How does the interesting Aquarius and Scorpio Friendship work?

How does the interesting Aquarius and Scorpio Friendship work?

The Aquarius and Scorpio friendship is a relationship between two people of very contrasting traits and ideologies towards life. However, there are some things they agree on and have a few mutual interests but their approach to the same thing can also be quite different from each other, which is what makes their friendship so interesting. 

Scorpios have a great sense of intuition and rely greatly on their gut and emotions in life, whereas Aquarians are very objective when it comes to important decisions in life and have a very practical approach towards their life and relationships. This contrasting attitude does not stop there; it also shows in their contradictory social choices, philosophy in life, and much more. However, one of the few things that are common in the signs is their stubborn nature and love for acquiring knowledge. 

So now that we know a little bit about the Aquarius and Scorpio friendship, let us look at some of their personality traits to figure out how compatible their personalities are.

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Scorpio - The Scorpion

The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by the Planets Mars and Pluto. The two planets are responsible for some of the most interesting traits of a Scorpio. Mars adds to the intense, aggressive energy that Scorpios carry around them whereas Pluto adds to their mysterious, emotional intuition that helps them make a major part of their life decisions. The sign is symbolized by “The Scorpion”, and being the water sign the Scorpio gets its strength from the emotional realm. So let us understand some of Scorpio’s personality traits and how they help them be better friends with the Aquarians.


Scorpios are very highly ambitious in life. They are always ready to work hard to achieve their goals and set very high ideals for themselves. They truly believe that there is nothing a person can’t achieve with true hard work and determination. They do not measure their lives with boundaries and do not welcome anything but positivity in their lives. Aquarius highly respects them for this quality of theirs and enjoys being around their strong and positive aura.


The fact that Scorpio is a water element ruled by Planet Pluto is what makes this zodiac sign so intuitive to the point that people often refer to them as psychics who are in touch with the emotional realm. They greatly trust their intuition and for the most part, they are almost always right. Aquarius finds it difficult to comprehend their intuitive abilities but is equally amazed by the results. 


Scorpios are known to act on their emotions. They are very emotional in life and the people around them love them for it. They care deeply for the people in their lives and go to great extents to help others out. When they come together with an Aquarius they usually have a great understanding and have respect for each other. They fill the things that the other lacks in the friendship, creating a bond that lasts for a long time.


When a Scorpio sets his mind to something, there’s rarely anything in this world that can stop him from getting what he wants. They are known to be determined and persevering about what they want in their lives and do not rest until they find what they are looking for. The highly ambitious Aquarius deeply relates to this quality and supports their perseverance. And at times the signs might work together to achieve their common goals. 

Honest and Loyal

Scorpios have a high standard of principles and take great pride in their values and morals. They are very loyal and honest in all their relationships and shall never go against their moral codes for anything in the world. Aquarians are quite doubtful of everyone’s intentions as a result of their practical nature but when it comes to their Scorpio friends they have complete trust and faith in their loyalty.

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Aquarius - The Water-bearer

Aquarius, the water bearer, is the social, adventurous, intelligent healer of the zodiac signs. The sign is ruled by the Planets Saturn and Uranus that influence the Aquarians with their strange, controlled, and practical energy. Being the air sign, Aquarius is very social and free in spirit. They are always looking for fun and enjoy being around people. They love having intellectually stressful conversations with their friends and admire the company of a decent person with strong opinions. So let us look at some of their traits and understand how they align with those of a Scorpio.


Aquarians are known for their social personalities. They love being around people and are very outgoing in nature. This quality of their contrasts with the Scorpio who would rather stay to themselves. Aquarians help Scorpios open up and enjoy themselves a little more, in fact, it is possible that Aquarius’ social and charming persona is what had started this friendship.


The way Aquarians approach life is quite distinct and objective as opposed to the intuitive Scorpio. However, their practicality is what gives Aquarians their cynical yet optimistic persona and helps them make important decisions in life. Their analytical ideology and rational approach towards their relationships keep them on the edge and ensure they do not get too emotional in a relationship too quickly. They might be very social but they take their time before completely trusting someone, however, when they are friends with a Scorpio, the sense of trust and honesty comes much early on in the relationship.


Aquarians are one of the most intelligent signs in the Zodiac cycle. They are always in pursuit of knowledge through life experiences and appreciate intellectual conversations. They attract Scorpios with their intelligence and are found in awe of Scorpio’s emotional maturity. Together the signs have a great time. 


Spontaneity is what makes life exciting, and there is probably no other sign that takes these words as seriously as Aquarius does. Aquarians are very adventurous, spontaneous and know how to have fun in life. They can help Scorpios loosen up a little bit and make them experience a lot of new and wonderful things in life.

Now that we know how their personality traits complement each other, let us understand more about the Aquarius and Scorpio friendship compatibility.

Aquarius and Scorpio friendship compatibility

As we observed how the various qualities of an Aquarius align symmetrically with the Scorpio personality traits, yet contradictorily complement them in a charming way, we can be sure that this union is one that is worth cherishing. The strangeness of the Planet Uranus falls in tune with the mystery of the Planet Pluto, and the ambitious energy of Saturn aligns with the intensity of Planet Mars. 

Together these signs can achieve success and help each other fulfill all their goals in life. They are a very supportive pain for friends who are always there for each other in need. The signs have strong yet humble personalities, they pride themselves over their principles and truly respect each other. Despite their strong personalities, the friendship shall not at all be one of a constant quest for dominance but one filled with mutual respect and admiration.

However, there can be times when the two friends might have a disagreement and when that happens one needs to keep in mind that both of them are as stubborn as the other and the only way to get over this disagreement would be a win-win solution. 

The signs can really help each other out in life. As a result of their contrasting points of view, they can help the other one be objective and make the right decision. When together the signs make a perfect combination of sensitivity and realism, this can help them a great deal in achieving their goals in the most diplomatic ways and build a relationship filled with love, respect, and adoration.

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Why are Aquarius and Scorpio best friends?

The signs can be the best of friends due to their interesting personalities and the balance of opposites. It is important to remember that any pair of friends with similar personality traits will soon enough get bored with each other and run out of things to do together and ideas to talk about. However, in the case of the Aquarius and Scorpio friendship, their opposite personalities never fail to keep the friendship fun, interesting and one that is filled with surprises.

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Why do Scorpios like Aquarius?

Scorpios are fascinated by Aquarius’ unique ideology towards life and are quite curious about it. They respect and admire Aquarius for their strong character and the undefeatable ability to charm everyone around them. They also like the fact that when they are not being objective about things, their Aquarius friend can help them do just that and bring a more rational opinion to the table. 


To conclude we would like to say that even though the Aquarius and Scorpio friendship may have its ups and downs as a result of an intellectual disagreement or their unyielding nature, they can have a very interesting and curious friendship filled with love, respect, and fun.

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