An Ultimate Guide To Rahu: Meaning, Story, Nature, & More!

Rahu – Your Life’s True Mystery and Illusion!

Rahu is considered the 8th planet in the solar system and its invisible planet. It is like an illusion and has a tremendous effect on every human life. However, Rahu’s information is available in Brahma Purana, Matsya Purana, and Vishnu Purana.

Story of Rahu Birth

Nature of Rahu

Malefic Effects Of Rahu

Mental Tension, Social Backwardness, Misuse Of Power, Electric Shock, Lack Of Interest, Evil Thoughts, Bad Dreams, Ill Health, Trouble In Foreign Country, Fear Of Thieves, Possession Of Evil Spirits, Loss Of Money.

Positive Effects Of Rahu

Good Command Over Foreign Languages, Courage, Research, Social Service, Interest In Occult Sciences, Photography, Astrology, Ministers, President, Gambling, Lotteries, Stock Market, Top Position In Government Office.

Rahu represents

diseases like Skin Disease, Leprosy, Insanity, Unhappiness, Loneliness, Alcoholism, and hiccups.

Rahu loves

black gram, Raat Rani Flowers, Black Lillies, Black Dried Grapes, Almonds, Black Clothes, Blue Clothes, Marijuana Lotus Leaves the most.

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Basic Information About Rahu

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