Mercury in Virgo and How the Virgo Ruling Planet Complements the Sign?

Mercury in Virgo and How the Virgo Ruling Planet Complements the Sign?

Virgo is an earth sign, and its ruling planet is Mercury. Mercury in Virgo is a positive event for its Virgos since mercury is the planet of communication in all forms of speaking, writing, listening, thinking, and sharing thoughts and ideas. Virgos become more rational, logical, and practical in dealing with things personally and professionally. It is suitable for the natives who want to become entrepreneurs due to the fact that they possess business acumen. They have a good sense of judgment, observation, and know-how to get the work done. Mercury in Virgo has more positive effects than negative ones.

Virgo is intelligent, wise, and quick-witted. The most suitable career options are mathematics and accounts or anything else that involves calculations and numbers. They can also be good teachers, astrologers, and accountants. Mercury in Virgo zodiac sign natives study well and are highly educated. With their intelligence and education, they secure exalted positions in their profession and are financially stable.

Generally, they are smart enough to maintain their finances well. Whether they are engaged in a business or job, they are sincere, and practical, and tackle all communications wisely. Mercury in Virgo can be good writers since they excel in written communication as well. With their potential, they achieve their goals quickly.

The placement of Mercury in Virgo and its impact

Mercury in Virgo is a good placement. Being the ruler of Virgo, Mercury brings out the best in them. They are more transparent and confident about their work and the decisions they take personally and professionally. Because they are smart, quick-witted, and focused, they feel more energized and prompted to get the best results with effort and hard work.

Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury draws their attention toward the details of work, assignments, home-related chores, and other such tasks and activities.

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The effects of Mercury in Virgo

Mercury Virgo people being intelligent and wise, thrive in an environment with a highly intellectual company. On the other hand, mercury causes Virgos to be a perfectionist. Although they have the instinct of looking for perfection all the time, whether it’s hygiene in their home or their child’s study, they tend to try and make things perfect.

The reason behind Mercury in Virgo

Planet Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, and it is exalted in Virgo. Mercury in Virgo natives the qualities by exaltation, and they tend to become more focused, witty, mindful, detail-oriented, and wise. They feel motivated and productive when it comes to new and challenging projects. Whenever they take up any work, you can be sure that the work will be completed effectively. The one very important aspect of mercury in Virgo is that they become more precise while communicating and ensure there is no room for miscommunication. Even in their personal lives, they love being surrounded by perfect people.

So the next time you are calling your Mercury in Virgo friend over, and they point out the imperfect things in your plans, the untidiness of your house, vessels in the kitchen, or the fact that your sofas and chairs are not arranged properly, just ignore them, they are used to it and can’t control themselves unless stopped by their closed ones. In a nutshell, they are crazy perfection lovers.

The Virgo Mercury personality traits

Mercury rules the power of thoughts and ideas. The Virgo ruling planet enhances their thinking ability and governs the power to access, share, learn, grasp, and communicate in all forms. Mercury in Virgo is a thoughtful and well-spoken communicator. He conveys the right meaning and to the right person. He knows exactly how to plan things before doing it and places everything in the right order. Virgos with mercury are good writers, businessmen, teachers, accountants, and entrepreneurs. All these professions demand mindful skills, which Virgo with Mercury possesses.

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Mercury Retrograde 2021 Virgo

Mercury is fast-moving and the closest planet to the Sun; therefore, it affects the sun sign of a native. The Virgo ruling planet does not stay in a sign for long; it stays for a period of three to four weeks in a sign and then moves to another sign. Mercury will retrograde in Virgo from the 2nd of October to the 2nd of November in 2021. This retrograde may change a native’s life in different aspects.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo bestows youthfulness, a sense of humor, and mischievous and logical skills. It is helpful in the fields of trade, commerce, anchoring, accounts, finance, media, and teaching. It energizes the native and makes one articulate, intelligent, and meticulous.

Mercury in Virgo Woman

Mercury in Virgo Woman is a good and effective communicator. She knows how to give precise and abstract information and is very clear in her conversations. She expresses herself positively, confidently, and effectively. Mercury in Virgo woman is a cool-minded, thoughtful, and peaceful thinker and shares her knowledge whenever needed. She spcriticiseeaks on the basis of facts and keenly interests everyone with her creativity and charm.

Mercury in Virgo Man

Mercury in Virgo man is straight to the point and precise. They want to know about all the important aspects with details and are always looking for the facts to have a clear picture; they know how to get essential data and convert it into meaningful results.

Mercury in Virgo men is in search of perfection. Sometimes they are so rude that others may misunderstand and dislike them. They criticize others and point out the imperfect things about them. This sometimes makes people feel harassed, hurt, and disturbed.

A Mercury in Virgo man would not bear irrelevant and non-factual conversations and would interrupt them in the middle to correct them. They feel uncomfortable when the conversation becomes banal and get bored. Therefore they are always welcomed by wise and intellectual friends for their important logical and creative ideas.

Their working style is different from other zodiac signs, and they sometimes notice those tiny details that the sharpest minds do not notice. They are the boss’s favourite because of their inspiring working style. They try to create a healthy and positive environment for everyone in the workplace.


Mercury in Virgo is an event that blesses Virgos with the sharp skill of better and effective communication. It keeps them exceptionally in demand since they have the solutions to most problems. Their working style is different from others because they keep in mind the complete detailing before taking any project or assignment and finish it with their expertise and excellence. So if you too are a Mercury in Virgo, man or woman, be proud of yourselves and try avoiding a few hitches, imperfections, and weaknesses in and around your family and friends.

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