Solar New Year 2020: Effects, Importance, and Rituals

Solar New Year 2021 and Its Significance

Wishing you all a very Happy Solar New Year and Mesha Sankranti!

Do you want to know the significance of the solar new year? When will it start? What rituals to be performed?

Are all these questions wandering in your mind?

If yes, then you are on the right platform, read along, and find answers to all your questions… Along with the date and time of the solar new year 2021, its astrological importance, and information about Mesha Sankranti.

Let’s Explore!

Solar New Year 2021 Date

What is Solar New Year and When it Begins?

How you can welcome Surya Dev on Solar New Year | Rituals for Mesha Sankranti

Astrological Significance Of Solar New Year

Summing Up


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