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Number 5 in numerology is represented by the planet Mercury. They are fun-loving and carry another level of enthusiasm with them. This is the reason why people love being around them. The aura that they carry is hard to find.

They are very adaptable in challenging situations and take impulsive moves when required. They like to socialize with people and are always friendly to change. Without any ado, let’s explore numerology 5 meaning.

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Number 5 Strengths

Curious: They are often prone to new things in their life. They have a 360-degree vision which allows them to find out new possibilities in life. The best feature is the way they experiment.

Adaptable: They have so much energy and power that they always incline towards new experiences in life, whether it be a job, relationship or any long term situation, they always shift when it is required for them and don’t rely on emotions much.

Social: Since they love to explore and find new ways, they are really prone to socializing with people and adjusting themselves to those group settings. In fact, they never miss an opportunity to engage well.

Number 5 Weaknesses

Unreliable: Their inconsistency and movability often lead to breaching all those promises and agreements they made. This not only questions their reliability in informal settings but also in informal relationships.

Directional: They don’t rely much upon planning and formulating strategies for their goals; instead, they like to go with the flow, which will lead to any directional growth, and this may result in missing opportunities.

Non – Committal: Since they love to be let free and change their plans very often, this will make it more complicated and sometimes impossible to stick to any kind of commitments they made.

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