Virgo Man Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

A Trailer of Virgo Man

Virgo is number 6 out of 12 on the Zodiac wheel and the one and only mutable earth sign it is resourceful, flexible and logical. He’s a timid, sensitive guy, but he’s pretty smart and ambitious, as a sign ruled by Mercury. His sign is mostly linked to a charging personality.  His favourite relationship is quiet and privately held, where most of the action takes place in his own home only #HappyHome.

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Virgo Man Compatibility

Virgos are earth signs ruled by Mercury. They are all about fine nature and being grounded. Virgos qualities are mutable. They can just go with the flow. Mutable signs are the type of signs that can make it in almost any type of relationship because they tend to not really have their own identity – a lot of them just mutate to whatever is going around them and they become a part of it. They become what they need to and whenever they need to.

They belong to the 6th house of the zodiac sign which is the house of service, health and day to day routine. Virgos are the polar opposite of Pisces – where Pisces are the ultimate server of god, Virgos are the ultimate server of man. This quality of serving makes them compatible with each other. Taurus is also an earth sign, very grounded in nature and wants to build security and stability in life. This striving is similar to Virgos, hence Taurus and Virgo make a great team and partners in life. Aries are high achievers and honest the way Virgo might like it. They go well together as both are mission-oriented individuals. They have a natural affinity for each other.

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Virgo Men Traits

  • Neat and Clean: Virgo men are extremely clean people. They like to keep the house tidy and also maintain body hygiene. They are very particular about wearing properly ironed clothes. So if the guy in the office is nagging about one tiny crease on his shirt, he might be a Virgo. Their hair is well set too. They also like to have a clean image because these men are image-conscious people.
  • Responsible and Dependable: Virgo men are responsible and dependable. They feel responsible for everyone around them who need help because they belong to the 6th house of service. They tend to take up a lot of social and community work. They are like huge supporting pillars to their family, friends and mankind in general.
  • Work and Achievements: A Virgo man marries his work. He pours his heart into it. Virgo men are very strategic and meticulous in whatever they do. They are mission-oriented and plan everything in advance. Their goals are mentally mapped and the timeline is decided. They would work day and night to achieve it. This is the reason why they climb the ladder of success so soon.
  • Intelligent and Organized: He is a Mercurial man, which means, he is all about cerebral activity. He is just gifted with intellect and he has eyes for attention to detail. Virgo men are very organised in their approach because they have a lot of things on their plate. These men are great observant and lifelong learners.
  • Stress: Virgo men have to deal with a lot of anxiety and mental stress in their life. Mercury is a fast-moving planet, and mostly the situations become too overwhelming to handle. They usually are overworking or overthinking. Virgo men tend to develop obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), no matter how minor it is.
  • Brutally Honest and Liar at the Same Time: For them telling the truth is like serving people. So when their better half asks if she is looking fat in a dress, the Virgo man will straightaway say, ‘YES’.
  • The Leo – Virgo cusps tend to become great liars. They are image-conscious individuals and lie to make a situation look perfect. They are honest when they have to tell something about the other but lie when it is about themselves.
  • Some are completely ‘Dharmic’ (pious) and others are utterly manipulative for their personal gains.
  • Stability: Virgo men, being an earth sign, crave stability and security at all levels – physical, financial, personal and social. But this doesn’t mean that they are stable in every path of life. They might be stable in their mind and organised in lifestyle, but many have to struggle a lot with achieving their goals as expected.
  • Perfectionist, Traditionalist and extremist: Everything has to be in place, proper order and perfect – even the people. This thought process kind of makes Virgo men a bit controlling, authoritarian and nit-picky. They don’t understand that not everyone is them and that they might have their own priorities. They are also an extremist when it comes to traditions. They can be very fanatic, attached to old traditions and forget the time has changed, where these traditions are not serving.
  • Communication: Virgo man can make a big impact with his incredible way of communication. They are gifted with being good at speech. They are very articulate and know what they are talking about, infused with a lot of sarcastic humour. They can literally play with words when it comes to sarcasm. These men are not very social although they can be if needed.
  • Emotion: If a Virgo man is hurt by someone, he will hurt back but sophistically. Virgo men also don’t like to show their emotions. They are more of brain-people than heart-people. They are very sorted and collected individuals. They rationalize their emotions and move forward to doing things they consider important.
  • Food and Health: Extremely health-conscious people might even take their lunch box to a restaurant while hanging out with friends or coworkers. Even if they eat outside, they want it nutritious, organic and less oil, please! They mostly prefer ‘Satvik Aahar’, a balanced diet and more greens. They take their sweet time to eat.

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How is Virgo Man in Love and Relationships?

Virgo men are extremely private people, especially in heart-related matters. For everyone, they and their partner are good friends till their wedding cards are out. They are also not a great fan of PDAs. They are usually very protective and caring towards their partner. They are extremely communicative with them. They love to talk to them with some teasing and humorous sarcasm.

They are extremely dependable men and provide for all the comforts and luxury to their loved ones. It is important to understand that these men are work-oriented and find it difficult to give much time to their partner. But they will definitely go for vacations and holidays with them.

As a parent, a Virgo man will be a good teacher. He will inculcate all the values in his children. He will pass on age-old traditions to them. He will push them to do yoga, meditation and explore spirituality. But he will be a little strict and nit-picky.

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How to Attract a Virgo Man?

  • Be Hygienic: Keep your body and house spic and span. Virgo men are very particular about hygiene.
  • Embrace your Natural Beauty: Virgo men get attracted to natural beauty. You might want to prefer having nude lipstick around him instead of flashy red.
  • Birthday Gift: They like handmade gifts or anything antique or maybe a nice vacation, but the place has to be clean.
  • Attention to detail: Check your eyeliner, if it’s perfectly applied. Be precise as much as you can or just don’t wear makeup. A Virgo man will not be impressed if anything is out of place.
  • Communication is the key: Talk about something deep and useful.
  • Compliments: Praise him like a god. Nah, just kidding!
    He keeps serving people around him, he makes efforts to be perfectly dressed, he puts hard work in his workplace and he deals with his OCD. He does a lot. How about giving some compliments and let him know he is being noticed?
  • Be his Peace: Virgo men are mostly stressed because they have a lot on their plate. Just be their peace and do not add more anxiety in their life. Or maybe take him to a relaxing ‘Getaway’.
  • Truth shall be swallowed: If you are kind who can swallow bitter truth being shot by him and not create a drama, then you have a chance with him.
  • Secured and Stable: If you want that Virgo man, you will have to get your shit together. Work towards creating stability and security in your own life.
  • First Date: Take him to a restaurant that serves healthy meals and organic food. He is extremely health conscious and will appreciate your mindfulness in the choice of food.
  • Do Not Disturb: ‘Work’ is his first wife. You might be the second if you guys get married!
  • Never ever disturb a Virgo man while he is working.
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Wrapping Up

To all the girls out there reading about Virgo man character, stay prepared. To all the boys out there who just finished reading about Virgo man characteristics, feel proud of yourself. Slow claps! Keep chilling, and keep loving yourself as always.