The Beautiful Rainbow of Zodiac Sign Favourite Colours

It has been mentioned time and again that Vedic astrology believes that everything or an element has some energy attached to it. So, how can astrology leave colours untouched?

As per astrology, each colour has some significance and plays a prominent role in people’s life. The astrologers advise some colours to natives of a particular zodiac, while some are a strict “NO” for them. But what if a person doesn’t want to consult an astrologer and wear the zodiac colour that will bear positive results and enhance the overall personality and growth factor?

For such people, we are here to help you! This article is an answer to all your queries associated with the zodiac signs favorite colors that is also considered the zodiac sign lucky colours. It will also help you know the favourite colours of man and woman separately belonging to the same zodiac like Aries favourite colour, Aries woman favourite colours and Aries man favourite colours. And similarly, for all the other zodiac signs, their favourite colour and significance will be elaborated. So, let’s get started with this article of zodiac signs favorite color.

Zodiac Signs Favorite Color…. What’s Your Zodiac Favourite Colour?

Have you ever imagined a world without colours? The obvious answer is “No”, and why should that weird thought ever come to mind when we are surrounded by so many pretty colours of nature.

Each colour radiates a beauty of its own, and it’s a bliss to watch these colours shining around us. Even the dull shades have their own beauty, though they might not shine bright. They still hold the beauty of being graceful and soothing to the eyes.

Similarly, every native has their own zodiac favourite colour. We have discussed each zodiac favourite colour below. Read and find out which is your zodiac favourite and lucky colour.

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Aries Favourite Color:

The Aries sign is symbolic of a ball of fire as they are fiery and energetic under the influence of the hot planet Mars. Hence the Aries favourite colour ought to be Red or Orange. The red colour best suits the list of Aries favourite colours as it represents the Aries personality. The Aries natives are enthusiastic and a complete package of energy and leadership.

The deep blood red being the Aries woman favourite colour signifies that she can dare to bring the world to a halt with her courage and passion. The Aries man favourite colours could be orange as it is symbolic of the risk-taking ability in a person, one of the strongest traits of the Aries men. Putting on your zodiac favourite colour can make you feel like the king of the world with no one around to stop or beat you in any way.

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Taurus Favourite Color:

The stubborn yet progressive Taurus should be affiliated with some colour that signifies growth. And so, green is the Taurus favourite colour. Though the Taurus season could be in the late spring, the green colour is quite visible, which compliments the Taurus personality. Pastel shades are often a Taurus man’s favourite colour, as they reflect his materialistic trait.

The Taurus man favourite colour could also be a shade of blue, as he is a soulful person. Being under the influence of Venus, the Taurus woman favourite colours are pink, white and black, though the most suitable for any Taurus would be Taurus favourite colour – green.

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Gemini Favourite Color:

The people with dual-personality cannot have anyone zodiac favourite colour. They cannot stick to Black or white as Gemini favourite colour. They have to go mid-way and chose grey as their Gemini favourite colour. Another colour that defines the personality of Gemini is yellow colour.

As bright as the Gemini natives, the colour radiates the energy that is encapsulated in the two bodies of Gemini. Hence, yellow is also Gemini favourite colour. Other colours that are considered lucky for Gemini include pink and green.

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Cancer Favourite Color:

The soft and caring natives belonging to the Cancer zodiac would love to be surrounded by silver and white as these are Cancer favourite colours. Both white and silver enable the Cancer natives to amplify their trait of being sensitive and responsible. Blue and sea-green are also the Cancer signs favourite colours. The cancer man favourite colour is brown, which gives a soft and earthy feel and makes people feel comfortable around the Cancerians.

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Leo Favourite Color:

The fearless and attention lovers Leo favourite colour is definitely Golden.
Shining bright as the sun, gleaming so bright that no one can look into their eyes, this colour is a perfect Leo favourite colour. The proud Leo man favourite colour ought to be orange that attracts positivity and authority.

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Virgo Favourite Color:

The best colour to define the Virgo perfect personality is the colour, White. This is the Virgo sign colour, soft, subtle and pure, just like a Virgo. The Virgo man favourite colour could be brown or green as they are earthly colours and remind the Virgo that they are humble and grounded people. The green colour is the classic Virgo favourite colour, as it signifies growth, the synonym of Virgo, who are always working towards progression.

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Libra Favourite Color:

Speaking of zodiac signs favorite color, with a big heart and pure soul, Libra favourite colour is Blue. The colour blue signifies a balanced and cool head, the words to describe Libra the best. Pink is also considered the Libra sign favourite colour as it’s symbolic of tender love. The Libra man favourite colours include Black and White also.

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Scorpio Favourite Color:

For these mysterious natives, the Scorpio favourite colour would be Black. All the dark shades of blue and purple are also considered lucky for Scorpio as they reflect the dark, intense reality of their personality.

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Sagittarius Favourite Color:

Another sign in the list of zodiac signs favorite color, coinciding with their personality, the Sagittarius favourite colour is purple, which signifies enlightenment and abundance. Blue and yellow are also considered lucky for Sagittarius though the Sagittarius man favourite colour is dark red and also blue.

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Capricorn Favourite Color:

For this practical group of people, the Capricorn favourite colour would be grey and brown. These colours make the native more assertive. The Capricorn man favourite colour is indigo as he is ruled by the planet Saturn.

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Aquarius Favourite Color:

In terms of zodiac signs favorite color, the Turquoise blue is the Aquarius sign favourite colour as this is a water sign. This shade of blue shade helps in inducing greater creativity and calm. The Aquarius man favourite colour is white as it reflects their pure heart. Black is also considered their favourite colour based on the zodiac.

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Pisces Favourite Color:

Speaking of zodiac signs favorite color, the lightest shade of green is Pisces favourite colour. Al the light and pastel shades encourage the Pisces and heal them. The dreamy Pisces also have yellow, mauve, peach and white as their favourite horoscope colour.

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The Palette is Filled with the Zodiac Signs Favorite Color

A rainbow is the epitome of perfect beauty formed with an infusion of various colours together. Similarly, the zodiac signs and their favourite colours also make a beautiful combination of people with colourful personalities. Some like hard and dark shades, while others go for soft and light ones. Whatever they choose, the zodiac favourite colours definitely have a great influence over the natives, and this fact cannot be ignored.

Wearing clothes as per the zodiac signs and their favourite colours, or having accessories of zodiac favourite colour can help the individual grow manifold. And above all, what’s wrong with being colourful? It makes us look good.

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