Carnation and Crocuses – The Sagittarius Birth Flower

People born on the 22nd of November and 21st of December belong to the Sagittarius zodiac. Ruled by the planet Jupiter and influenced by the element Fire, the Sagittarians are strong-headed independent individuals. They are not the ones who would follow the herd. They believe in making their way, on the less-trodden path. The natives of Sagittarius are wanderers and love traveling solo. They often spend so much time with themselves that they intend to publish a book about all the creativity and adventure they experienced traveling alone.

The Sagittarians are very straightforward and often bluntly speak the truth. This is the reason many people dislike them and they are not invited on many occasions. But at the core, they are very generous and open-heart people. Sagittarius sign can turn into the best of actors as they are always ready to try new things and also, they have great imaginative skills and can take up practically any role assigned to them. They are very good at keeping secrets intact with themselves. Hence, they are trustworthy too.

On the personal front, the Sagittarian zodiac signs are very loyal but they don’t like any melodrama or any kind of emotional blackmail. They know it well if the relationship is not working. They don’t wait for things to turn ugly. Rather, they just end it and move on without any guilt or regret. Sagittarius natives can be best friends and be loyal throughout life. They make a good team and work hard to achieve common goals as well as personal goals too. Their enthusiasm is contagious and hence, they make others also work with the same zeal.

For this reason, they often get promoted to the highest designation in the organization. For such an energetic and bold person, the Sagittarius flower should also be the same kind. Let’s find out the details of the Sagittarius birth flower and birthstone, along with some basic information on the Sagittarius plant. Find out more from us!

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Carnation – A Multidimensional Sagittarius Birth Flower

As the Sagittarians are – packed with energy and stamina to the last log, the same is the birth flower of the Sagittarius sign. Enlisted below are a few Sagittarius flowers that represent all the traits of Sagittarius, from a wide horizon of being adventurous, fun-loving, bold, determined, passionate, a traveller and ambitious to straightforward and truthful and critical.

 Carnation – This is the official Sagittarius flower. The carnation symbolises longevity as they don’t dry up or wither as fast as the other flowers. It also signifies love and passion. Longevity, love and passion are all the synonyms of Sagittarius natives. Hence, carnation is considered the birth flower of Sagittarius. The bouquet of carnation flowers is also a perfect gift for a Sagittarius woman

 Chrysanthemum – Just like the Sagittarius, who are confident enough to gel well with all kinds of people, the Chrysanthemum also gets well and brightly placed with other flowers in a bouquet or floral arrangement. The ability of the Sagittarians to get involved in healthy discussions and winning the hearts of people is the same as that of the Chrysanthemum, which stands tall and beautiful with any other flower. This is why this bright flower is the November Sagittarius birth flower. This Sagittarius birth flower is symbolic of joy and positivity, the two traits that describe the Sagittarians the best. Chrysanthemum is also the lucky flower for the Sagittarius sign.

 Narcissus – The most prominent characteristic of the Sagittarian is truthfulness. And the Narcissus flower signifies truth. It also represents forgiveness. And that is what identifies the Sagittarians. The Sagittarians are known for speaking the truth even if it hurts anyone. Though they don’t intend to hurt anyone, this is the way they are. But they are quick in asking for forgiveness for hurting sentiments but never for speaking the truth. and hence, the Narcissus flower, representing forgiveness and truthfulness, is the birth flower for the December Sagittarius sign.

 Snapdragon – The symbol of strength and adaptability, the Snapdragon is also considered the birth flower for Sagittarius. Snapdragons have the ability to grow in the most unfavourable condition, and they bloom in beautiful bright colours, not ready to wither any time soon and taking support of their strong stem. This is exactly what the Sagittarius are, strong-head, confident people who do not give away easily. And just as the Snapdragons in folklore would fend off dishonest people, similarly the Sagittarians, too keep the dishonest people at bay.

 Protea – Just like the Sagittarius who are in a constant hunt for new ideas, Proteus, the son of Greek God Poseidon, symbolises constant change. The word Protea is derived from the name Proteus. Hence, it signifies change and adaptability. The Sagittarius are always open to changes and they adapt easily to these changes. Rather, they are the ones who are always looking for a change and so, they get to travel. This similarity and the significance make the Protea a flower for Sagittarius.

With the names of these few Sagittarius flowers, there are also Sagittarius plants that have a soothing influence over the natives. Just as the birthstone and flower have a healing effect on the native, the birth plants also have a positive influence over them. So, the Sagittarius plants include Olive, Tomato, Asparagus, Dandelion, rhubarb and mint.

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Turquoise – The Sagittarius Birth Stone for the Bold People

Knowing the fact that the Sagittarians speak the truth and often in a way that would hurt others, the Sagittarius birthstone Turquoise is the best choice to address the issue. Wearing the birthstone for Sagittarius will minimize the risk of hurting others while putting forward the truth. it will help the person to learn to speak diplomatically. It will help in overall growth and benefit the wearer.

The Blue Topaz is also a good birthstone for Sagittarius. It enhances wisdom and the ability to think rationally. It helps in leading a harmonious life with a perfect balance of emotions. It also strengthens the optimistic and generous trait of Sagittarius.

Another birthstone for Sagittarius is the Blue Sapphire which helps in attracting abundance and protects the wearer against unstable and evil thoughts. All these Sagittarius birthstones have a healing effect on the wearer and they strengthen all positive traits, helping them to grow holistically.

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Wrapping Up the Sagittarius Birth Flower and Birth Stone

For the bold, ambitious and truthful Sagittarius, the birth flower and birth stone can play a significant role. These birthstones and birth flowers can enhance the personality of the Sagittarius and help them grow in all spheres of life. They can reach the desired height with the positive influence of the Sagittarius birthstone and birth flower, and also the Sagittarius plant.

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