Leo Zodiac Friendship Compatibility: Your Best Friends & Worst Enemies

Leo Zodiac Friendship Compatibility: Your Best Friends & Worst Enemies

Are you & your friend meant for a fulfilling and long-term relationship? Or are you out and out a recipe for disaster? Are you curious to find out how you fare when it comes to people & relationships in your life? Thankfully the precise predictions of Astrology are the answers to all your questions.
The curiosity and interest in Astrology can very likely be attributed to the fact that we want to learn more and more about ourselves and about the people & relationships in our lives. This can largely bolster our self-awareness. Your birth chart can offer helpful insights into this direction.

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Let us explore the very unique attributes that make you a “proud Leo.”
When it comes to “Leo”, your Zodiac is ruled by the radiant planet “Sun,” and hence, you are a very power-packed and charismatic individual. Leo is a fixed “Fire” sign. In friendship, the natives of Leo descent are very demanding and garner the expectations of wholehearted devotion from their friends.
The natives of the Leo Zodiac are extremely warm-hearted, along with being courageous, strong, trustworthy, and loyal. They allow only such individuals around them whom they could trust and who remain loyal to them.
They love to be in the centre of the attraction. Once on the stage, they are absolutely splendid and utterly scintillating. They stand tall and proud. No doubt they are the king of the Zodiac! And rightly so, they are not meant to play second fiddle. In friendship, they are amicable, warm, responsive, and outgoing.
Now, let us explore the best and worst matches as per your Zodiac Sign.

Leo Compatibility: Best with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius


Leo’s friendship with the natives of Aries Zodiac is expected to be affectionate and warm. Their Aries friend enjoys the company of the Lions, and both of them love spending time together. Also, their friends appreciate the passion for life that Leo has.
Everyone knows that Leo is absolutely bold and courageous, and the individuals of Aries Zodiac are super fun-loving. They make their very meetings super exciting, every time! They both share extremely active personalities. Hence, they bring about the competitive side of each other.


They click almost instantly with individuals of this particular Zodiac. Leo and their Gemini friend have the potential to make good friends for life. Both of them are playful by nature and have positivity overflowing from their relationship!
They both enjoy each other’s company a lot. They act like kids with each other and play and fight like them too! Their friend cracks a lot of jokes, and they can’t stop laughing at them.
They both share a passion for adventures. However, this can lead to both getting into trouble a lot more! So, they could come out of it while having fun! Their friend Gemini and Leo make a super fun and loving pair.


Their Leo friend would understand them really well. Both Leo complements each other in a way nobody else could. Their friend truly appreciates Leo like no other.
Both of them are constantly exchanging inside jokes and affectionate hugs. Both of them share the same fondness for art, luxury, sports, and entertainment. However, being Leos, Both mates will have to keep their ego aside to indulge in a thriving and long-standing friendship.


The most compatible Zodiac when it comes to friendship is Libra, for Leo. They and the natives of Libra descent make absolutely fabulous friends. Both of them want to live life to its fullest. They both motivate and support each other with positivity and optimism. Indeed, they are each other’s positive energy!
Their Libra friend loves Leo generosity & warmth, and Leo, in turn, highly appreciates their wit and sophistication. They (Leo and Libra) have the courage to let go of each other’s weaknesses, and this is the secret to their long-standing relationship. Both of them are enthusiastic individuals and love playing games and being entertained.


Their Sagittarius friend enjoys their company, and so does Leo. Both of them look forward to spending time with each other. They both love being with each other all the time! Sagittarius, as friends, are simply in awe of Leo’s tremendous energetic persona, and they highly adore their sense of humour.
Both of them enjoy travelling, playing indoor and outdoor games and indulge in such engaging activities. They share a deep appreciation for their Sagittarius friends out of all others. Sags can make the Lions laugh really hard! And even Leo tries to make Sags laugh with their strange antiques!


Astrologically speaking, Aquarius and Leo are opposite Zodiac Signs. However, both of them share an interesting friendship. Their Aquarius friend is extremely loyal to Leo, and so are the Lions to Water bearers.
Their Aquarius friend introduces Leo to their vast social circle. On the other hand, Leo helps their friend in getting in touch with their emotions. Both of them highly admire each other’s ability and creativity. However, as a friend, Leo and Aquarius work towards providing a stable base to their relationship.

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Leo Incompatibility: Worst with Taurus & Scorpio


The individuals of Taurus descent could get stubborn at times, and Leo finds this attribute of the Bull quite frustrating. Also, it is difficult for their bull friend to be in the spotlight in the presence of the Lions, something that they secretly crave.
Everyone knows that the Lions are generally the leader and royally command. The Bulls cannot stand being commanded or demanded. They do not admire being ordered. Leo also cannot stand the frugality of the Taurus individuals. Also, they will find it extremely difficult to get along with each other.


Leo and the native of Scorpio Zodiac, both seek attention and spotlight. Neither of them could step back, and this can make the other person feel small. Both of them are proud individuals and can get into squabbles while being together.
The Scorpions will not accolade & appreciate the Lion. Also, Leo will find it difficult to respect Scorpio. They both can turn envious of each other and run after the other to take revenge!

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Ending Note:

By now, we have understood that there are several factors affecting our relationships, and one of them is the position of planets in our birth charts. They can give us an intimidating insight into the very close matters and relationships of our lives.
Especially in friendship and partnership, it is always fruitful to know who could be the most compatible. In contrast, others could be only “hit & miss.”

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