Ketu In 1st House: Will Shadow Planet Offer Favourable Results?

The south node of the Moon, Ketu, never shows mercy on its natives as it is the significator of illusion, wrong deeds, and detachment. This shadow planet may keep you away from enjoying a comfortable life. Moreover, it can pull you down in anxiety or depression. You may have mental tension or hypertension because of its negative traits.

Like Rahu, Ketu also does not have any physical existence, and therefore it’s invisible to all of us. The shadow planet can also be responsible for your ruing your reputation. It may also hamper your relationship status, and so, you may have dissatisfaction in your marriage life. On the brighter side, it may assist you in accomplishing your career goals.

The placement of Ketu in the 1st house can have similar results for its natives. Here, Ketu will demand extra push, and you may get stranded on the ropes. Getting past your life challenges and building the future of your choice would be really difficult with 1st house placed Ketu. As a result, this is one of the unfavourable placements of Ketu. We will shed more light on this topic to know its effects on significant areas of life but before that, let’s check what 1st house Ketu represents.

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What Ketu In First House Symbolizes?

If Ketu is in the first house, your life would be full of hardships, struggles and obstacles. You may not find it easy to complete your work targets. The malefic Ketu will insist you go beyond your limits, or you may choose unrighteous ways to complete any of your tasks. Agreed, that you would be wisely using your knowledge but, you may quickly get bored and inattentive.

This placement of Rahu signifies that you may lack confidence and peace in your mind. And this will be enough to increase your mental stress. Moreover, you may fail to develop sweet and fun-loving connections with your family members. However, you may receive good support from your father. You should take care of your spouse’s health as 1st house Ketu ascendant will negatively impact it.

If Ketu in the first house is badly afflicted, you may lose your higher position at the workplace. You may get a demotion in your occupation, and this may cost you your job. You may find a stable job in your field after middle age. Natives with this placement may have difficult times in their marital life.

Due to Ketu in the 1st house, you will struggle to fulfil your life goals. At one moment, you may decide to give up on your ambitions. But you should refrain from doing such things to make progress on the path to success.

Influence of Ketu In The 1st House

  • Personality
  • Social status
  • Marriage relationship
  • Job & Occupation

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Impacts Of The Ketu In The 1st House On Your Personality

Individuals having Ketu in the Lagna house are likely to possess a mysterious personality. You may not know how to start the conversation or to end it. You will always try to find deeper meaning in any causal talks. This placement of Ketu may help you develop psychic abilities and intuition power. You are likely to be unhappy with the people around you. You may not like to indulge in social activities.

Ketu in the house of ascendant may also hamper your good self-image in society. It may ruin your reputation and position. And hence, you may lose your respect from others. You may often stay busy dealing with difficult times. This combination of Ketu and 1st house may reflect on personality and gestures. Also, you may not be able to make the right decisions. If you participate in spiritual activities, you expect good support from the south node as Ketu is called a spiritual planet.

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Impacts Of The Ketu In The 1st House On Your Marriage

Individuals with Ketu in the first house will not have the likes of any easy-peasy relationship. You will be highly dissatisfied with your partner. You may not consider or listen to his or her decision. And if you continue to do so for a longer period of time, you may create large gaps in your relations. With this combination, there will always be a chance of getting separation from your spouse.

Even those who are in love with their dating partner may feel ignored by their partner. You may strive for love and support from your partner, but you may fail in it. You will have less chance to take your love relationship to a higher level. Once you enter the marriage phase of life, your relationship may convert into hell. Ketu sitting in 1st house will have a direct aspect on the house of marriage so you may find it difficult to form happy married life.

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Impacts Of The Ketu In The 1st House On Your Career

Natives with this placement can expect some help and relief regarding their career growth. You may find hurdles at the initial stages of your career, but after the mid-age, you may get success in your preferred field. Ketu in the 1st house means that you may need extra effort and focused on getting stable growth in your career. If Ketu is under the aspect of the benefic planet, you may get positive results.

On the other side, If Ketu is forming a conjunction with Moon, you may not get favourable outcomes in your career and profession. Also, due to the afflicted Ketu, you could be a part of defamation. Furthermore, you may not continue with your current job. You may only get a stable job after turning 30, but you will have ups and downs in your professional life.

Ketu In 1st House Remedies

  • Start feeding jaggery to monkey
  • Apply tilak on your forehead
  • Donate blankets or clothes to poor
  • Visit the temple of Bhairon
  • Chant mantra before lord Bhairon

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, we have reached the conclusion that Ketu in the ascendant house will be effective for its natives. The 1st house Ketu may offer no easy-going as it may spoil your love life or married life. You would be disappointed by your spouse and plan to part ways in the later stages of life. On the career front, Ketu demands lots of effort from you to achieve your desired career goals. Also, the Ketu in 1st house in the navamsa chart may fade your clean image in society.

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