The Significance Of Yoni Matching Before Marriage

For ages, Kundli matching has played a vital role in uniting the made-for-each-other souls. Similarly, yoni matching is all about understanding the characteristics and traits of your loving partner. With the help of a horoscope, we can foresee the after-marriage life of the wedding bride and groom. If Kundali nods to thumbs up, marriage proceedings begin. We know that marriage is one of the most awaited moments of one’s life. So, yoni matching is the way to know more about the kind of relationship you will share with your partner. The process of matching Horoscopes involves all the relevant Guna and Doshas of both partners. Let us shed more light on this topic.

Significance of Yoni Matching

If we dig deeper into Vedic Astrology, we will come across 36 Gunas, which define the compatibility or incompatibility between two partners. Some of you might be familiar with these aspects of Astrology, which are considered at the time of matching. The experts will analyze the birth charts of the Bride and Groom based to determine dosha and Gunas. This will provide appropriate guidance for compatibility and marriage.

Out of all the Guna Milan tests that are done through Kundali Matching, Yoni Milan is one of the essential parameters to match compatibility. Yoni Milan is based on the 14 characteristics of Animals. Such Yoni Milap is analysed through the “Janam Nakshatra” of the native. Through these readings, we gain an insight into the affinity & biological compatibility of the partners in accordance with the attitudes and behaviour of their unique personalities. Matching Yoni is a significant aspect that couples should seek to know more about before tying the knot. Let us understand what exactly we mean by “Yoni Matching”

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Yoni Porutham Meaning

There are about 28 Nakshatras as per various theories of astronomy. These Nakshatras are further divided into Yonis, which are a total of 14 in number. Each of these Yonis is associated with 2 Nakshatras. When we compare the birth charts of the partners, we understand their attitude, state of mind, areas of interest and other such parameters. This can be possible through gaining a deeper insight into the placement of planets during their birth, as mentioned in their Kundali. Other than that, mental compatibility and physical compatibility are also of equal significance in marriage to survive in the long run. Yoni Matching provides a clear insight into this direction. It helps us to analyze and understand the biological compatibility and intimacy between partners.

Yoni matching or Yoni porutham is one of the important parameters to be checked while analysing Kundli for yoni compatibility for marriage.


Below are the different yonis along with their two Nakshatras.

  1. Ashwa Yoni: Nakshatra – Ashwini, Shatbheesha
  2. Gaja Yoni: Nakshatra – Bharanu, Revati
  3. Mesh Yoni: Nakshatra – Pushya, Kritika
  4. Sarpa Yoni: Nakshatra – Rohini, Mrigsheera
  5. Shwan Yoni: Nakshatra – Mool, Arda
  6. Marjara Yoni: Nakshatra – Ashlesha, Purnavasu
  7. Mushaka Yoni: Nakshatra – Magha, Purvaphalguni
  8. Gau Yoni: Nakshatra – Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Bhadrapad
  9. Mahisha Yoni: Nakshatra – Swati, Hasta
  10. Vyagrah Yoni: Nakshatra – Vishakha, Chitra
  11. Mriga Yoni: Nakshatra – Jyeshtha, Anuradha
  12. Vanara Yoni: Nakshatra – Purvashada, Sharavana
  13. Nakul Yoni: Nakshatra – Uttarashada, Abhijeet
  14. Singha Yoni: Nakshatra – Purva Bhadrapad, Dhanishtha

Mental, Emotional, and Physical compatibility also plays a crucial role in a successful marriage. Read on!

Types Of Yonis

Yoni of Nakshatra of the Groom and Bride should be amicable with each other for a happy and successful married life. Prospective spouses who have similar Yoni nakshatra possess identical qualities that can bring down conflict and disharmony in the relationship.
There are five types of relationship between Nakshatra and Yoni as below:

Swabhava Yoni

  • Swabhava Yoni says that the Bride & the Groom belong to the same Yoni. Such a union is considered to be auspicious.

Friend Yoni

  • Friendly Yoni between the prospective spouses calls to the fact that there will be a harmonious relationship between the partners and a fruitful long-term association.

Neutral Yoni

  • If the Groom and the Bride belong to the Neutral Yoni nakshatra, then their married life is expected to be of an average dimension.

Opposite Yoni

  • If the Groom and the Bride are placed in the opposite Yonis, their union is not considered auspicious, and there are high chances of a failed relationship.

Enemy Yoni

  • If the Groom and the bride have enemy Yoni in their charts, then they should not get married to each other. Such a union is quite likely to experience problematic marriage.

Nowadays, we see a lot of youngsters accepting Kundali Matching. Moreover, they even appreciate this science because they can now gain insights and understanding about their prospective partners in a much better way. It is now easier for those in an alliance through an arranged marriage set up to know about their spouse and their family members.

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Ending Note

We can derive the benefits of Yoni Matching in our lives and our married life when we gain clarity on whom should we marry. Yoni Matching is very relevant and significant in this pursuit. Kundali Matching paves the way for the partners to have a blissful married life. If there remains any yoni dosha or malefic planets in your horoscope, the expertise of astrology can support you with remedial solutions. It is advisable to consult your Astrologer for a complete Kundali Reading before beginning the marriage rituals.

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