate by birth. They are polite and respectful to all and often give away all they have to help others.

Fourth on the list is the Gemini sign. Gemini is great at leading change and transformation. These inquisitive twins are fantastic trailblazers, utilizing their energy to initiate unique creative endeavors. Gemini is a brave thinker who is constantly willing to try something new.

The Leos are the fifth zodiac sign on the list of kind signs, and since they are ruled by Father Sun, kindness is in their blood. They can go out of their way to show kindness and help others. They will treat you the way you wish when in need of gentle and kind behavior. Love, affection, care and compassion are the words for Leos.

Hope it’s easy to decide now who are the best zodiac signs in terms of kindness.

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Disclosing the List of the Honest and Best Zodiac Signs

“Honesty is the best policy!” As much as this proverb sounds good, so much does it hold true. And there are certain zodiac signs which can be considered the best with regard to honesty and loyalty. Let’s check out which are the best zodiac signs when we talk about being honest.

The first sign to be called the most honest is Sagittarius. They are fiercely honest and blunt. It’s difficult for them to control their desire to speak the truth even if it is going to have a disastrous result.

The Second most honest sign is the Aries, as it is nearly impossible for them to lie in any circumstances. On rare occasions, if Aries has to hide the truth or keep silent, he might feel guilty and die every minute with guilt.

The third sign considered honest is Leo. The very faithful Leo wears his mind on his sleeves. It’s not him if he has to lie. Leo has the courage to face the consequences of speaking the truth.

Next on the list, we have a Cancer sign. They are sensitive and, for any reason, would not lie, especially if that is going to hurt their loved ones. The fifth most honest sign is Aquarius. According to them, lying is quite abnormal activity.

Other signs are also considered honest and loyal, like Pisces and Scorpio, but they don’t lead the list.

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The Smartest and Intelligent – Which is the Best Zodiac Sign Among All?

Intelligence is not only measured in terms of academics. It also depends on how emotionally and psychologically intelligent you are. Based on all the parameters, here we have the names of the top five zodiac signs, which are smart and intelligent.

The Aquarius sign leads the show with its brainy power. They are rational and use their intelligence in innovations. On the second spot, we have the Scorpio sign. They can be called the smartest as they don’t accept any theory without proof and are hard to fool.

Next is Cancer sign which is considered to be an emotionally intelligent sign. They are empathetic and often act as advisors to many.

On the fourth spot is the Pisces sign. They have the cumulative influence and traits of all the zodiacs that makes the Pisces super-intelligent people.

The Final Verdict on Which is the Best Zodiac Sign Among All

With every zodiac having its own set of positive and negative traits, it’s not wise to tag some best and others worst. But looking at the overall qualities of Pisces, Libra, Leo, Aquarius, and Cancer, these zodiac signs can be considered the best among all. Hope we have been able to answer your curiosity over which is the best zodiac sign.

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