Numerology Arrows In Grids

Numerology is a world of science that applies numbers to help you unveil your personality traits and more of your qualities. No doubt, it enables you to create a complete picture of a person by merely applying their birth date.

Numerology Grid or Numerology Chart is the primary key that helps you in predicting an individual’s personality. Moreover, it also employs the use of Arrows in these Grids that aids in determining one’s strengths and weaknesses. So, confused about what are these arrows in Numerology, then let’s get into the world of the Matrix to know more.

Numerology Arrows

Also known as a Lou Shou Grid, certain imaginary arrows or lines are formed in a Numerology Chart due to the birth numbers used. In this Chart/Grid, you will find that specific numbers (on empty boxes) appear to be in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal manner. These are referred to as the Arrows. Factually, there are a total of fifteen such lines or arrows (as referred) formed in a Numerology Chart. In a more profound sense, each arrow or line is believed to represent a particular characteristic, trait or a special quality of an individual. Moreover, the best thing about numerology is that, unlike Astrology, it is not necessary to have a time of birth along with complex calculations, to depict future events.

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Surprisingly, it is not important that arrows appear in every numerological chart. In case if you find that there are no arrows in your chart, then it is not necessarily a bad thing. It reveals a character of flexible personality. That means you will be going great with anyone having no problem adjusting to the circumstances.

Nevertheless, it is likely that most charts may have them, and these arrows surely have a certain deeper sense to throw light on a person’s characteristics leaving certain valuable clues to unleash more.

How to Make Numerology Grids & Charts learn about Arrows of Strengths and Weaknesses

The Arrow of Strength

In a numerology grid, when three numbers appear together either in a horizontal row, vertical column or in a diagonal, it forms the Arrow of Strength.

Individuals with Arrow of Strength possess a league of positive characteristics with the audacity to overcome challenges. Significantly, they will possess potential capabilities and a covetable character.

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The Arrow of Weakness

Unlike Arrow of Strength, Arrow of Weakness is the opposite. When there appear three empty boxes alongside in a row – whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally – there comes the existence of Arrow of Weakness.

With that Arrow of Weakness, individuals undoubtedly have certain traits that can point to their weaker qualities. However, it is suggested that with certain remedies and taking care of a few things, the Arrow of Weakness can be well utilised in one’s favour.

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Pythagoras Arrows in Numerology

Fancily, these arrows in certain books or texts are also referred to as the Arrows of Pythagoras. Whether Pythagoras did make use of these arrows for calculating some stuff or vice versa, there revolve many stories. However, it is stated that these Pythagoras Arrows were reintroduced to the Western World By Dr Hettie Templeton in 1930. In her book – Numbers and Their Influence, she described these Lou Shou Grid arrows that help predict future events.

In a Nutshell

Numerology is not just about finding the weaknesses or strengths of an individual. Still, in a broader sense, it also helps to overcome limitations with the help of certain remedies or following a set of habits. If you are stuck somewhere in your life path and not able to find a solution, then definitely readings of Numerology can help to find a pathway. And for that, Talk to Experts and see how your life struggles turn into opportunities bringing you prosperity and happiness.

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