Neech Bhang Raj Yog: Formation and Benefits in Astrology

In Astrology, some signs indicate when a planet is weak. In astrology, this is known as ‘Neech’ and represents powerlessness. Whenever any planet alignment eliminates this weakness, it is called Neech Bhang. Whenever this “Neech Bhang” is transformed into Raj Yoga, it is known as ‘Neech Bhang Raj Yog’. A planet in a Neechabhang state can, in other words, enhance a person’s ability to rise in life through Neechbhang Raj Yog.

A Neech Bhang Raj Yoga can bring its native results extremely similar to those achieved by a proper Raj Yoga. Neech Bhang Raj Yoga can show results stronger than a proper Raj Yog, and this Neech Bhang Raj Yoga can give the native the status of a King or Emperor, which falls under the rubric of a very powerful and influential country in the modern world.

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What is Neech Bhang Raja Yog?

Neech Bhang Raj Yogas has been given its meaning through its name itself. As explained above, the word ‘Neech’ refers to a planet with little or no power or is in an inauspicious house where its strength is weak. Invariably, there might be some difficulties when that planet is going through its dasha. There is a belief that a weakened planet tends to generate negative results, while when it is canceled, it produces positive results. When the lord of the house where the planet is situated is in these places from the ascendant or the moon zodiac sign, then the aspect gets nullified and gives an individual a raj yoga during the Dasha of the Neech Bhang planet.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore how and why Neech Planet gets canceled.

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Conditions on Which Neech Bhang Raj Yoga is Formed

A debilitated planet is an essential component of a horoscope. They’re generally extremely malefic. Even if the benefit associated with them is weakened, it will damage the planet or house it joins. A debilitated planet also indicates ruin and loss of the things that they govern, including the items they naturally govern, the homes they own, and anything that falls under their zodiac, Navamsa, and nakshatra. The natives, however, will be blessed with good results when their debilitation is cancelled during their Dasha. Certain factors can cancel debilitation. Due to these factors, the debilitating effects of weakened planets are significantly reduced, allowing natives to be more successful. It is commonly referred to as Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga.

A horoscope is said to have formed Neechbhang Raj Yog when the Lord of the sign of debilitation of a weakened planet is placed with the weakened planet or when the Lord is aspecting the weakened planet. A planet also tends to weaken in the Lagna in the birth chart but gains strength in the Navamsa through the Navamsa chart, resulting in the Neechbhang RajYog in the horoscope. A Neechbhang Raj Yog is formed when two weakened planets are placed respectively in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th and align with each other. When the Lord of the sign of debilitation of a weakened planet is either exalted or placed in the Kendra house in a horoscope, it is said that Neechbhang Raj Yog is formed. In other words, the debilitated planet will draw its power from another exalted planet if it is in conjunction with it due to its debilitation, thereby overpowering its weakness. Therefore, it will no longer be weakened and will be able to provide good results.

Neech bhang Raj Yoga is formed in the horoscope if the Lord of the sign of exaltation of a weakened planet is exalted or placed in a Kendra house. Again in a horoscope, if a weakened planet becomes a Vargottama, meaning it occupies both its birth chart and navamsa chart, Neechbhang Raj Yog is formed. If a planet is weak during a particular house, it weakens the house and its significance. Nevertheless, when that house contacts the weakened planet, the weakened house will become strong, and so the planet will be strengthened by it. As an example, Jupiter in Capricorn is weak. As such, when Jupiter is placed in Capricorn, it will weaken that signification and house. However, if Saturn aspects it, the sign will be especially good because it afflicts its holder. Thus Jupiter is also strengthened as a result of this and overcomes the weakness caused by debilitation.

Here is given a chart where natives can see which planet is exalting in and debilitating in which zodiac signs:

Moon TaurusScorpio
Venus PiscesVirgo

There might be cases when a powerful form of Neech Bhang Raj Yoga also occurs with Vipreet Raj Yoga. In Neech Bhang, two different weakened planets come together to form a chain. While neech bhang raj yoga has many similarities to Vipreet raj yoga, there are some differences in that in this type of yoga, the results are not immediate or unexpected. As the situation changes, it does so gradually and steadily.

For example, the Sun in these cases is weak and placed in Libra, while Lord Venus’s sign is also weakened before it is placed in Virgo. In such a case, both the weakened planets acquire strong Neechbhang yog, and the debilitation on both planets is canceled.
The weakened Mercury in Pisces also causes Jupiter, the Lord of Pisces, to be weakened in Capricorn. In this manner, Jupiter and Mercury gain the Neech Bhang Rajyoga. In Vedic astrology, Neech Bhang refers to the yoga that occurs when a native has weak planets in their charts. Ultimately, this creates wealth and prosperity for the individual and gives them fame and a name.

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Benefits of the Neech Bhanga Rajyoga in Kundali

The Neechbhang Raj yoga shows natives who can grow but come up against obstacles for one or another reason. As a result, if the entire Lagna chart is powerful, natives will determine whether powerful Neechbhang raj yoga is applicable. After the natives have gone through the planet’s negative results, they will receive positive results. For example, when Mercury is debilitated but in a Neech Bhang yoga, education and communication will improve after being initially bad. In the case of debilitated Venus, relationships would break up before a successful marriage occurred, and so on. Despite tremendous negative results, this yoga has tremendous benefits.

Neech Bhang Yoga does not require natives to wait for Dasha to reap its benefits. The process takes a lifetime. Initially, natives will experience problems, but they must prepare for a more fulfilling life. Natives have to deal with hardships and a negative mental state during the earliest stages of their lives. To prosper, their negative mindsets can cause them immense emotional turmoil. Natives will use their experiences to find out where they lack, what kind of person they should be, and what beliefs they should hold. Once they have experienced pain, suffering, and losses, they begin to understand what is driving them. Afterward, natives will begin to understand their limiting views that delayed insights into reality, their limitations and strengths, and their motivations.

Suppose natives start getting rid of old beliefs. In that case, they will experience an electrical surge of courage and determination in their mind, heart, and body, enabling and empowering them to perform like a newer, more powerful version of themselves.

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Famous Personalities of Neechbhang Raj Yog

Some of the respected and revolutionary personas, such as prime minister Narenda Modi, Queen Elizabeth II, Former US president Brack Obama, who brought a change in many ways in the world due to Neech Bhang Raj Yog in their Birth Chart.

Lastly, a person who has a strong Neech Bhang Raj Yoga in their chart has the potential to rise above the rest.

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