Earth Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign: Meaning And Its Characteristics

In the Chinese zodiac cycle, Rat is the first zodiac sign, according to the Chinese zodiac story. For deciding the zodiac animals, a competition was held by the Jade Emperor. The quick-witted Rats were asked a favour with the diligent ox to take him on a ride so that he can cross the river. But, he jumped down even before the ox can cross the finish line. As a result, the Rat won the race. Ultimately became the first of the zodiac animals, reveals the year of the Earth Rat.

The Rat represents the midnight hours between 11 pm to 1 am and the Earthly Branch Zi. Additionally, a Rat is Yang, in terms of the Chinese Yin and Yang theory. According to the Earth Rat Chinese zodiac, the Chinese zodiac is supremely related to traditional Chinese chronology. It is a 60-year calendrical cycle, combining the 10 Heavenly Stems and the 12 Earthly Branches.

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