Venus in Vedic astrology: Know Significance And Facts About The God of Love


If you’re gazing at the sky and making a wish before Venus, it may get fulfilled. That’s true because the lord of the love may not leave you empty-handed. Venus is the brightest celestial object of our stellar system, and it is the second closest to the Sun after Mercury. This is the only planet named after the goddess. If we believe the Hindu myths, it is the preceptor of Daityas and Guru of the Rakshasas. And therefore, it is commonly known as Bhargava or Shukracharya. Besides, the planet Venus is also said to be the master of Yoga.

Just like our Earth, Venus too revolves around the Sun, but it’s one day is equal to the whole year on Earth. Approximately, Venus marks its presence for 3-2 weeks in one zodiac sign. This brightest planet is associated with your love life, romance, recreation, music, and dance. In the horoscope, Venus judges intimacy, sexual pleasure, and luxurious comforts of the native’s life.

However, if Venus is affiliated with a malefic planet or it is weak, you may lack physical appeal or may lead to unsuccessful married life. Besides, the planet Venus is the ruler of mistresses, girlfriends, or prostitutes. Now, aren’t you ready to learn more about Venus? We guess you are. So take the front seats and read carefully.

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Characteristic of Planet Venus

  • God of Love
  • Second closest to the Sun
  • Provider of sweetness
  • Giver of artistic talent
  • Love life
  • Intimacy
  • Reconciliation
  • Sexual appeal
  • Dating partner

Importance of Venus In Astrology

Like other planets, Venus also plays a vital role in the native’s personal life. This benefic planet is the provider of happiness and pleasure in the love life. Venus is also the significator of marriage, love affairs, and adultery. In the zodiac circle, auspicious Venus rules Taurus and Libra signs. The exalted sign for Venus is Pisces and it gets debilitated in the Virgo sign. It is important to check the placement of Venus in the individual’s birth chart so that we can learn about its traits and conjunction with other planets.

If it is negatively influenced by the bad planets, it may have a negative impact on you. Especially, female natives may not find peace and harmony in their life. They may have issues during childbirth. Venus’s placement in the individual’s Kundali determines the marital status of the natives. If the planet is debilitated, you may badly suffer from a sexually transmitted disease, diabetes, or kidney stone. Moreover, if the planet is under the aspect of malefic planets, you may face urinary problems, swelling, or genital organs.

On the brighter side, well-placed Venus may help you to choose the profession of your choice. You may find interest in the field of arts, painting, or poetry. You may develop a desired career in the automobile sector in the income tax department. Here, it is also important to know Venus’s association with other planets, and on the basis of that, it may give you positive or negative results. So, here we go.

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The Conjunction Of Venus With Other Planets

Friendly planets: Saturn and Mercury
Enemies planets: Sun, Moon, Rahu, Ketu
Neutral planets: Jupiter and Mars

If Venus is placed along with its friends like Saturn or Mercury, it may bless you with a romantic and harmonious love relationship. You may spend quality time with your loved one as well as children. Whereas, things may not remain the same if the god of love is sharing the space with its enemies, Sun or Moon. Let’s have a brief idea about its union with its friends and enemies planets.

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The Conjunction of Venus and Sun

This union of the god of love and the Sun may give mixed results in life. You may carry an easy-going attitude and a charming personality. But, you are likely to have ego clashes with your close ones. Natives with this combination may have difficulties in progeny. It can be said that your life may turn into a sea-saw.

The Conjunction of Venus and Moon

The combo of Venus and the Moon can help you grow up in a harmonious environment. Also, there will be no lack of romance and love in your life. Those who have this combination in their birth chart should stay careful with their words. Otherwise, you may suffer from difficult situations.

The Conjunction of Venus and Saturn

If Venus is along with the lord of rings in the same house, you may have a marriage delay. Agreed that both the planets are friendly to each other, but this combination will not offer much help. These two make help you spread happiness and love in your life.

The Conjunction of Venus and Mercury

Venus-Mercury’s union may make you overconfident and arrogant. If this combination occurs in the exalted sign, you are likely to be intelligent and sophisticated. Also, your verbal and non-verbal communication may improve. You may have a better sense of choosing the right direction.

The Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

This is the most auspicious combination of Venus and Jupiter, which may bless you with generosity and harmony. It is non-threatening conjunction that offers a comfortable and luxurious life. Venus-Jupiter combo may ask you to work hard to strengthen your financial status.

The Conjunction of Venus and Mars

The association between Venus and Mars in the house indicates that the natives are likely to be passionate lover. Here, the traits of Mars may create disturbance in your love relationship. As a result, you may have ups and downs with your life partner. You may indulge in violence or physical abuses.

The Conjunction of Venus and Rahu-Ketu

If Venus is forming a conjunction with Rahu, you may earn fame and wealth. Due to the Rahu being a malefic planet, here you may go beyond the limits to get multiple sources of income. If Venus conjuncts with Ketu, you may not accomplish your relationship goals.

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The Placement Of Venus In The 12 Houses

Venus sitting in the houses of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 12th may give you favourable results. While, Venus’s presence in the 1st, 6th, and 9th houses may not offer any support in your life. Let us check the effects of Venus from the 12 houses.

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Venus in the 1st house

The first house Venus, may help you get work of your choice. It may gift you a beautiful personality and a good sense of aesthetics. You may make new friends with the help of sensitive nature and politeness. If 1st house Venus is affiliated with its enemies, you may spoil relations with your life partner.

Venus in the 2nd house

Venus of the 2nd house may make you a money-minded person. It may help you convert your losses into profit. And therefore, you may achieve desired wealth and prosperity. However, once you succeed in it, you may not have control over money spendings. You may indulge in creative or social activities.

Venus in the 3rd house

If the 3rd house is occupied by Venus, you may improve previously spoiled relations with your siblings. Also, you may frequently travel from one place to another to explore nature or maybe in search of your life partner. You may sharpen your speaking abilities.

Venus in the 4th house

The placement of Venus in the fourth house will make you highly sensitive and emotionally attached to your dear ones. This combination also suggests that you may have a second marriage in your life. The 4th house Venus, will have more negative impacts than its positive impacts.

Venus in the 5th house

If Venus is present in the 5th house, it may directly impact your father’s income. Here, Venus is more comfortable in the house as it helps you develop a romantic and joyful relationship with your partner. Moreover, this placement indicates that female natives may give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.

Venus in the 6th house

This placement of Venus signifies that you may earn admiration, appreciation and recognition at your workplace. In your personal life, you may stay fit and healthy by following a strict diet. Venus in the house of the disease may reduce the health issues in your life.

Venus in the 7th house

Venus’s presence in the house of marriage helps you find a desired, attractive and loving partner. This position of Venus may bless you with a successful married life. Besides, the 7th house Venus may guide you to earn profit in business-related matters.

Venus in the 8th house

The presence of benefic Venus may lead you to richness and luxurious comforts. But on the other hand, you may face hurdles and disappointments in your love relationship. Also, there will be a chance that you may get into a relationship with the wrong person.

Venus in the 9th house

The 9th house Venus, may lead you to spiritual and religious life. You may have long international trips in search of higher earnings or stable income. With this combination, it is possible that you may find your spouse from foreign countries. If Venus is placed under the bad impacts of Rahu or Ketu, you may not be able to complete your studies.

Venus in the 10th house

The combination of 10th house and Venus may lend you support in your career or professional growth. You will be more focused to achieve your work targets. You may earn attention and recognition at your workplace. Besides, you may improve relations with your father.

Venus in the 11th house

If the house of income is marking the presence of Venus, you will be good at handling social activities. This may also help you to expand your friend circle. You may achieve good wealth and prosperity. Venus in the 11th house may assist you in finding your love of life.

Venus in the 12th house

Venus of the 12th house will guide you on the path of spirituality. You are likely to be an introvert because you will love to spend time alone. You may have multiple love affairs in your life. This house is owned by Pisces, which is an exalted sign for Venus. And therefore, you can expect beneficiary results from the god of love.

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What Does Venus Symbolize In Astrology?

The benevolent Venus could be a perfect fit in the missing piece of the cosmic puzzle. Yet being far away from us, Venus keeps reminding you to spread love and happiness. Venues represent our interest in love, dating partners, relationships, or pleasure we get in our life. This benefic planet rules over two important things in life – love, and money.

Stargazers usually scan the individual’s birth chart to determine the traits and impacts of Venus. And by doing so, they can learn about the Venus position in the sign and house. Venus provides the ability to attract someone or to get attracted by them. Natives having Venus favourably placed in their natal chart are likely to be peacemakers.

Individuals having strong Venus in their chart will have an oval-shaped face, plumpy body, and attractive look. Moreover, you will be blessed with a sweet voice, curly hair, and lovely eyes. In regards to the human body, it is the ruler of the eyes, throat, lower part of the face, cheeks, and kidneys.

The exalted Venus in the horoscope may gift your marital bliss and a fun-loving life partner. There won’t be any marriage delay, and you will be able to develop formidable bonding with your partner. As a result, you may form a long-term relationship. Whereas afflicted Venus will create issues in your marriage life. Your dream of achieving a happy married life may remain unachievable.

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In A Nutshell

We found that placement of Venus is extremely important for us to know insights into our love life. Venus forming a conjunction with its friends may bless you with good outcomes in your marriage life. While, if it is associated with enemies planets, you may not find success in married life. Apart from this, as per Indian astrology, Venus is known as ‘Shukra Grah’, the one who is the ruler of Friday.

Moreover, Venus is the lord of Bharani, Poorva Phalguni and Poorvashada nakshatras. Thus, it can be said that the planet Venus is prominent in the cosmic world. Hope you have cleared your queries by reading this interesting blog.

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