Jain Astrology vs Vedic Astrology

What do Vedas say About Astrology?

Vedic Astrology has been an integral part of India since ancient times, and it was brought into practice to determine a native’s fate. In this system, a birth chart or a natal chart is made by Astrologers, keeping in mind the planets’ position at the exact time of birth. Based on the chart, the future of the native is predicted. Auspicious or inauspicious events are tried to be understood beforehand. If it is encouraging, then there are no issues, but if there are inauspicious events or traits in the future, an Astrological solution is also required. The Astrologers give this solution based on their calculation of the position of planets during birth time. Likewise, Jainism also believes in Astrology.

Jain Astrology: The Fundamental Difference and Similarities with Vedic Astrology

Jainism in Astrology differs from Vedic Astrology on this point. According to it, once a person dies, the soul goes into another body which takes about 3 to 4 prahars. This period is also taken into consideration in Jain Astrology. From the time an infant is born and the food cord is removed, that is the baby’s correct birth time. Based on this, the horoscope is created, and efforts are made to look into the future.

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Both these ancient Astrologies have some similar rules. In Vedic yoga, planets are considered responsible for the adverse effects and efforts to compensate them via worshipping the planet. In the same way, Jain Astrology considers worshipping the Gods as a solution. The Invoking Gods as per Jain Astrology, are said to be associated with a specific planet.

The Jain Gods Representing the Planets

  • Swami Padma Prabhu-planet Sun
  • Swami Chandra Prabhu-planet Moon
  • Lord Vasupujya-planet Mars
  • Lord Vimalnath-planet Mercury
  • Lord Rishabhdev-planet Jupiter
  • Lord Suvidhinath-planet Venus
  • Lord Munisuvrat-planet Saturn
  • Lord Neminath-planet Rahu
  • Lord Mallinath-planet Ketu

Worshipping the gods named above, depending on the horoscope’s problems, is deemed the solution of the issues.

Important Mantras and Jain Astrology

Mantras or recitation, use of sound energy, is also used to solve the planets’ ill-effects on life. People use it to minimize or block a specific planet’s effects and enhance the planet’s weak impact to help the native live a fruitful life. Below are some essential mantras as per Jain astrology, along with their purpose.

  • Recital of Panchindiya Sutra to invoke a planet
  • Mantra of Muni Suvrat Swami for escape Saturn’s Panoti
  • Jain mantra “Om Asiya Usaay Namah” to escape Navagraha Dosha

Pooja is also used as a solution in Jain Astrology, like Parshwa Padmavati Poojan to escape Pitru Dosha or other such Dosha. Worshipping “Shree Vishwamangal Navagraha Parshwanath Prabhu” to escape Kaal Sarp Yoga, Daridra Yoga, Yoga of Ashlesha, Jyestha and Mool constellation, and also for Navagraha Shanti is also considered as a solution.

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