Rahu – Your Life’s True Mystery and Illusion!

Rahu is considered the 8th planet in the solar system and its invisible planet. It is like an illusion and has a tremendous effect on every human life. However, Rahu’s information is available in Brahma Purana, Matsya Purana, and Vishnu Purana.

Story of Rahu Birth

Rahu ( Original name Swarbhanu) was born to Simhika and Viprachtti. Rahu’s mother, Simhika, was the daughter of Hiranyakashipu, who was the father of Bhakt Prahlad (a great devotee of Lord Vishnu), and we all know the story of it. Rahu had several brothers known as Salya, Nabha, Vatapi, IIvala, and Namuchi. However, Rahu was the eldest of 100 brothers. He had one sister named Mahishmati. Rahu was born in Paithinasi gotra. He was born in the year Parthiva in the Bhadrapada Masam on a Sunday and two days before Navratri. Vishakha is his birth star.

Shukracharya was blessed with the knowledge of “Sanjivani Mantra”, which is also known as Mahamrityunjay Mantra, after the great devotional Tapasya for the universal benefit. He revives all the dead people with his power. Also, he chooses to benefit asuras contrary to the purpose for which he was blessed with this mantra.

As Shukracharya supports asuras and with his power, asuras attacked devas. He revived all dead asuras; on the other hand, devas were getting killed. Finally, Indra lost his kingdom. When defeated devas approached Lord Vishnu for their protection, he advised them to perform Samudra Manthan to attain Amrit consumption, which will make them immortal.

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The churning of the ocean milk was a complicated process. Mount Meru was used as the dasher Vasuki the king of serpents, became the churning rope. The gods held the tail of the snake while the demon held its head, and they pulled on it alternatively, causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean. Once the mountain was placed in the ocean, it began to sink. Vishnu, in his second incarnation, in the form of a turtle kurma, came to their rescue. At the same time, he supported the mountain on his back.

Lord Vishnu disguised himself as Mohini, a celestial dancer and took upon himself the task of distributing the Amrita. Mohini kept Asuras in one row and devas in the other. She used to give liquor to the Asuras and Amrit to the devas. Seeing this, Swarbhanu suspected her and came to know the reality about Vishnu being Mohini. He disguised himself as one of the Gods and sat in between Surya and Chandra to drink Amrita.

When Mohini started giving Amrita to Swarbhanu, Surya and Chandra alerted Mohini that the person sitting is not a god and looks like an asura. Mohini came out from the disguise into the original form as Lord Vishnu, in extreme anger, threw his Sudarshan chakra towards the Swarbhanu. His head was cut, but as Swarbhanu swallowed Amrita so he could not be killed.

Lord Brahma had already conferred upon him the status of a planet much before this event. Still, he did promise Swarbhanu that in future, he will get that status. Henceforth, the head is known as Rahu, and the tail is Ketu.

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Nature of Rahu

Rahu has no aura of his own as he is known as “Chaaya Graha”. At the intersecting points of lunar and solar circumferences, there are two nodes. The Northern node is called Rahu or Dragonhead, and the Southern node is Ketu dragon’s tail. Rahu does not rule any specific zodiac sign. Rahu positioned must be best in signs of Saturn and Mercury.

However, Rahu is the lord Ardra, Swati, and Shatabhisha nakshatra. Rahu gives favourable results when placed in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th house. Rahu is friendly with Saturn, Venus, and Mercury, whereas its strongest enemies are the Sun, Moon, and Mars.

Rahu is always violent, secretive, and mischievous. His appearance is extremely terrifying and dangerous as his head fixed to the serpent body. Also, he is full of anger and aggressiveness.

Rahu represents the darkest and fearful secrets. Rahu represents smugglers, terrorists, tobacco, drugs, wizards, reptiles, and the location of these things are always hidden and very unusual places from others. Rahu represents all that is evil, wicked, unusual, and unpredictable things.

Malefic Effects Of Rahu

Mental Tension, Social Backwardness, Misuse Of Power, Electric Shock, Lack Of Interest, Evil Thoughts, Bad Dreams, Ill Health, Trouble In Foreign Country, Fear Of Thieves, Possession Of Evil Spirits, Loss Of Money.

Positive Effects Of Rahu

Good Command Over Foreign Languages, Courage, Research, Social Service, Interest In Occult Sciences, Photography, Astrology, Ministers, President, Gambling, Lotteries, Stock Market, Top Position In Government Office.

Rahu represents

diseases like Skin Disease, Leprosy, Insanity, Unhappiness, Loneliness, Alcoholism, and hiccups.

Rahu loves

black gram, Raat Rani Flowers, Black Lillies, Black Dried Grapes, Almonds, Black Clothes, Blue Clothes, Marijuana Lotus Leaves the most.

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Basic Information About Rahu

Colours: Electric Blue and Black.
Denoted Number: 4.
Direction: South( Southwest).
Gemstone: Gomedh (Hessonite).
Metal: Lead and Graphite.
Worshipped Deity: Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva.
Nature: Tamasik.
Caste: Shudra.
Element: Air.

Om Raa Rahave Namah and Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah.

The conjunction of Rahu creates totally different scenarios and energies. You must have to be alert in this matter.

Expert astrologers say, to reduce the negative effects of Rahu, you must keep the Copper Rahu Yantra that must be purified and energized.

So, this is all about Rahu and its effects.

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