Mangal Graha Shanti Puja: Know How It Helps You

The planet Mars is very masculine in nature, and since it has a red colour, it is quite fiery too. According to Hindu mythology, Mars is the son of Varaha and Earth. Mars has an important role in one’s horoscope as it interferes with the marriage life of the native due to the ill effect. The ancient mythology says that Mars is angry faced and is often considered as the celibate and the god of anger. The native who is under the control of Mars will be short-tempered and carry rage in their mind. Even though the planet is bad for some natives, it may be good for some people. Just like other planets, Mars will also be beneficial to some individuals if it is placed right in their horoscope. If Mars is malefic, it is advisable to perform Mangal graha shanti puja.

What Is The Effect Of Mangal Grah?

If Mars is strong in the horoscope, it will be favourable to the native. It gives the native all fortune events in their life, courage, energy and provides management skills too. But a malefic Mars in a person’s horoscope will make him aggressive in nature. The person may cause self-destruction through his rage.

Scorpio and Aries zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars. It’s a fact that Mars is malefic most of the time, but it helps the devotees from being sick or from blood-related illness. If placed properly, it helps the native to buy a new property. Mars is strong and powerful when it is present in the 10th house of a native’s horoscope. Mars is good for Cancer and Leo descendants.

Impacts of Negative Mars

Mars is an amazing planet in the world. It implies enthusiasm, strength, assurance, activity, energy to seek after things. Mars if turns out to be malefic, distressed or weakened in the horoscope it tends to be a wellspring factor of concern like:

  • Bad relationship with everyone
  • Mangalik dosha can cause issues in marriage life
  • Individual will enjoy illegal actions and deeds
  • Issues in Marriage
  • Issues in taking care of the children
  • Lethargy
  • Cruel, irritable, discourteous
  • Always creating issues and financial instability

How Do You Appease Mangal Graha Through Mangal Graha Shanti Puja?

To reduce the adverse consequences presented by Mars to locals, it is important to perform mangal shanti. Mangal dosh nivaran helps the natives with these benefits like:

  • Gain positive force of Mars for a better life
  • Glad relations
  • Liberated from credits financial difficulties
  • Endurance and assurance
  • Respectful, great
  • For fast recovery in health matters
  • Favourable to children matters

Other Pujas To Be Performed In Mangal Grah Puja

  • Kalash Sthapana
  • Panchang Sthapana(Gauri Ganesh, Punyavachan, Shodash Matrika, Navgraha, Sarvotabhadra)
  • 64 yogini Pujan, Shetrapal Pujan
  • Swasti Vachan, Sankalpa
  • Ganesh Puja and Abhishek
  • Navgraha Pujan and 108 slokas of each planetary mantra
  • Energising significant Gods and Goddesses in Kalash
  • Mangal Yantra Puja
  • Lord Hanuman Puja
  • Lord Shiva Puja
  • Mangal Dosh Nivaran Mantra Japa
  • Mangal Homa
  • Aarti
  • Pushpanjali
  • Mangal Shanti Donation in Temple and prasads to brahmins.

What Must Be Done After Performing Mangal Grah Shanti Puja?

It is vital to do noble cause for the needy individuals, creatures and birds for the achievement of the puja custom being performed. Subsequent to playing out the puja custom, Shaligram Shala Puja and Yagna Services give good cause for the sake of the relationships. Following things will be given to poor people and needy people whose puja ceremonial has been finished. Offer some food to the birds and animals according to the Hindu Shastras for the benefit of lovers to get the Satkarma and increase the force of this puja custom. This mangal dosh nivaran helps in getting the good outcomes and wish satisfaction of the partner very soon.

How Mangal Grah Shanti Puja Is Performed ?

When you plan the abhishek or puja, keeping with Vedic Traditions, the pandit will get Sankalp from you during the puja. According to Vedic astrology, to do any puja a Sankalp is a must. No cures, puja or karma yields results without Sankalpa. No person can get the desired outcome without having Sankalp. Sankalp is an affirmation to self and to God within a custom to assure the benefits. According to Vedas the entire Universe is developed through a Sankalpa (assurance) of Lord Sriman Naaraayana. Consequently it’s most extreme and principal for any puja.

Subsequent to having Sankalp from you, the pandits holding fast stringently to Vedic ceremonies and customs will perform customs of mangal shanti puja. You must be ready as per the date and season of puja with all the prescribed things and it is advisable to perform fast during the entire puja to get good results.

Wrapping up

Have you ever analysed your horoscope with an expert astrologer? If not, it’s time to talk to a professional astrologer to see if you have Mangal dosha. Mangal dosha must be overcome through mangal grah puja by energising the planet Mars. Get a fortunate life following Mangal dosh nivaran puja.

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