Mercury in Aries – When Planet of Words Meets Sign of Enthusiasts

Mercury in Aries – When Planet of Words Meets Sign of Enthusiasts

Vedic Astrology is widely used to understand the impact of different planets and their combination with one another. It is used to understand your future and to prepare for what is going to come next. If it gives positive signals then we generally try to make it stronger with the help of this study else we try to nullify its negative effects if it has negative remarks. From the study of these planets, we come to know about our strengths and weaknesses, future aspects, marriage, love life, career, and other aspects. Almost every horizon of life can be covered in this and help us have a better future ahead.

Vedic Astrologers are those specially skilled people who can read and study the transit and retrograde movement of planets and thus make all the analysis and their impact on someone’s life when the retrograde or transit of planets takes place. Retrograde is the backward movement of the planet and transit makes the planet move forward. In both cases, natives get affected, whether in a positive or a negative way, and even mixed at times.

Here, through this article, we will come to know the negative and positive impact of Mercury in Aries. Before going into the details, one should know the basics of both – the Planet Mercury and the zodiac Aries individually. So, let’s get started.

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Importance of Mercury as a Planet in Astrology

Planet Mercury is one of the neutral planets, leading over your morality, insight, and opinion. It influences your ability of thinking, coordinate, negotiation capacity, and understand while processing information. It controls your ability to adjust and adapt and to express yourself effectively the way it should be.

Mercury’s presence makes one a good communicator with the special power to persuade logically, intellectually, and rationally.

Aries as First Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first zodiac sign ruled by the planet Mars and has a fire sign. The individuals with this sign are bold and brave with an individualistic form of energy.

They are courageous, determined, honest, passionate, confident, and good coordinators. They are most active by nature. They are very punctual about their acts and are always ready beforehand for any of the time-bound activities.

On the other hand, Aries’s zodiac signs are moody, impatient, impulsive, stubborn, egoistic, and short-tempered. They do not like to remain inactive, lazy atmosphere, and work where you don’t need to use their talents.

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Know the Effects of Mercury in Aries

Mars is the governing planet of Aries, which is a fire sign. And as far as gender and element are concerned, Mars and Mercury are contrary and detrimental to each other. Still, Mercury in Aries is considered to be an average position in Vedic Astrology. People with Mercury in Aries are clever and comical. Mercury in Aries people is always ready with handy ideas and solutions. Mercury in Aries people is usually creative with a sharp mind and fast mentees. People with Mercury in Aries are a bit quarrelsome by essence.

Mercury in Aries makes one bold, firm, fearless, and straightforward personality. As Mars in Aries, it makes the person impulsive and take wrong decisions because of its impact and makes one jump to conclusions without careful analysis. Mercury in Aries makes a person inclined towards arts, music, and dance. Their communication skills make them strong and do well in any field.

Mercury in Aries Woman and Man- the Traits

The mercury in Aries women induces confidence and inspiration in a more influential manner with an endless source of energy. With Mercury in Aries woman becomes direct and impulsive, with remarkable control over their emotions.

With Mercury in Aries man gets more aggressive, straightforward, audacious, full of desires and self-motivation. Mercury in Aries makes the man innovative, creative, and expressive, lets him make use of the ideas. At times, Mercury in Aries man is narrow-minded, obsessive, stubborn, and dominating characteristics.

The Mercury retrograde Aries may turn out to be giddy, especially when it’s about communication in their life. It may turn out to be a hitch even in day-to-day simple activities. Mercury Retrograde Aries, makes Aries people frustrated and frazzled, where Aries want to move forward but the retrograde effect pulls them back, creating complications.

The Aries Ascendants have a long life span. They are always afraid of their enemies. The person with Mercury in the 8th House of Aries Ascendant needs to negotiate throughout his life regarding weak finances. Mercury in the 8th House for Aries is a strong believer in magical powers but works very hard throughout to earn more wealth. Their relationship with younger siblings is not found to be good.

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Mercury in Aries Vedic Astrology shows a controversial relationship as Aries is ruled by the fire sign of Planet Mars, which is opposite to Mercury. This is still considered average in Vedic Astrology. The people with Mercury in Aries, are prompt, and perform well in debates. People with Mercury in Aries Vedic Astrology are quick at decision-making and impulsive at times which may make them take wrong decisions. Mercury in Aries people is art-loving which increases their inclination towards sensual following.

The impact of Mercury retrograde for Aries natives is quite staggering, especially when it comes to communication. Even their day-to-day contact with people could turn out to be an obstruction and may become a big drama. All because of the opposite nature of both the planets, Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, and Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Enters Aries-What’s Next to Come

Mercury in Aries makes decisions as per the needs and requirements of the time. They are quick at their decision-making and communications regarding what they want.

Mercury in Aries 8th House develops a positive combination of jubilant Sun and blazing Mercury, rendering special interests and abilities, making them engage in professions of astrology, and numerology, and achieve well in life.

Mercury Retrograde for Aries needs you to speak with extra care and even lead to misunderstandings. If we talk about Aries as one of the most dangerous zodiac signs then it may not be true. They are kept in fourth place regarding crime.

Key Takeaways from Mercury in Aries

It is known that Mercury in Aries has a very strong effect which turns out to be positive at times, and sometimes it has a negative impact too. All this is because of the impact of the ruling planet Mars and the opposing energy planet Mercury. Then also, the people with Mercury in Aries lead a good and joyful life all with their bold, straightforward, innovative approach making them loved and demanding everywhere and they are masters in communication skills.

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