Venus in Taurus: Meaning, Traits, Compatibility, Positives & Negatives

Venus in Taurus: Meaning, Traits, Compatibility, Positives & Negatives

On 14 April, Venus, which is a planet of attraction, glides into Taurus, staying in the fixed sign until 8 May. You can expect a vacuum of sensuousness and love around you during this time. After all the sweetness and romanticism of Venus in Taurus, you might be irresistible for your partners.

Venus rules Taurus Zodiac, and natives who have Venus in their birth chart are mostly very attractive as Venus is a Roman goddess of love and beauty. Such individuals are independent in nature, and they are not at their best when there a compromise to their freedom. Nature, pleasure, and excitement in life are strongly appreciated. People in Taurus with Venus are elegant and sophisticated with polished mannerisms. They have an exceptional and quite rich taste in dance and music. They love artistic activities.

Venus transit in Taurus will make you feel the best in your life. You will be eager to achieve your financial security and monetary objectives. You will have the possibility to upgrade your assets. You can stay with your family for more time. For women to go shopping is a wonderful time. Women who look forward to marriage can be attracted to men who are well off and successful. The young people are going to enjoy a lot of fun, and a enjoy a rich way of living.

Venus in Taurus Means

  • Element And Quality: Earth & Fixed
  • Celebrities : Karl Marx, Laxmi Mittal, Anne Frank, Eric Clapton, Thomas Jefferson, Steffi Graf
  • Positive Traits : Affectionate, Warm, Sensual, Stable, Loving, Steady, Predictable
  • Negative Traits : Possessive, Slow, Stubborn, Rigid

All about the lifestyle of Venus and Taurus – eating, sleeping, relaxing, storing money, etc. This is because the love and romantic planet actually govern the earth’s sign. Whenever you have a planet in the sign of its governance, a sound of relief is raised.

Taurus is seamlessly associated with Venus, governing planet, for indulgence and grounding. Venus in Taurus indicates all forms of enjoyment. During this very special time, luxury, stability, and resourceful living all are increased. You can easily shrug away your annoying little problems, and a glass of wine and a hot bath can solve your issues.

Venus in Taurus Man

A Taurus man with the influence of Venus is a highly romantic person who values pleasures first and foremost. He sees life as nothing but a journey, an adventure that they take solely because of excitement and pleasure. Venus in Taurus man simply wishes to build, live comfortably, a stable financial situation and will make great efforts in doing so.

Highlights of Venus in Taurus Man:
1. Positive: Patient and energetic;
2. Negative: Dominant and aggressive;
3. Better half: Somebody who takes life seriously and determinedly;
4. Learn about life: Should be concerned about friends more.

Venus in Taurus man loves to go at his own pace and keeps things straight. Normally the Taurus man would think twice before committing and would need some time to make sure is the relationship serious or just an adventure. But once he is assured about the relationship, he would not back off and will be totally committed to the relationship. Man wants a traditional woman, a peaceful, patient, and obedient woman.

Venus in Taurus woman

The Venus in Taurus woman is one of the girls everybody should want next to them. She is an extremely easy person who does not like too complicated things, a person who prefers to live her life comfortably in the quiet environment of the home. This woman is caring, kind and is keen to create a safe haven for herself and a passion for her loved ones.

Highlights of Venus in Taurus Woman:
1. Positives: Relieved and unhampered;
2. Negative: Patronising and nervousness;
3. Better Half: Somebody that has a lifestyle similar to her;
4. Learn about life: Luxury and goods are not totally satisfactory.

Venus in Taurus Woman seeks a partner with the same personality and character who actively works hard to maintain a perfect relation and in building her perfect safe haven. The woman native wants her partner must be good, and she seeks nothing more than a long-lasting and serious bond. She could be quite talented as a singer because her voice is the voice of an angel, calming, restful, and melodious. Thanks to her natural charm, lascivious attitudes, and strong physique, she could even have been a dancer.

Venus in Taurus Compatibility

Venus in Taurus women is known to have a soft for persevering men. They love being outdoors as well as indoors, so for them, a romantic spot can be any place that they feel secured.

Taurus people think carefully about engagement and consider the financial status of a partner as much as their appearance and friendliness. Regardless of the sun sign, astrology says Venus is best matched by another Venus earth sign or by the Venus water sign when it comes to compatibility.

Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn are among the best matches of love for people born with a Venus in Taurus sign. The worst matches are Venus in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, or another Taurus, they may find love difficult during dates or weddings.

Venus in Taurus – Plus and Minus Traits

Plus traits: Romance, relationships, pleasure, and comfort symbolises Venus in Taurus. This involves the slow development of relationships and courtship. They thrive in romance by nature. They thus enjoy the relationship. As an earth sign in astrology ruled by Venus, their focus is on the five senses and on how their environment affects them. They love the luxury and comfort of their fabrics. Their home is defined as a cozy place and they are proud to possess their lovers around them as much as they can.

Minus Traits: Venus in Taurus Zodiac has to work on its possessive nature. They want full commitment because they are totally dedicated to their partner. Everything that seems offensive may provoke them. They are very patient and willing to listen to their side. However, at the same time, they can be accusatory. It takes a long time to reassure them that no misplay takes place. The Taurus Venus disregards any change or changes in relationships, so seeing a threat throws their whole world into disorder. Some of them may not be adaptable to the changes in the relationship and may get into a defensive mode.


The unbelievably stubborn nature of Venus in Taurus will make things almost impossible for others around them. They would be resistant with all their might to a new change. They would take a pride in the fact that their partners will always be by their side. They are one of the most trustworthy people. When it comes to Venus in Taurus luck, they do not have to worry about spending money on beautiful or extravagant things. Financial security always wins over whilst they like good things.

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