How To Choose Career According To Astrology?

There was a time when people carried out work run by their father. A goldsmith’s son would be a goldsmith, a priest’s son would be a priest and so on. Women were mostly concerned with household work. But now that has changed where every person has taken the matter of career into their own hands, be it a woman or a man.

Never before choosing a career was such a major part of someone’s life as it was presumed by the social situation one lived in. When you take the responsibility into your hands, you become accountable for it. Hence, no one wants to make a wrong decision. Choosing a career according to astrology is a wise thing to do as you will be the sole bearer of the consequences, so consult our Expert Astrologers and get the proper guidance for your career. Without wasting your time, let us understand how we can choose the right career according to astrology.

Career According To Houses In Astrology

The Dasamsa chart, the D10 chart specifically, reveals what is the best career for you. It is prepared by dissecting your 10th house in the natal chart, which is your ‘Karmasthana’.
The 12 houses in your chart reveal what is in store for you in terms of work.

  • The 5th house will reveal how you will be perceived and treated by the team working under your supervision.
  • The 6th house will reveal if you will have hidden enemies or how much debt you will be in. Or whether you will enjoy your work or take it as a liability.
  • The 9th house will tell you about how your bosses will be.
    The 11th house will unveil your profitability, compensation and savings.
  • The 12th house can reveal your chances of earning from foreign lands.

However, know the impact of planets on your life and career with your Free Janampatri Analysis! You might have got a clear idea about the houses and how they are related to your career. Now let’s talk about the profession according to your zodiac sign.

Profession According To Zodiac Sign

Are you unsure of your professional path? Do you lack confidence in your professional abilities? But don’t worry; we are here to help you in choosing the right career according to astrology. Here we will discuss what can be the ideal profession for you according to your zodiac sign.

Best Profession For Aries

Aries natives are enthusiastic, cheerful, self-reliant, and passionate in nature. They can be an ideal entrepreneur, government officials, politicians and rescue workers.

Best Profession For Taurus

Taureans are strong and realistic in their job, and they stick to one goal. They can be good wedding planners, receptionists and public speakers. 

Best Profession For Gemini

Geminis are curious, intellectual, and cheerful. They are well-known for their creativity and skills. They can be a teacher, data scientist, stockbroker and technical support.

Best Profession For Cancer

Cancerians are gentle, sensitive, and conserving by nature. They can be good social workers, lawyers, human resources, teachers and childcare.

Best Profession For Leo

Leos are very energetic. They could be involved in any leadership-related activity. They can be a good CEO, salespeople, government officers, real estate agents and salespeople.

Best Profession For Virgo

Practical and perfectionists Virgos are analytical, organised, and very ambitious. They should work in the service and care industries or in statistical studies. They can be good writers, detectives, teachers,critics and statisticians.

Best Profession For Libra

Libras are friendly, attractive, helpful, and have charming personalities. They can be good travel agents, wedding planners, negotiators and salespeople.

Best Profession For Scorpio

Scorpions are hardworking and clever, and they have a great knowledge of the human mind and intelligence. They can be good detectives, surgeons, scientists, lawyers and educators. What’s more, coming in the way of your career? Reveal with your Free Career Horoscope 2023!

Best Profession For Sagittarius

Sagittarius folks are great at decision making and are enthusiastic and friendly in nature. They can do well in something which involves travelling. They can be good animal trainers, politicians and editors.

Best Profession For Capricorn

Capricorn natives are very ambitious and love to face challenges. They can do well in anything that is related to administration and management. They can be IT managers, administrators, Bank managers and administrators.

Best Profession For Aquarius

Aquarius natives are kind and curious by nature. They could be in the fields of science, technology, photography, or graphic design. They can be inventors, musicians, designers, scientists and organic farmers.

Best Profession For Pisces

Pisces natives are very creative, ambitious and sensitive in nature. They can do well as a therapist, psychologist, nurse, and philanthropist.


Hope now you have got an idea about which field you might proceed with. A career according to astrology, not only helps you to choose the right career but also helps in improving the existing career. But if you are still confused about your career, you are advised to consult our Expert Astrologers for a better understanding. After all, it’s about your career, so do not take it lightly. And as already mentioned earlier, nowadays, there is nothing that a boy does and a girl cannot. Therefore, she deserves the best career for her.

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