Are you Planning to Purchasing Property in 2023? Know Some Shubh Muhurat

Are you Planning to Purchasing Property in 2023? Know Some Shubh Muhurat

Relevance of Muhurat for Property Purchase

Purchasing a piece of property is a celebration that is supposed to fetch positivist, growth, opportunity and happiness. Hence, it becomes inevitable to consider the auspicious days for buying property beforehand. The planetary movement, the position of Sun and Moon, the Rahu and Ketu, and other elements play an important role in creating positive or negative vibes around the place. If a native purchases some property without paying attention to the shubh muhurat, it may affect his/her life in a detrimental way.

When the planets are not in a favourable position, the time is not considered to purchase the property. But if the Nakshatra and other planetary positions are favourable, then that could be the shubh muhurat for property registration for the native. Buying a property on any of the property purchase auspicious dates can yield favourable results and positive returns to the native.

Following the astrologer’s advice with property registration, shubh muhurat will reduce the risk of losing peace and positivist. The place becomes a source of positivist and happiness when Property Purchase Muhurat is taken into account and proper pooja is performed to pacify the negative influence of the planets if any. Now, let’s check out the Property Buying Muhurat 2023 in the following section.

Winding Up!

The 2023 Property Purchase Muhurat given below can be used by anyone but only after consulting your pandit and only after performing the required pooja or havan. The auspicious nakshatra for buying property are Revati, Anuradha, Mrigashirsha, Vishakha, Punarvasu, Purva Phalguni and Purva Bhadrapada. And Thursday and Friday are considered more auspicious than other days for purchasing a property.

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