Water Lily- The Personification of Pisces Traits

The intuitive and smart Pisces are born between 19th February and 20th March. Pisces is ruled by Planet Neptune and influenced by the Water element. With the grace of Neptune, the Pisces have a very strong gut and perceive things and people as per their intuitions. They are very close to psychic activities. They are very intelligent people and are often characterised as scientists or discoverers.

The Pisces are very good and at their best behaviour in smaller groups. They believe that they have two shades to their personality. One that is visible to people and the other that is hidden within them. When left alone, the creative mind of the Pisces gets activated. The Pisces sign has a strong sense of good and bad. They may seem to be introverted and quiet people, but they are quite capable and strong humans. They are not judgemental about people and their actions. People like to take advice from Pisces, and they often rely on them as they have trust in the gut feelings the Pisces possess.

The Pisces have a different and faster way to act upon things. It’s because they don’t like wasting time and keep working but under the influence of their intuitions, which is most of the time quite favourable to them. They are always available to hear out others’ problems, but they are the last ones to share their issues with anyone. It is actually difficult to understand a Pisces mind. The Pisces are fun-loving and nature-loving people. In short, the Pisces are Psychic, intelligent, creative, emotional, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate and full of surprise.

As per flower astrology, every zodiac has a birth flower associated with it that has the potential to influence the native in order to accelerate their growth in a positive direction. So, in the sections below, we shall explore all about the birth flowers of Pisces and their favourite flower. Also, about the lucky flower of Pisces and the birth plant of Pisces.

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Water Lily – The Pisces Flower Embodies Their Traits Perfectly

There are around eight flowers that can be called the birth flower of Pisces. But the most prominent one is the Water Lily. Let’s see the significance and names of all the Pisces zodiac flowers.

 Water lily – The officially Pisces flower is Water Lily as it symbolises all the traits that are possessed by the Pisces. It encapsulates the spirit of the Pisces. Just like the water lily has its roots deep in water, the Pisces is also attached to their root spiritual values. They are gentle and divine hearted people. Water lily signifies integrity and faith and is bound with nature’s beauty, just like the Pisces. Pisces believe in unconditional and selfless love, and water lily is symbolic of this kind of love. Hence, the water lily is the birth flower of July Pisces.

 Evening Primrose – The evening primrose symbolises creativity and the flaming spirit of Pisces. The Evening Primrose flower of Pisces sign enhances the creativity in the native and inspires them to act with passion and use the creative mind, which is a God gift to them. This is also the lucky flower of Pisces.

 Mugwort – As unique the name is, so is the flower and the Pisces. This is the Pisces zodiac flower as it is mystical and has the potential to connect one with its inner self and in healing spiritually.

 Iris – The magical flower Iris is also one of the favourite flowers of Pisces women. It is a beautiful bright multi-coloured flower. Its name itself reflect colours as the word Iris means rainbow. It signifies faith, devotion, hope and reincarnation.

 Witch Hazel – The hazel plant and its flower are symbolic of the spiritual reincarnation the Pisces have to go through to achieve the inner depth that they desire. It is about the transformation that the Pisces go through.

 Orchid – This is another Pisces sign flower. It symbolises growth and fertility. It also shows grace and elegance. There are different colours and variations of orchids. The white orchids signify purity and innocence of heart and soul. Pink orchids signify joy, romance and happiness.

 Violets – These are February Pisces flowers. It symbolises self-esteem and spiritual wisdom. The beautiful purple colour is symbolic of the intuitive and creative mind that the Pisces have.

 Daffodil – These are March Pisces Flower. These symbolise the beginning of something new. They also represent good luck and prosperity. With the onset of Spring, the Pisces are born in March and the Daffodils also bloom signifying compassion and inner strength.

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As there is flower astrology and water lily are the birth flower of Pisces, similarly there are birth plants also for all the zodiacs. The birth plant of Pisces has a significant role in building the strong bond between the inner and the outer world of Pisces. The Pisces plant is Clematis. There are other lucky plants also for the Pisces. They are the Tomato, Mushroom, Beet, Jasmine, Goldenseal and Poppy. There are some more lucky flowers for Pisces like Jasmine, Lilac, Wisteria and Anise.

Aquamarine – The Pisces Birth Stone

Pisces has often misunderstood the zodiac. But they are quite adaptive and cool in real life. They are very compassionate and sympathetic too. The birthstone of Pisces should be such that it should be able to handle the mystical potential of the native and use it in the direction where the native can grow positively and remain happy. The Pisces birthstone will surely influence all the spheres of life like relationships, career, health and general personality.

The most effective birthstone of Pisces is Aquamarine. It helps the wearer in opening up and expressing their views without fear. It also helps them strengthen their bond with others. It also relieves anxiety and stress.

Another birthstone that is worn to enhance good luck is the Jade gemstone. It also attracts fortune and abundance and is believed to be associated with the chakra of the heart. Hence, it activates the soul and spirit of Pisces.

Amethyst is another birthstone for Pisces worn to activate spiritual acts and thoughts. The Ruby stone is believed to attract love for Pisces. The Bloodstone for Pisces helps in keeping calm and taking the right decisions at the right time. And the last birthstone for Pisces is the Jasper which is worn to enhance the spiritual vibration in the wearer.

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Pisces Flower and Birthstone in a Nutshell

The friendly and spiritual Pisces are going to get influenced by the vibes of the birth flower water lily and the birthstone Aquamarine. And the positive impact will surely turn on the fire in the heart, and the creative mind will build strong relationships with people. The healing effect of the birth plant will also push the Pisces towards getting more compassionate and selfless. The Pisces can rule the world with their intuitive trait, and that can be aggravated and amplified with the use of the birth flower or birthstone or even both together.

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