Saturn Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

Saturn Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

The planet with the slowest velocity among all is Saturn. For nearly two and a half years, it remains in one sign. Thus, it will take about 29.5 years to complete the zodiac signs.

Now that the planet is moving so slowly, the effects last longer. High-intensity influences are also brought by Saturn. Saturn, also referred to as the planet of “Karma,” determines how you live your life. Saturn is similar to a strict teacher in that it can be intimidating, but it also provides you with the strength to act morally and responsibly, as well as the ability to make responsible decisions.

On the other hand, the planet can occasionally bring mishaps, abrupt changes, and difficulties. Saturn is regarded as a malefic planet, but transits through it don’t always have bad outcomes.

Astrological Saturn Transit 2024 Dates & Remedies

Given below are the Astrological Saturn Transit  2024 Dates and Time:

Saturn Transit Name Saturn Transit Date
Saturn Tara Asta From 17 Feb 2024 to 26 March 2024 = 38 Days

Remedies to reduce the negative effects of weak Saturn

The sole meaning of Saturn in astrology is that no matter what situation arises, you need to keep working hard. Some of you may still get negative results from the taskmaster, and that is possibly due to the weak Saturn in your birth chart. Nevertheless, below are the remedies to reduce the bad impacts of weak Saturn.

  • Donate things like seeds, iron or leather
  • Refrain from eating non-veg food and stop consuming alcohol
  • Offer milk to the roots of the tree
  • Insert an iron nail at the main door of the house
  • Always keep water-filled earthen pots while performing important life events

Get The Remedies for Reducing Weak Saturn Effects in Your Kundli, and Talk To an Astrologer…

In a Nutshell

Considering the astrological theories, we conclude that Saturn is a significant celestial body of the cabinet. Also, we learned about its good and bad impacts from the different houses. Following that, we found the results of Saturn’s conjunction with other planets. This was indeed interesting to learn about the traits of malefic planets. In the end, we shared tips to reduce the effects of weak Saturn, which may keep your hopes alive of living a luxurious life. That’s all for this edition. We hope you cleared your queries related to Saturn.