The Moon Major Arcana

Where to find the major arcana? and what it means? it can mean doubt, stress, and anxiety. Even so, this card does not show any dark powers. Just informing, in case of confusion. Rather, the negative feelings we experience are caused by our misunderstanding of events in our present or past.

How many major arcana cards are there? just to clear you guys, there are 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck. The Moon Tarot card tells you that you need to face your fears and phobias head-on. Face it up, pal, straight. No more avoiding fears, time to conquer them. Time to put a friendship belt on all the phobias. Now is the time to be serious and to banish these feelings once and for all.

  • Element: Water
  • Astrological Sign: Pisces
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Date: 19th February to 20th March
  • The Moon Major Arcana Upright: Risk, delusion, confusion, anxiety, fear
  • Moon Major Arcana Reversed: Conquering anxiety, finding the truth, gaining clarity, Overcoming fear.

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The Moon Major Arcana Upright

The Moon depicts your fears and delusions, and it comes out when you project fear into your present and future, based on your past encounters. Now, these emotions are popping up, and you may find yourself under their effects on a conscious or subconscious level. For example, you have met with a car accident in childhood. Now, every time you sit on the drive, turn on the car, you may get anxious. This is how a significant arcana tarot impacts one life.

To fix this, connect with your subconscious mind and let go of any anxiety or fears that hold you back. The Moon will point to a time of confusion and illusion when nothing is as it seems. Just keep one thing in mind, on the Full Moon, honour your accomplishments, and focus on what you need to release so that new facets of yourself will shine.

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Significance of Eight of Swords Reversed

The Moon reversed means that you have been struggling with illusions, fears, and anxieties, and now the adverse effects of these forces are starting to fade. This is a very liberating and transformative process.

You may try to bury these emotions even deeper inside your subconscious so that you can escape your dark shadows. You may not be able to face your emotions, push them aside and pretend that nothing is wrong. Yes, this is all a game of major arcana cards! The Moon reversed may also reveal that you’re getting intuitive messages and psychic downloads, but you’re unable to grasp what they mean to you.

The message can be unclear, or your understanding may be different from what you read elsewhere. Believe that the answers you want are already inside you, and tune in to your inner guidance system to hear those answers. It’s as simple as that!

That was an amazing, knowledgeable ride! Isn’t it? Arcana tarot cards tend to make a significant impact on one’s life. It’s about you to learn while sipping a cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer) & just enjoy life!

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