Things You Must Know About Garnet Gemstone

Like a Ruby, Garnet comes with similar powerful properties only at much more affordable prices. It carries with itself the energy of passion, joy and creativity that can bring about vitality, power and nourishment in your life. Garnet has the ability to evokes the spirit of fire in the ones who wear this semi-precious gemstone.

What Is The Meaning Of Garnet Gemstone?

The term Garnet refers to granatus, which means grains. It is associated with Malum Ggranum, pomegranate with deep red seeds quite similar to the colour, shape and size of the Garnet crystals.

In regards to the chemical compositions of the stone, Garnet
crystals consist of variation and proportions of Magnesium, aluminium, calcium, iron-chromium, titanium and manganese.

Moving ahead, you must be on your toes to find out the benefits of wearing it. So, let us explore some of the exciting attributes of this semi-precious stone in this blog.

What Are The Properties Of Garnet Birthstone?

Garnet is usually mined in the countries of Africa as they are the richest provider of Garnet across the globe. Other than that, Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and the United States of America also provides Garnet. This gemstone is quite cheaper because of the availability of Garnet.

The more popular colour of this variety of gemstone is Redish Brown. However, this crystal comes in a virtual rainbow, so different colours of garnet are softer pinks, reds, greens to vivid orange, purples, violet and yellow. Moreover, one can find Garnet in the shades of black and brown as well. Though the shades of reds and greens are the more prominent versions, most people around the world choose to purchase Garnet in its classic colour of reddish-brown.

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How Is Garnet Gemstone Beneficial?

Back in ancient times, this gemstone was used extensively for its curative and healing purpose. Some of them also use Garnet to make a piece of ornamental jewellery. Below are some benefits of wearing Garnet gemstone.

  • One can get creative energy and better management skills by wearing this garnet stone
  • One should know that there is a connection between the garnet crystal and blood. So, Garnet is considered as tone the organ of the spleen in the human body. Thus, it makes our circulatory system powerful and enhancing the production of haemoglobin.
  • Garnet is widely known to stimulate our metabolism system.
  • It can treat Spinal and Cellular Disorders as well
  • It helps in the purification and energizing the blood, heart and lungs.
  • One can regenerate DNA using this gemstone
  • Garnet crystal is also known to build a spiritual reservoir by giving you immense courage and power
  • It may emotionally energize you and keep you in high spirits most of the time
  • It can also stimulate your sensual desires.
  • Garnet can enhance your imagination and creativity power
  • Garnet is known to keep the wearer in the pink of their health and well being.

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How To Wear A Garnet Gemstone For Maximum Benefit?

Multiple theories of western astrology suggest that Garnet birthstone is suitable for those individuals who were born in January month. So, if you were born in January month, you should wear it to avail of its advantages. But, before you wear the gemstone, make sure you got advice from your astrologers. Right, it is necessary to analyse your birth chart to match the stone’s characteristics with the placements of the planet. This is because Garnet is considered an alternative for Hessonite or Gomed, which negatively influences the Shadow Planet, Rahu. These are the findings according to the principles of Vedic. However, if this gemstone is compatible with you, it will bring an abundance of well being and benefits to your life. On the other hand, if Garnet or
Hessonite is incompatible with your Natal Chart, you should avoid wearing any forms of this stone.

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Garnet gemstone has many advantages of wearing it. Especially it is beneficial for those who are born in January. Garnet gemstone can help you maintain good health for a long time. Also, you would be amazed to know that due to its strong and powerful characteristics, this gemstone was used by Asiatic tribes as bullets. Anyways, if your partner or dear ones is ailing due to bad health, suggest him/her wearing the garnet gemstone. But before you do, make sure you had a word with the best Astro experts.

It would be not wrong to say that this gemstone may soon become a part of your everyday jewellery.

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