The Death Tarot Card Meaning – Upright & Reverse Guide

The Death Tarot Card Meaning

First things first, don’t be scared if you’ve just pulled the death tarot deck! Only to inform you guys, death, along with the Tower and the Devil, is one of the most feared cards in the Tarot Deck. It’s quite natural that the word itself is enough to shake one’s body out of fear. But do you know why this card is so impactful? Well, then you need to read the whole ‘Death Tarot Guide’. So, without any ado, let’s start exploring.

  • Element: Water
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Planet: Pluto
  • Date: 23rd October To 22nd November
  • Upright Death Tarot Card: Powerful movement, ending of a cycle, getting rid of excess
  • Reversed Death Tarot Card: Fear of new beginnings, repeating negative patterns, fear of new beginnings

The Death Tarot Upright Guide

Just because of its name, the death card is misinterpreted a lot of times. One may easily think that it is connected to death only, but relax! It’s nothing like that. In easy words, death cards are all about ending the current phase & starting a whole new chapter of life. See, do you find any scary thing in it? No. The upright death card signifies that you ought to leave the past in the past only, no need to carry the baggage ahead. It may sound easy but hard in doing, but this is what this death tarot is all about.

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‘Change and Transition’ are both important transformations of death. We all know that nothing is permanent, bingo; this is what it says. Any transition should be embraced as a constructive, purifying, transformative force in your life. Note, some unexpected changes may prove beneficial for you as well. Smile 🙂 Death teaches a great lesson to let go of the attachments and grow in your life. The best part about Upright death tarot cards is, you can break any bad habits. So, time to use this card in your own unique way.

Death Card Reversed Meaning

The reverse sense of the death card is also synonymous with changes but those that you might have been avoiding. Don’t hesitate in accepting that you’re not able to change some things just because of the different risks involved in it. Not everyone is a great businessman, who would take risks without any worry. Past may trouble you a lot. But remember, restricting yourself and not welcoming change can limit your growth in the future.

Today is the best day to vanish out all the past and say hi to the changes in life. But obviously, believing in yourself is mandatory. No change would prove good if you don’t believe in yourself. Death reversed card is also useless if you are not able to listen to your inner self. It is important to remember that once you overcome your fears, changes will happen smoothly. Pro-tip, you can repeat this affirmation: “I embrace change in all the forms.” That’s it. It is that simple.

On a deeper level, the reversed death card can mean that you are going through a massive personal transformation. You are releasing what can no longer serve you so that you can allow for the new to emerge. One thing is sure that in the initial stage, you may struggle a lot. But once it’s done then people will hear an inspirational story of yourself. They may write a book on you as well, ‘ A journey of complete Transformation’.

Death Tarot Card for Love & Relationship

Upright Death Love Relationship

There are few positive things about drawing death in a love reading. At best, it says that the next relationship will be completely opposite from the one you’ve experienced in the past. Cmon, if you wanna experience a pure romance, throw the baggage of the past in the garbage. Only then you’ll be able to make your partner and yourself happy.

Death Reversed Love & Relationship

Caution, this is not the card you were looking for in love reading. Sorry to say but it says that your partner may meet to ….death. Ok now we are saying this, Death is considered a final end card. But if you’re worried about the state of your relationship, it’s obviously not a positive indication.

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The Death Tarot Guide - Money & Career

Upright Death Tarot Revealing About Money & Career

In the context of Money and career drawing, the Death Card serves as a warning not to become too dependent at work. In this world of competition and new technology coming out every day, you need to be careful. You ought to work in such a way that you are not dependent on anyone. If you are thinking of starting a new business or starting a new job, then Death is telling you that it’s time to jump ship. Remember, the change is going to be positive. The same goes for Money.

Reversed Death Tarot Revealing About Money & Career

The reversed Death card indicates that it’s time for a career change or a different path in your professional life. You may be tired and sick of your work, but keep doing it day and day, but you’re just doing it for the sake of a steady paycheck. This is all right—except that you remain unfulfilled. When Death appears reversed in a Tarot spread, it’s an excellent time to build a friendship with money. Overall, you need to let go of your terrible spending habits and be more accountable for your finances.

The Death Tarot Revealing About Health

Upright Death Tarot Card Unfolding Health

Ready for the best advice? Here you go, do whatever you can to keep your stress levels stable over what could prove to be a difficult phase of life. Never even think to make drugs your friend in order to kill depression. Instead, look within & follow a spiritual path. Exercise on a regular basis — just don’t abuse your physical and mental health by these horrible addictions.

Reversed Death Tarot Card Unfolding Health

Death reversed is certainly not a positive indicator in the health sense. Bad news? Keep on reading. The card tells you to stop ignoring the suffering and actually ask your doctor about it. Your approach to neglecting things might land you in some serious troubles. You just can’t sit and think that things will heal soon. No, it won’t. Deal with your problems and enjoy relief and renewed positive energy in this great life.


So folks, was that a scary ride or an impactful one? Definitely an impactful one. Never be so superstitious in life. Whether it’s a ‘Death Tarot Card’ or a ‘Devil’s Card’. You just need to be careful with your actions. Whatever you do, try giving your best. Take this card for spiritual transformation or new beginnings.