Pisces Monthly Horoscope

As the month begins, Saturn may demand you to work for extended hours to cover up your acquired commitments. Also, emotions are often more volatile. If you are in business, the pace of progress is likely to slow down in this phase. Gradually, Jupiter may bring clarity and you may now have the wisdom to implement your financial planning more efficiently. Venus will bring positivity and optimism in your love life. Mercury will not be so advantageous for your studies and this will make your somewhat lazy. As the month advances, Jupiter will help you to think about development and put in action a long-conceived plan for achieving higher growth. Mercury is not very suitable for taking any important decisions related to investments around the mid of this month. Saturn will require patience as disruptions in your relationship due to ego will be quite possible during this period. Saturn presents a rather not so comfortable health proposition. So take better care and go for preventive measures. The latter half k seems good for your career advancement. However, Saturn will require more hard work and systematic planning for the desired success of your work. If you are in business, this can be a good time to coordinate your efforts and direct it towards accomplishments of your pending projects. Venus will support you hence it is the time to take decisive steps to take your relationship to the next level of harmony and joy. However, your wavering mind may become financially harmful and lead to economic losses so it is necessary to be careful. Also, you need to guard your relationship against outside interference around the month end. Mercury will make you receptive and you will find learning much more interesting and easier. North Node indicates a possibility of some minor injury hence need to take adequate precaution and do not do things in a jiffy.