Know The Remedies to Broken Heart By Your Sign

Heartbreaks are the most painful and difficult processes to undergo. Especially when it is caused by the person you love the most. If we believe the science, it says that heartbreaks can be responsible for physical pain. Lovers may find it easier to fall in love, but to find the place in their partner’s heart won’t be that easy. Some tend to move on faster than others who can not move in the slightest, even after a long time. In both cases, a person undergoes similar pain but, one should how to handle it. The author Nicholas Sparks writes, “The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…” Every human has different personalities to cope with their heartbreaks. Heading ahead to learn remedies to broken hearts for every zodiac signs.


When Aries individual’s heart gets broken, he or she becomes frustrated. They may not be able to hide their emotions. The fire sign urges you to love passionately, but you may soon decide to leave the relationship. Although, when it comes to experiencing heartbreak, it usually hurts your pride. They will think of ways to stay the way they were before, act tough as if they are okay and nothing is wrong. Even if they try to look calm on the surface, their anger always shows their pain and restlessness. Your sign is strong and independent with their actions. Being active, being involved in new hobbies, channelling your anger in a positive attitude will help you a lot more than keeping it inside and ignoring the pain till you lash out on others and it erupts out like a volcano. Hence, as a native of Aries, you should involve in things you love to do the most.


Natives of Taurus takes more than usual to fall in love as they will think twice before entering the love relationship. If Taurus individuals have heartbreaks, they experience it for a long time and becomes disappointed. Taurus is an earth sign, so nature will be the best place to heal your heartaches. Taurus may not accept changes in their life, but their healing process may help them accept some positive changes. You are advised to listen to your favourite songs or music. By doing so, it may have the ability to mend hearts. Also, spend time with nature, walk in the woods or garden, enjoy the beauty of nature for a while. Moreover, cooking your favourite dishes may heal your pain in no time. Whenever you get free, try mental stimulation like crossword puzzles in your routine to keep your mind occupied.


Gemini pals can have messy break-ups with their partners. This could be because of their dual mind and different natures. They take a long time to come up with a decision. Even with the complications, they try to communicate with their partner. They are quick-witted, so when it comes to heartbreaks, they are always one step ahead. Although they see it coming, it makes them a little heartbroken, but they are not someone who cries over spilt milk. Their dual nature makes them stuck between moving on and crushed under their painful feelings. They might seem happy from the outside but cannot be the same from the inside. Fortunately, they keep themselves distracted as they don’t want to meet the sadness. You should focus on what is important to you, and you should carry an optimistic approach to life.


When it comes to emotions, no one can narrate better emotional stories than the cancer pals. If you have a break-up, you may run on your emotional feelings. It doesn’t take them long to forget everything in their sadness. You even forget about your own needs instead, blame the game on yourself. At this time, people around you can help you the best to move on. You can take a trip back to your family, close friends. They will build a wall around them, refusing to let people inside or see their sadness. That’s why your friends need to be around you to break those walls and guide you through the dark tunnel. You are resentful to your ex-partners, but you may forget that you have the strongest hearts. Slowly with time, you may heal your pain and get the happiness back.


Leo individuals are known as passionate lovers as they love to give more time and space to their partners. No matter what this fiery sign says, but they have a delicate and soft personality inside. You put all your efforts into something you love to do. If you ever had a break-up, you take a long time to get back to composure. However, you can handle the heartbreak impressively better than anyone else. You don’t want to lose your loved ones, and this fear of losing someone will help you get the best out of yourself. You find comfort in materialistic items, love shopping, spending time with your family and friends as well. In this healing process, you don’t forget to love. This is how you move on in life. Considering your qualities, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.


Virgo natives are naturally analytical and rational as they pay attention to every detail while gathering information. When you get heartbroken, you will go back to analyse every single thing to know the root cause. When they realise their relationship has a downfall, they will try to handle it by themselves, rather than playing with others’ feelings. They can move on with maturity and see a bigger picture, which may help them get out of this anxiety. It is suitable for you to be organised and prepared for your future goals.


Libra pals can form a balance between love and harmony in their relationship. Whenever your heart breaks into pieces, it is hard for you to stay lonely. This could be because you are sensitive and kind-hearted by nature. You worry about other people more than your pain. You try to serve peace, as it is one of your charms. Your optimistic nature may help you see more opportunities. They will probably try to forgive the other person for maintaining their balance. The one thing Libra friends do is they send love to others even when they are at their lowest. Spend some time with mother nature, and it will help you relax from the inside.


Scorpios individuals can hide their emotions so well. They are also observant of their surroundings, to let only a few people let in, but are loyal to them. When they have their break-up stories, they must have turned their world upside down. You are quick to think and act upon your feelings. However, your broken heart can surface vengeful and toxic emotions for the person who left them. You may need a good deal of time to heal and break from relationships. To heal, they need to surround themselves with close friends and family. Anger or any extreme emotions may create hindrances in your path of healing. If you have support from your close ones, you may avoid joining the negative side of toxicity and move on with a healthy mind.

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For Sagittarius individuals, their satisfaction with themselves makes them the most robust individuals of all. More than heartbreak, they are let down in a relationship if it doesn’t work out the way they planned. They are constantly searching for answers in their lives while they are stuck in the process of healing. This process also contains travelling as they are independent souls. Not feeling heartbreaks to the extent they might seem like a detached person. You ask yourself a lot of philosophical questions during this time to better understand your internal thought process. They take time to learn about their own emotions. Once you find out the reason and answers to your feelings, you may recover well.


Capricorns individuals are rational and determined as they are the most committed individuals of all signs. You might get disappointed for failing in a relationship because of your fear of losing. You usually keep your guards up, but when you do so, you may hurt yourself. Your ambitious persona makes it hard to accept failure. You may have admirable strength to cope with anything, so you need to find it out. You may focus on your work to accomplish your new goals. They need not bottle their feelings inside till they turn toxic. You need to divert your energies on the lessons you learned from the failure to reach new heights.


Many few of you may know that Aquarians pals are soft from inside and emotionally attached to their partners. And this states that they may have a tough time when they succumb to heartbreak. Aquarians represents the water signs which bear humanity for others and are ready to help others in need. You know how to keep yourself busy and get progressive after heartbreaks. Although they might not fully attach themselves to their partners, they can easily detach their emotions but could be still in pain. Their conservative nature will save them from intense heartbreak. Aquarians know their worth, and they will be hopeful that they will keep showering love towards humanity.


Pisces individuals may suffer a lot from heartbreak as they have lots of expectations from their partners. You fall in despair when break-ups happen to you. You are extremely selfless individuals who are ready to help others. It will be hard for you to specify what you are feeling intensely. You also experience insecurities and self-doubts. You will probably isolate yourself for a while from reality. You are highly artistic and also seek inspiration from others. However, being the most creative sign, you should channel your feelings to express in art as painting, writing, music, etc. You do what you need to do to cope with your feelings, which is how you may heal with time. It is your best ability to create masterpieces when you run on your emotions.

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