Taurus Friendship Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Taurus Friendship Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

For all of us, mostly our first foray into the world of astrology begins with matters of the heart. Astrology as a tool is incredible to gain a better understanding of our life & relationships. By venturing into the position of stars at the time of your birth, you could peer into your very unique cosmology, including your most compatible friends and the worst incompatible ones. They could turn out to be your potential enemies.

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So let the stars shine on your Zodiac Sign and open up a galaxy of potential relationships that you could “be with” or “do away” from during the sparkling years of your life!

What is the nature of the natives of Taurus descent?

Taurus being a “grounded” Earth sign, the natives of this particular Zodiac are practical & easy going. This Zodiac is ruled by the pleasure some planet of “Venus”. Does that say it all? Doesn’t it?

You love to indulge yourself in sensual pleasures. You are sympathetic, generous & easy – going by nature. No doubt that you can get quite stubborn at times. However, because you are also practical, you can find yourself opting for harmony over conflict most of the time. You can keep your anger in check when you want to.

Let us explore how the best & worst match for your “Taurus” souls.

Taurus Zodiac Compatibility: Best with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces


Your friendship with a native of Taurus descent is natural. You will share a very long-lasting company & would indulge in pure pleasure with each other. You have developed senses and never refrain from appreciating small things in life. You will hit it off immediately with a native of your Zodiac. You will share a strong bond with your friend. Both of you will have a good time, relaxing & laughing most of the time. You will enjoy exquisite cuisine, exotics vacations & relaxing spas with your friend. However, you both might have differences of opinion while deciding on a restaurant, holiday destination or hotel.


Unlike Sagittarius and Taurus friendship, you will share a loving & long-lasting friendship with the natives of Cancer. Both of you connect well, astrologically. Your friend will plan an elaborate meal for you which you would love indulging in. You will spend your time sharing your dreams, hopes & future. Both of you highly respect and admire each other. You love their ability to execute, and they, in turn, appreciate your ability to savour the pleasures of life. Both of you will always choose steady jobs, comfortable homes and loving families. Both of you are patient with the other’s weaknesses. It is the secret to your long-lasting bond.


Virgo and Taurus’ friendship share a strong connection. You will stand with each other in the rough times, and none of you will ever complain. Both of you enjoy the other’s problem-solving abilities & solutions-driven mindset. You hardly get into arguments with each other, and Virgo also avoids conflict when they can. It will make your friendship even more robust. Your Virgo friends will be of immense help while negotiating deals, while you will teach them how to make the most of their finances. It might be the same for Aries and Taurus friendship.


Taurus and Scorpio friendship is opposite astrologically speaking. However, both of you form good connections given your differences. You love the perceptiveness of your friends, and they value your witty sense of humour. You understand and respect the Scorpio’s need for privacy. They appreciate you highly for your financial understanding. You secretly desire to be as passionate as your friend. At the same time, they are in awe of your leisurely approach to life. Both of you can let go of your differences easily while you spend a lot of time together.


You are quick to build a meaningful friendship with the natives of Capricorn. Both of you belong to Earth signs, and hence you practise a lot of caution in your affairs. You and your friend have many aspirations, goals & dreams in common. Both of you appreciate comfortable, stable & prosperous lives. You are quick to support the other in attaining each other’s personal goals. Your friend and you both share a profound love for holidays & trips. However, whenever you have a difference of opinion, you would shove it away and look at the bigger picture.


At first glance, Taurus and Pisces friendship do not share much in common. But as you start spending time with each other, you will see that you share many common goals & interests. Both of you admire art & beauty. You share a harmonious bond. You don’t mind Pisces individuals’ laid back attitude & they admire your sense of humour immensely. They support you in developing an artistic approach to life, and you are more than willing to help them with their finances. You can easily let go of their unpunctuality & they can ignore your inflexibility. You and your friend are tolerant individuals, and hardly will you argue.

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Negative Taurus Zodiac Compatibility – Worst with Aquarius & Leo


Your friendship with a native of Aquarius descent will be full of challenges. However, Taurus and Aquarius friends despise convention. While your friend will highly value their independence, you will want them to be close to you all the time. Aquarius cannot be tied down with any possession or relationships while you highly value your possessions & relationships.


It is not at all a recommended match for friendship. Your stubborn attitude will frustrate Leos, and your way of dealing with things will not be admired by your Leo friend. They want the spotlight and love to be the centre of attention. They are spontaneous. At the same time, you are patient & laid back.

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Wrapping Up

In the end, everything stops at the fact that how much do you know yourself? The more you understand yourself, the smoother it will be for you to understand your true friend and who is not. And that will be a life-changing experience, my friend!