Sun in Twelfth House

Holla Patrons! The transiting Sun in the 12th house in your birth-chart makes you special. You have a gift to share with others. Any guesses? Bet many things are rolling in the mind, surely, Perfection as a gift must have clicked to only a few of you. Who doesn’t like appreciation and recognition from others? Yes, the answer is none, and you are no different.

Though you embrace rewards and recognition, at the same time, you like to live alone. You need a serene environment, where you can juggle your thoughts. However, the placement of the Sun in the house has a lot in store to offer you as per Vedic astrology analysis. So, what does the Sun in the 12th house mean? Scroll down and uncover the meaning and influence of the Sun in the twelfth house as per Vedic astrology analysis. Also, gain insights into its impacts on various facets of your life.

Influence of the Sun in the Twelth House

  • The Conscious and unconscious mind
  • Progeny issues
  • Attitude towards people
  • Approach towards work
  • Earning through ignoble occupation
  • Image in Society
  • Trouble in eyes and limbs

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What Happens When the Sun is Placed in the 12th House?

According to Vedic astrology analysis, having the Sun in the 12th house would mean that you carry a leading approach. However, leadership skills are less likely to be used for getting appreciation from others. In fact, you use them to achieve great heights in your respective field. Interesting, right? Let’s find out more effects of the Sun in the twelfth house as per Vedic astrology.

Impacts of the Sun in the 12th House on Your Personality

The placement of the Sun in the 12th house would create an inclination towards spirituality. However, you believe in Karma and will constantly reshape your personality. You have a soft corner for the people dealing with mental ailments. Also, you are considerate of the people facing the consequences of bad karma. Motto of your life – the more you help others, the more satisfied you will feel.

The position of the Sun would give you an opportunity to live in the woods alone. You are more focused on your actions and things happening in your life instead of your surroundings. When things are not up to mark, you will leave that place and retreat yourself.

On the darker side, the effects of the Sun in the 12th house may make you eccentric and self-centred. Also, the afflicted Sun can lead to health ailments, sleeplessness, separation, distrust, and loss of close ones.

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Impacts of the Sun in the 12th House on Your Personal life

In my personal life, there may be issues related to childbirth. After years of marriage, you may not get an opportunity to become parents. Needless to worry, with the help of medical science and constant efforts and also having deep faith in God, you can enjoy parenthood. All is well when it ends well!

You keep a distance from the parties as you feel uncomfortable in large groups. Usually, you feel that none understands your feelings and emotions. However, you are the critic for yourself.

The influence of the Sun in the last house of your horoscope would strain a relationship with your father. So, it’s better to refrain from arguments and maintain cordial relationships with him.

Impacts of the Sun in the 12th House on Your Career

On the career front, you are a great performer. Rather, a star performer! Once you have clarity of what you need to achieve, you will go the extra mile and finish all the tasks efficiently. However, a viable plan will be needed to attain the set goals. The way you dedicatedly put efforts into your work, it won’t be surprising if you receive the performance of the year award.

This will be your happiest moment, after all, your superiors have acknowledged your hard work and dedication. You are night owls, work more efficiently in the nighttime.

However, your desires will be at two extremes, and you are frequently pulled between two ends. This conflict can disturb your mental peace. It would be better to make practically the right decisions to attain a healthy mind.

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Wrapping Up

The Sun in the twelfth house needs to make others feel better, especially the people suffering due to bad Karma. You need me time to understand things differently. It would be better if you are a bit more gentle and bring out your sensitive soul. BTW, enhancing your spiritual levels can do wonders for yourselves and society.

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