Which Zodiac is Cancer Best Friend and Cancer Worst Enemies

Which Zodiac is Cancer Best Friend and Cancer Worst Enemies

Isn’t it unfair how we think of romantic relationships when we think of zodiac compatibility? And yet, when those relationships fail, it’s our friends who gather all the pieces when others break us apart. Maybe it is now time to focus on friendship compatibility and know who is and who is not compatible with your particular Zodiac Sign. We can always rely on Astrology to show us the way.

Being a Cancerian, you have a charming personality. Cancer is representative of a “Water “Sign. Cancer is ruled by the bright & emotional planet, “Moon”, and the natives of this Zodiac look for stability in all their relationships, including Friendship.
You are very protective of your friends and loved ones; you nurture and show love and treat them like your near family. You could get a little tricky, moody & less communicative, but you are very much capable of laying a solid foundation of affection & trust with your dear friends.

You should probably mingle with natives of the Zodiac Sign who are in touch with their softer sides and avoid very aggressive and over-energetic individuals.

Let us explore below the best and the worst match for your particular Zodiac Sign.

Cancer Compatibility – Best with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces


Taurus is one of the Cancer best friend match. You can be close with natives of this Zodiac Sign. To the point that you could feel an immediate kinship with them. The natives of this sign can be your close confidant, and you could share a very tight and deep bond with them. Your Taurus friends can understand your need for comfort, stability & security. You admire your Taurus friend’s passion for money, excellent food, and luxurious life. Both of you are very creative individuals and take pleasure in comfortable homes, steady jobs & loving families. You deeply enjoy each other’s company.


It is a blissful union! Nobody gets you more than the natives from your own Zodiac. Your Cancer friend can make you laugh harder, and both of you share an uncanny instinct about people and resonate deeply in philosophy & abstract things of life. You will take delight in your friend’s pleasantly furnished & comfortable homes. Fixing meals together will be a much-beloved pastime, and spending time with each other would make your life delightful & meaningful. You and your friend would have a unique language and an emotional connection. Both of you know how to spend and make money.


Virgo is a cancer’s best friend. They will stun you with their opinions & advice, and you will share a deep bond with your Virgo zodiac friends. They will be your favourite amongst all! Virgo will always know your choice and will meet up all your expectations. They support you with valuable advice and render their opinions without hurting you. They appreciate the love you shower upon them, and you inspire them with your values of unconditional love.


Scorpio is the best friend for cancer sign. The compatibility is quite an ideal one. People with the Scorpio zodiac are fun & fulfilling friends to you. Both of you are looking for meaningful, more profound insights into life and doings and are willing to explore beyond the mere surface. You admire the possessive nature of the Scorpions because it makes you feel wanted and respected. Scorpions highly value your caring & nurturing nature. Both of you share quite some common interest and enjoy each other’s company most of the time.


Astrologically speaking, Capricorn & Cancer are quite opposites. You are emotional, while the natives of Capricorn are pretty practical. However, both of you could overlook this shortcoming and build a strong foundation for a long-lasting friendship. The beauty of your relationship lies in the fact that you could balance each other quite well. Both of you admire everything antique. You can indulge in fishing & other such activities together. Capricorns are no enemies of cancer sign.


Your Friendship with the natives of Pisces is full of happiness & joy. You admire their friendly nature and their taste & preferences while they respect your financial sense. Both of you share many common interests, and you will share a strong bond throughout your lifetime.

Cancer Incompatibility – Worst with Aquarius & Leo


Cancerians are a rebel while Aquarius has traditional views of life & doings. You are fond of a comfortable life, whereas the natives of Aquarius descent reject material possessions. You are an emotional being, whereas Aquarians are logical. Hence it will be very taxing for both of you to maintain a long-lasting friendship. Aquarius no doubt on the list of cancer enemies.


Both Cancer and Leo will be lost in each other’s company. You would not know how to make sense out of each other. You may find the natives of Leo quite self-centred, bossy & stubborn. Your leadership abilities are more robust than them. However, they will not understand this. Leo individuals are extroverts, and they enjoy going out & being expressive. On the other hand, you like being in your zone and share your thoughts & feelings with some of your close confidants. Leo will fail to understand your tearful outburst. Leos are not a best friend for cancer sign.

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We Stop Here

Having a compatible friend and knowing who is not a friend is insightful as finding a romantic partner. Because friends enrich our lives in meaningful ways that none others can. We all need our “True People” we can turn to for support & guidance. Maybe it is time for us to turn to Astrology & Compatibility to answer all our questions.

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