Overview of Bharani Nakshatra Characteristics and Padas

Overview of Bharani Nakshatra in Astrology

Bharani Nakshatra is the Bearer of life, and its symbol is ‘yoni’, a female organ of reproduction. This Nakshatra represents Life and Death because the deity of this Nakshatra is ‘Lord Yama’, who is the God of Death.

Bharani means ‘to take away’. Symbolically it implies washing away all the impurities. It is an ‘ugra’ nakshatra, which means the fierce fighter. Another symbolism is Goddess Kali, who obliterated ‘Asuras’ (demons). The star that is relevant in this Nakshatra is Menkar which appears to be a double star. Bharani natives have to go through a lot of disgrace and dishonour. So this Nakshatra is said to be a very difficult one. It also deals with legacies. The natives in this Nakshatra are very resilient and like warriors.

They have amazing artistic abilities. These people are pushed to the shelf in regard to defamation to such an extent that when they use all their strength to pull themselves out to the other side, they experience a complete transformation. The by-product of all their labour makes them worthy of most awaited success and honour.

For human temperament and prosperity, this is a very good Nakshatra. This Nakshatra can give great possessions of wealth, but that comes with a huge price. The native has to put all his/her foot down to survive through extremely difficult times. Bharani Natives can become extremely rich.

There are some extreme pieces of this Nakshatra, such as jealousy. But these people can be extremely fanatic as well. They are the revolutionaries from whom comes the most needed changes to any local or national injustice. They are fearless and can create such radical changes that most of us don’t have the courage to do so. This is why a lot of Bharani natives are found in politics or the justice system or against any injustice system.

These are awesome philosophers, lawyers, artists, geniuses, doctors, politicians, social workers and revolutionaries.

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Bharani Nakshatra Padas:

Bharani Nakshatra is the 2nd of 27 Nakshatras, ranging from 3 degrees 20 minutes of Aries to 26 degrees 40 minutes of Aries. It has 4 padas as follows:

1LeoSunAmbitious, will power, self reliant, stubborn
2VirgoMercuryAltruistic, hard work, calculation
3LibraVenusFulfillment of desires, justice, beauty, aesthetics, luxury
4ScorpioMarsIntense, explosive energy, occult, hot headed

Bharani Nakshatra 1st pada

People born in Bharani Nakshatra are professionally successful. In this pada, they are likely to have a love marriage. They want to become great dancers, dance instructors and athletes, among other things. On the other hand, these peeps are likely to put their lives at risk for those they care about the most.

Bharani Nakshatra 2nd pada

Bharani natives are attracted to the opposite gender. They want to start their own business and are not interested in working for others. In most aspects of life, they are likely to be satisfied. They may accumulate wealth from their maternal grandfather. Also, they have a great educational background.

Bharani Nakshatra 3rd pada

As Bharani individuals believe in starting their own business, it is advised to have your spouse handle your business or have the business under their name. They are likely to be successful if they work as dancing instructors, actors, models, caterers, and so on.

Bharani Nakshatra 4th pada

People born under the pada 4 of Bharani Nakshatra are very energetic. If they utilise their energy effectively, they can become good explorers, researchers, gynaecologists, photographers, investigators, and so on. They may take advantage of others in order to acquire wealth and comfort. They may strive to find shortcuts to get success in their life, which gives them a cunning personality. When it comes to expressing thoughts on any subject, they are unconcerned about the feelings of others.

Bharani Nakshatra Facts

Degree rangeAries 3.20’ to Aries 26.40
Ruling PlanetVenus
DeityYama (God of death)
SymbolThe bearer
ColourBlood red
BodyLower foot
AnimalMale Elephant
TreeIndian Gooseberry

Characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra Male

Bharani males are very straightforward and courageous, which makes them very attractive.  These Bharani Nakshatra males always keep their word.

  • They will always tell you the truth and avoid sugarcoating. They are very vocal about their opinions, and nobody can influence these individuals negatively. They always have their good head on their shoulders.
  • They can be aggressive, but the males from the Bharani Nakshatra have learnt most of their lessons through hard times. Their go-getter attitude and resilience helps them to achieve things beyond imagination.
  • Even though they have numerous falls, they keep trying and repeat them until they reach their final goal.
  • They are deeply attached to their family.
  • The males from the Bharani Nakshatra are geniuses and are capable of working in any industry. However, they are most inclined to professions in law, medical, art, music and politics.

Characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra Female

Bharani females are the perfect mix of modesty and boldness. They are known as go-getters. They usually do not come with an instruction manual but are always open to constructive criticism.

  • They believe in family immensely and could go out of their way to tender to their family’s needs.
  • Bharani females are very loyal when in relationships. They are expressive and usually enjoy spending time with their family.
  • Bharani females in relationships are very loyal. They are quite expressive and enjoy good family life. 
  • Bharani Nakshatra females have anger issues, too, which they need to work on.
  • They are good at jobs in Customer Service. Jobs related to sports, entertainment, hospitality and the medical industry are the right platforms for them.

Bharani Nakshatra Compatibility in Astrology

Bharani and Punarvasu Nakshatra: Bharani and Punarvasu Nakshatra natives are 76% compatible. They have a lot of fans, they don’t like sharing, and they respect your preferences. Punarvasu is always looking for new possibilities, which keeps them interested and on their toes. They almost never become tired or lazy while Bharani Nakshatra individuals are with Punarvasu.

Bharani and Swati Nakshatra: Bharani natives like their boldness, enthusiasm, and the fascinating way they tease you. Swati Nakshatra individuals make them feel cherished and come into their life with innovative ideas and with a bustle of energy. These two have a fantastic connection and a great time. Bharani and Swati Nakshatra natives are 78% compatible.

Bharani and Ashlesha Nakshatra: Bharani and Ashlesha Nakshatra natives are 66% compatible. An unfamiliar connection that succeeds despite the fact that the norms of engagement are different. However, they need to learn to appreciate themselves for who they are. Attempting to change an Ashlesha might move away from your life. 

Bharani and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra: They’re attracted to Uttara Ashadha’s calm asceticism. They may appear to be self-assured, yet they are filled with doubts about their relationship. Few people are capable of having a love connection with them. It is advisable to avoid being overly possessive. Bharani and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra are 72% compatible. 

Bharani and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra natives are eager to assist and available whenever needed. They can be uninteresting partners, but they try to compensate for it in other ways. In any situation, you know how to brighten up a relationship. You both are very stubborn in nature. Bharani and Uttara Phalguni natives are 60% compatible.

Bharani Nakshatra Strength:

Bharani natives are incredibly artistic and creative. Their creative skills will almost certainly need some self-discipline and austerity to succeed in life. They have a lot of patience and self-control. In a relationship, they are trustworthy, honest and selfless. They are highly innovative, and their hardworking attitude towards their work may help them accomplish their goals. Bharani natives live their life decently because they have a strong moral sense.

Bharani Nakshatra Weakness:

Bharani natives can feel like they are continuously fighting for things that others take for granted. This is challenging for them as Bharanis are not known for their patience. Their frustration is natural, but be cautious not to become rude and angry with others as a result of it. Bharani natives might become overly ambitious when their stubbornness is mixed with their confidence and desire for monetary success. Take caution not to get tangled up in your work and goals. They may become overloaded as they try to balance all of their commitments.

Bharani Nakshatra Professions:

Entertainment, photographers, judges, catering, earthquake and volcano experts, fertility specialists are just a few to mention professions for Bharani Nakshatra.

Bharani Nakshatra Famous Bharanis:

Some of the famous Bharanis for Bharani Nakshatra includes Carl Jung, Elton John, Imelda Marcos, James A. Garfield, Elton John

Bharani Nakshatra Favourable Activities

Spiritual practices, activities requiring severe action, fertility studies, Creative and spontaneous activities are just a few favourite activities for Bharani Nakshatra.

Bharani Nakshatra Unfavourable Activities

Unfavourable activities for Bharani Nakshatra are travelling, shopping, Business transactions, signing contracts, gentle activities.

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