White Sage Incense Stick Is Here To Purify Your Surroundings!

We all want to live in a happy and soulful environment. Fragrance can be one of the ways to keep your mood happy. Your day tends to start on a positive note and this positive energy carries throughout the day. There are many ways to get this positivity, some of them practice yoga, while some of them start the day with meditation. There are several ways and one of the most common traditions of warming your surroundings with positivity is by lighting incense sticks. There are several types of incense sticks one can cast in his house like Lavender Incense sticks, Mantra Masala Incense sticks, Tuberose incense sticks etc. Each of these sticks has different uses. However, if you want to purify and cleanse your surroundings then White Sage Incense stick is perfect for you.

White Sage In Detail

White sage’s botanical name is Salvia apiana but it is commonly called as bee sage, sacred sage or simply sage herb. In India, it is called sage. But the native of this plant is in the United States and northwest Mexico, concentrated mainly in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California and Baja California, on the western cliff of Mojave and Sonoran deserts.

White sage has been significantly used in native America and tribes for thousands of years. They have been using this mainly for cleansing and purifying the environment. White Sage is highly aromatic with a sharp and stimulating smell. The small is so powerful that it activates all your senses. For native American tradition, it is used as a sacred herb for sending prayer and working with the power of spirit.

Apart from using it in prayers, it is also used as a flavouring agent in their food. It has many medicinal properties. Mainly the leaves and stocks are used in the preparations. Ancient Americans used it to make smudge sticks as a kind of incense. Sage leaves were packed in bundles and then burned to ward off evil spirits. If negativity still surrounds you, talk to astrologers for the solution.

These practices are now followed in households believing in religious practices in the form of White Sage Incense sticks. Let us know the uses of White Sage Incense Sticks.

Uses Of White Sage Incense Sticks

As already said, native Americans used to burn the smudge sticks to ward off evil spirits and purify their souls. They were also used to send prayers to the great spirit. It has several medicinal properties, and Americans used it for healing purposes. Apart from cleansing and purification, it also paves the way for individuals to connect with the sacred self. It banishes negative energy both at the physical and emotional levels. It cleanses mental and spiritual health. In case you need to remove the negativity around you, book a personalised live Hanuman Puja.

White Sage is also used to cleanse physical environments, rooms or houses that have any kind of residual or negative energies. It injects freshness into the environment. It is also used to purify the aura of a person. If the aura of the person is damaged, then a White sage stick helps to revitalise the aura. 

Aromatherapy-The Core Use Of White Sage Incense Sticks

White Sage Incense Sticks are also used in aromatherapy. The ability of this herb to leave a long-lasting fragrance makes it a potent aromatherapy agent. It is used for the psychological and spiritual well being. Hem White Sage Incense Stick is one popular brand that can be used for spiritual healing and cleansing activity.

We often get confused with smudging and incense sticks. Smudging includes rolling a bundle of herbs and then burning it. The smoke spreads and it purifies the area. Burning incense sticks also produces smoke and does the same as smudging but the level of activity is slightly lower than that of smudging. 

How White Sage Incense Sticks Heals Mind?

White Sage Incense stick is one of the most obvious choices for purifying rituals and injecting positive energy into the confined space. It helps to clarify thoughts and heal the mind. It also has an organic anti-insect activity that keeps a few insects at bay. The incense stick can be used in the home and office front or create a positive environment. It can be used for daily prayer and routine yoga and meditation. This can be used to diffuse foul odour and smell. It elevates your senses. So now you know what the uses of White Sage Incense sticks are.

Stop Waiting and grab your White Sage Incense stick and purify your house.

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