Illuminate Calm and Bliss with Chandan Incense Sticks

The people of India are quite famous all over the world for their age-old ways of worshipping God. The long pooja process, ringing of loud temple bells, offering of flowers and singing the aarti – all this seems fascinating to the people of the Western world.

But for Indians and especially Hindus, all these steps that are performed while performing poojas, are extremely important. It is believed that no prayers will be effective or fruitful if all the steps are not performed with absolute faith in the procedure and without completing all the steps. Even the pooja samagri or items play a significant role in amplifying the effectiveness of the pooja that one performs. The important pooja samagri needed for any basic pooja or even daily prayers include a lamp with oil, flowers, kumkum, haldi, chandan, incense stick and dhoop and camphor or Kapoor.

Each item has its own significance. But today, in this article, we are going to cover the significance of the Chandan Incense Stick. Though incense sticks are available in various fragrances and varieties. But the one with a misty and wispy smell is liked by most people. And Chandan incense stick is perfect for such people, who love this kind of fragrance. Let’s understand a bit about sandalwood or Chandan before knowing about Chandan incense stick.

Chandan – A Natural Coolant

Chandan or Sandalwood is a tree with a beautiful woody aroma and is found in Southern India and some other parts of Asia. It is used for various purposes because of its rich fragrance and effectiveness. The use of Chandan in various Indian traditional rites and rituals has been dated back to centuries. It’s because of its divine smell and cooling effect that people prefer having Chandan over any other fragrance.

Sandalwood or Chandan has many medicinal benefits too. It helps in treating skin diseases. It is also quite effective in treating gastric problems due to its coolant properties. With consistent use of Chandan, under expert guidance, a patient can be treated against toxins present in the liver. Many doctors and Ayurveda experts also advise the use of Chandan in patients suffering from skin cancer and prostate cancer.

Chandan Incense Stick: The Best Way to Please Mahadeva!

Vedic astrology believes that planets and stars have a prominent role to play in our lives. The influence of planets, known as Grahas in astrology, can either make or break a person physically, mentally, emotionally and even financially. It is important that all the grahas in one’s horoscope are at peace and are in a favourable position. And if not, the astrologers recommend having Shanti puja to pacify the negative influence of this grahas.

One more solution is to consult astrologers for the right guidance.

All these Shanti pujas should be done using sacred pooja items and as per the ruling deity. The Chandan incense stick is also one of those sacred pooja items, that is used to appease Lord Shiva. He, the Almighty is the ultimate bearer of a happy life. So, if through a pooja, one can please him, life becomes easy and happy.

Chandan Incense Stick: Removes The Evil Eye Of Rahu

Chandan incense stick is also advised by many astrologers to negate the influence of Rahu. Lighting Chandan incense stick on daily basis, during morning and evening prayers, will help in leading a better life. Malefic Rahu will pose challenges like illness, poverty, misunderstanding and depression. But with the use of Chandan incense stick, one can suppress the negativity generated by Rahu.

As an astrological remedy, you can conduct a live personalised puja for the ruling deity.

The Final Thought

Other than the spiritual and astrological significance, the Chandan incense sticks are also an effective tool to elevate mood. The divine scent of the incense stick pacifies the tense mind, and the people around feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Its aroma also acts as a nerve relaxant. One can enjoy a sound sleep by consistent use of Chandan incense stick, as it can treat insomnia and headache issues.

Another major use of Chandan incense stick is as an anti-bacterium. It keeps insects away and also strengthens the Vastu of the home or place. Hence, grab a Chandan incense stick to achieve innumerable benefits.

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