Know About Surya Ketu Grahan Dosh Puja

Grahan Dosha is an inauspicious yog that occurs in the horoscope and causes an individual’s life to become inconvenient. The natives inflicted by this curse cannot make progress in their life and are unable to overcome financial difficulties. Ignorantly, that person’s entire life is in jeopardy. When a person is born on a Surya Grahan day, he or she is said to have Surya Grahan dosh. Surya Grahan Dosha occurs when one of the planets, Rahu or Ketu, is aligned with the Sun. Surya Grahan dosha makes it difficult for an individual to achieve success, popularity, and name. A woman is confronted with issues linked to childbirth. Surya Grahan dosha is also linked to poor health.

What is Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha?

Surya Grahan Dosha occurs when one of the planets, Rahu or Ketu, aligns with the Sun in the 12th house of a person’s horoscope (solar eclipse defect). Surya Grahan Dosha is also known as Rahu-Ketu Dosha when one of the planets Rahu-Ketu is positioned in the Sun’s house.

When Sun and Ketu are in the same house, this is called partial Surya Grahan Dosh or Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha.

When the Sun and Ketu are in the same house in the birth chart, the Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha is formed. This combination has a powerful influence and has a significant impact on the native’s life. Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha natives are intelligent and courteous in both their professional and personal lives; nonetheless, they may have challenges such as a lack of social stimulation, false litigation, serious injuries, and a general sense of loneliness and dissatisfaction. Based on their locations and degree of conjunction, the Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha produces various effects.

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Grahan Dosha Nivaran Puja aids in the development of confidence, strength, success, and happiness. This puja aids the person in overcoming challenges such as stress, impediments, and misfortunes. The native’s life becomes a lot better, and he succeeds professionally and personally.

Impact Of Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha On Individual

1. Difficulty having children.
2. Children falling ill continuously.
3. Females may have issues conceiving or miscarriages
4. Life may be difficult for natives, and they may confront challenges.
5. Difficult times in business.
6. Uncertainty in both personal and professional life.
7. Becoming gloomy and depressed.
8. Career full of instability and insecurity.
9. They may also be indecisive in their professional choices.
10. Uncontrolled emotions and temperamental outbursts.

Surya Ketu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja: Unleash The Significance

A individual who has Surya Ketu Grahan Dosh is in a terrible position in their horoscope. A native suffering from this dosha is recommended to perform Nivaran Puja as a remedy. It is carried out by someone who is having difficulties or wishes to enhance a particular aspect of his life, such as riches, health, profession, family, dream, marriage, and so on.

The following are the steps of puja.
1. On the day of the Puja, it is preferable to fast from sunrise to sunset.
2. The puja is performed by the priest, and the Sankalp is taken by the family’s head.
3. The priest prays for the well-being of the house and all of its members by chanting mantras and repeating all of their names while offering flowers, mango leaves, rice, and grain.
4. While performing the puja and Homa (holy fire), the Navgraha Mantra is recited.
5. Sun and Ketu are worshiped.
6. Complete devotion and focus are required.
7. Worship of the deity is done by performing the Homa ( holy fire).
8. Other procedures are also to be followed like Kalash Stapana, Panchang Sthapana.
9. Other pujas like 64 Yogni Puja, Ganesh puja, Navagraha Puja, Swasti vachan is also done by the priest.
10. Surya Mantra Jaap , Ketu Mantra jaap and Aditya Gayatri Manta chanting is done by the priests.
11. After Homa (holy fire) Arti and Punshpaanjali are done by the priest.
12. Food and money are donated to needy people or money donated to the temple.

However, it is recommended that you do not wear only black or only white to the puja because these colors are not considered totally devout. Leather items should also be avoided during the puja.

You can also boost your self-confidence and remove the negative influence of Grahan Dosha from your horoscope by performing your personalised Surya Ketu Grahan Dosh Puja!

How To Reduce The Impact Of Surya Ketu Grahan Dosh?

A waterless fast (Nirjala Upwas) is observed. Nothing is allowed to be consumed (Food and water) during the Surya Grahan, according to Hindu tradition (solar eclipse). Tulsi should be added to food grains or food stored in the house to safeguard it. After the Grahan, you should immediately take a bath.

Follow the methods suggested below to get rid of the Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha.

1. If Grahan Dosh is generated as a result of the Sun, pray to the Sun and Surya Devta.
2. Look for methods to assist your Guru or mentor.
3. Siddha To counteract the negative effects of Surya Ketu Grahan Dosha, Surya Ketu Grahan Puja is recommended.
4. Maha Mrityunjay Mantra chanting It will also benefit you if you repeat the process 1,25,000 times.
5. Dedicatedly pray to Mahadev and Hanuman Ji to remove the harmful impacts of Ketu.
6. On Sundays, avoid using salt.
7. Aditya Hridoya Strota should be recited.
8. On Mondays, donate white garments.

Wrapping Up

Various gemstones and Yantras can aid in the reduction of the dosh’s negative effects. One should seek the advice of astrologers before wearing a gemstone and Yantra, as it is not suitable for all. You can consult our Expert Astrologers, who will provide you with effective solutions based on your horoscope.

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