Pisces Monthly Horoscope

As the month begins there may be some disruptive forces in influence at your work place. If you are in business, Mercury may help you to aim big to build the business. Investments made in the past will present good returns, but it is always a good idea to make an informed decision. Venus will set in fresh developments in your love life. Jupiter suggests auspicious phase for pursuing higher education. Mars indicates that you may suffer from headache and weakness that may disturb your health. Around the mid of this month, Mars could make you impatient and assertive. This kind of an attitude will not take your far in maintaining a healthy professional relationship. If you are in business, clarity of thought will be missing so it would be better for you to postpone new projects. It will make you ambitious and there are chances of taking rash decisions for financial gain. The impact of Venus may bring amusements and joy in your life but this is probably going to be a period filled with emotional challenges for you, suggests North Node. South Node may bring some pressure on your financial status despite a good income during the latter half. Do not make any kind of debt, nor should you borrow. Venus may bring opportunity for romance and fresh relationship but South Node will have potential to disturb the equations dramatically. Around the month end, Jupiter looks comfortable for your career progress. It can be a good time to recover due payments and raise your income. The North Node may bring period of illusion hence; you must also understand the complexity of its impact on your relationship. Mercury indicates a good phase to achieve your academic goals. However, increased pressure at work or hectic schedules in this period may drain your energy.