Know The Benefits of 11 Mukhi Rudraksha To Get All Wishes Fulfilled

Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha, which is also known as Ekadash mukhi rudraksha or Eleven face rudraksha, is very powerful and is regarded as the Lord Rudra Shiva’s light. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, then it is high time to wear this 11 mukhi rudraksha to please him and gain blessings from him. This rudraksha is one of the most successful and effective ones among all other rudrakshas. There are 11 rudras, and Lord Hanuman is the 11th Rudra. So, chanting the name Lord Hanuman is capable of removing all the negative spirits away, and Lord Hanuman gives virtues, learning capacity, wisdom and cleverness in life. Just like wiping out the ghosts and evil spirits by praying to Lord Hanuman, this gyarah mukhi rudraksha has the same kind of powerful effects in getting rid of negative effects. Thus the wearer will be filled with all the virtues and make him powerful, healthy, wealthy and wise in every way.

What Is 11 Mukhi Rudraksha?

For each rudraksha, there is a different story. 11 mukhi rudraksha history has a way long to Rudra Samhita, which depicts that Asuras defeated Devas and they approached sage Kashyap for the shelter. Sage Kashyap prayed to Lord Shiva due to disappointment, and Lord Shiva appeared before him and promised to help Devas. Thus the sage got 11 rudras as children from Surabhi, and these children defeated asuras and protected devas as well.

Who Can Wear 11 Face Rudraksha?

Eleven mukhi rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Indra. It is believed that being the king of gods, Lord Indra helps to be happy and joy always by recommending to other gods. So, the wearer of 11 mukhi rudraksha will be able to please Lord Indra and thereby gain ultimate happiness in life. One of the eleven mukhi rudraksha benefits is that the wearer will get relief from the fear of sudden death. The origin of this bead is from Nepal, and it comes in a round or oval shape. Different faces of rudraksha have different benefits, and it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer before you wear a rudraksha.
Eleven mukhi rudraksha has the great advantage that it helps the user to obtain success in every field of his choice. Since it’s a rare bead, buying and maintaining it with due respect will bring ultimate prosperity, success to work and family life as well. This beak makes you clever and intelligent as it is known to impart only positive effects in one’s life. Eleven mukhi rudraksha is connected with the throat chakra and vishuddha chakra, known as the fifth chakra and is powerful and connected to hearing and listening. This point is known as the body’s purification point; it is important to acquire strong willpower, power and truthfulness. The eleven mukhi rudraksha helps to express your wishes, imagination, innovation etc. since the bead is protected and blessed by Lord Hanuman, the wearer gets a fearless and successful life for sure. 11 face rudraksha can be worn as mala to attain the best results.

What Are The Benefits of 11 Mukhi Rudraksha?

The presiding deity of 11 face rudraksha is Lord Hanuman, and it is important to please Hanuman with his beej mantra, Om Hreem Hum Namah. Chant this mantra 9 times while wearing 11 mukhi rudraksha every day and each time when you remove it while going to sleep. 11 mukhi rudraksha benefits the wearer healthwise, mentally and spiritually.

  • It blesses the wearer with the required wisdom, fearlessness, strong communication skills, and success in life.
  • The beads help from untimely death and accidents.
  • It also helps in removing the problems that haunt your mind always.
  • The bead helps to cure diseases and make you healthy and fit within no time.
  • It gives you a feeling of right deeds and gives courage.
  • Wearing 11 mukhi rudraksha is capable of removing fear and imparting utmost concentration in every action.
  • You get an adventurous life and strong willpower to do a plethora of things.
  • It removes human life complications thereby protect you in every way.

Who Should Wear Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha?

  • If you want to be stable in your work and life, then you should wear 11 mukhi rudraksha.
  • Do you always feel sick and fear doing things? Wear this rudraksha soon.
  • Do you want your spouse to love you unconditionally? 11 mukhi rudraksha is your solution.
  • Are you looking for a calm mind, spiritual thoughts and sound health? Go with 11 mukhi rudraksha without fail.

What Are The Promising Properties of Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha?

  • Buy 11 mukhi rudraksha online as it blesses the user to have a successful life hereafter.
  • The bead saves individuals from accidental death and this can be used when you have any malefic effects on planets in the horoscope.
  • One of the promising properties is that it controls all the six senses and thus it is quite useful in imparting a meditation feel too.
  • The user will get all the blessings similar to donating a thousand cows and doing good actions which is one of the best properties of eleven mukhi rudraksha.
  • If you are a person who makes wrong decisions or loses your temper easily, then it is important to wear eleven mukhi rudraksha without fail.
  • Get to know 11 mukhi rudraksha experiences as it helps with body aches, chronic alcoholism, back pain and liver issues.

What is the price of 11 Mukhi Rudraksha And How To Wear It?

Buy 11 mukhi rudraksha from a genuine dealer after consulting an expert astrologer. 11 mukhi rudraksha price in India is quite affordable but there are many scammers who cheat you by drawing huge money. So, beware of those scammers and always try to buy from a genuine site if buying online. Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha must be worn in the morning after having a bath. Light ghee lamp and incense sticks and perform rituals and puja to activate the bead. After doing the puja, it is important to wear it with due respect and maintain it every day by worshipping it.

How To Maintain Eleven Face Rudraksha?

  • After buying Rudraksha beads, wash it clean with fresh water and pour cow’s milk one day before wearing it.
  • Pray to it every day.
  • Trust the bead always.
  • Do not wear broken beads.
  • Never use chemicals to wash it.
  • Do not eat non-veg foods nor drink alcohol while wearing them.
  • Remove and keep aside while sleeping.

Wrapping Up

Are you facing any business issues, marriage-related problems, sleeplessness, fear or anger towards everyone? Then, it is advisable to wear 11 mukhi rudraksha as soon as possible after consulting an expert astrologer. He will assist in analyzing the horoscope thoroughly and make you aware of the malefic planets. Transform your life into a miraculous one with this eleven mukhi rudraksha.

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