Vrishabha Sankranti 2024: Know Dates and Significance of Sun Transit in Taurus

According to the Hindu calendar, Vrishabha Sankranti marks the Sun’s transit from the sign of Aries to the Taurus sign. Also, it marks the start of the second month, Jyeshta according to the Hindu solar calendar.
The term ‘Vrishabha’ refers to a bull known as Nandi, Lord Shiva’s vehicle. As a result, cows have long rever by Hindu devotees.
On this day, giving cows is considered auspicious.
To welcome a peaceful and healthy life, devotees offer PitruTarpan and worship Lord Vishnu.

What is Vrishabha Sankranti?

Vrishabha Sankranti, like the other 12 Sankrantis in the Hindu calendar, is an important religious day for charitable efforts.

However, only a fixed period designates as shubh (auspicious) for all Sankranti-related activities.

Sixteen Ghatis before Vrishabha Sankranti are considered pious and should include in all philanthropic causes.

In India’s southern states, Vrishabha Sankranti, also known as Vrushabh Sankraman, marks the start of Vrishabha season on the solar calendar.
It also marks the beginning of VaigasiMasam in Tamil, Edava Masam in Malayalam, and Jyeshta mash in Bengali calendars.

‘Godan – the tradition of offering holy cows to a respected Brahmin – is considered very lucky on the auspicious day of Vrishabha Sankranti 2024.

On this day, unique arrangements are made in temples, and worshippers visit Lord Vishnu’s temple to seek knowledge to distinguish between good and bad. It is the central Vrishabha Sankranti significance.
Sankranti is approximately 432 kilometres long and wide in Indian Vedic Astrology.

According to Indian belief, this personification is considered inauspicious. So, the Sankranti window is said to be unsuitable for performing auspicious practices.

On the other hand, Sankranti is a significant period for repentance, welfare, and shradh rituals.

Hindu devotees bathe in sacred rivers, perform Shradh rituals for their ancestors, and offer compassion and aid to the poor.
In some parts of the region, VrishabhaSankranti is known as Vrushabh Sankraman.

Bull is the Sanskrit word for Vrushabha.

Nandi, Lord Shiva’s carrier, is also a bull, and religious scriptures suggest a connection.

Though Lord of Gods Brahma created the earth, God Vishnu (the Paalak) is in charge of looking after it, and Lord Shiva (also known as Mahesh) is in the task of destroying it.

As a result, the universe maintains equilibrium, and a constant cycle of living, existing, perishing, and then re-birth.

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Vrishabh Sankarnti Benefits

  • Governments would benefit from this.
  • The cost of commodities will be natural.
  • It brings stability and riches.
  • People’s health, international companionship, and increase in grain stocks.

Vrishabha Sankranti Muhurta

  • Sankranti Karana: Vanija
  • Sankranti Day: Tuesday
  • Observation Date: May 14, 2024
  • Transit Date: Monday, May 14, 2024
  • Sankranti Moment: 06:04 PM, May 14
  • Sankranti Ghati: 29 (Dinamana)
  • Sankranti Moonsign: Karka
  • Sankranti Nakshatra: Ashlesha (Daruna Sangyaka)
Sankranti Property Phalam Indication
Naam / Name Mahodara
VaraMukha / FacingDakshina / South
Drishti / Sighting Vayavya / North-West
Gamana / Going To Pashchima / West
Vahana / Vehicle Mahisha / Buffalo
UpaVahana / Secondary Vehicle Untha / Camel
Vastra / Clothes Krishna / Body Black
Ayudha / Weapon Talwar / Sword
BhakshyaPadartha / Food Dahi / Curd
Gandhi Dravya / Poultice on BodyHaridra
Varna / Cast Mriga / Deer
Pushpa / Flower Aaka
Vaya / Age Pragalbha
Avastha / State/Condition Jara / Affliction
Karana Mukha / Facing Aagneya / South-East
Sthiti / Position Baithi / Sitting
Bhojan Patra / Food Vessel Khappar / Coconut Shell
Abhushan / Jewelry Mani
Kanchuki / Top ClothNeeli / Blue

2024 VrishabhaSankranti Phalam

  • Vrishabha Sankranti: Tuesday, May 14, 2024
  • Vrishabha Sankranti Punya Kala – 11:24 AM to 06:04 PM
  • Duration – 06 Hours 40 Mins
  • Maha Punya Kala On Vrishabha Sankranti – 03:59 PM to 06:04 PM
  • Duration – 02 Hours 05 Mins
  • Vrishabha Sankranti Moment – 06:04 PM

Between 2018 and 2028, these are the Vrishabha Sankranti dates.

2018 Tuesday, 15th of May
2019 Wednesday, 15th of May
2020 Thursday, 14th of May
2021 Friday, 14th of May
2022 Sunday, 15th of May
2023 Monday, 15th of May
2024 Tuesday, 14th of May
2025 Thursday, 15th of May
2026 Friday, 15th of May
2027 Saturday, 15th of May
2028 Sunday, 14th of May


BrushaSankranti is the name given to the day by devotees in Odisha (Orissa).

The day starts with a ceremonial bath in rivers or the sea. SankramanSnana is a unique bath that performs as a mark of reverence for the family’s ancestors and the Sun God.

Devotees of Lord Vishnu give special prayers to please him and seek his blessings for the family.

In the holy city of Puri, Odisha, devotees form a massive crowd on the bathing ghats.

In JagannathPuri, the BrushaSankrantiSnana is performed with religious conviction, and devotees pray to the Sun God for blessings on this auspicious day.

Devotees also go to the Jagannath temple to seek Lord Vishnu’s grace.

Rituals for VrishabhaSankranti

On this auspicious day, perform the proper VrishabhaSankranti rituals to bring wellness, peace, and success.

  • Early in the morning, bathe in the river and pay reverence to Lord Surya as well as your forefathers.
  • On this day, some devotees practice a fast known as the ‘VrishabhaSankranti Vrat.’ They wake up before the Sunrise and take a holy bath. Devotees worship Lord Shiva as Rishabharudar and prepare a special ‘Bhog’ made of payasam and rice. The bhog is distributed and eaten with other family members after offering prayers to Lord Shiva. During the night, the observer of the VrishabhaSankranti Vrat should sleep on the floor.

It is definite that if you pray to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu with great devotion and sincerity and engage in good acts such as donating to the needy, your family will bless with peace, harmony, and prosperity.

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