High Priestess Tarot Meaning, Love, Money, Health, Upright & Reversed

Let us kick start with word-to-word detail, NAAA, will start by asking you. Yes, you heard that right. What does High Priestess in Tarot mean to you? Is it an Astrological card or an ATM card? No more questioning. Time to answer and clear your each and every doubt ‘High Priestess’ or ‘The High Priestess Tarot’. So, let’s get started…

High Priestess Tarot Meaning

High Priestess Tarot Upright & Reversed

High Priestess Upright General Meaning

Do you know what’s connected with High Priestess Upright? The answer is ‘Inner Knowledge’. It possesses Wisdom, mystery, and sensuality paired with rationality. Whenever the High Priestess occurs in a tarot reading, she points out that now is the time to trust your instincts and then go with your gut feeling. You ought to pay special attention when the Upright High Priestess card comes.

High Priestess Reversed General Meaning

Getting a High Priestess Reversed indicates that you’re not listening to your inner self. You’re busy getting others’ opinions rather than asking your own soul about your own mere life. Strange! You may be neglecting your own self in order to make everyone happy. Before letting your state go down or feeling low, just trust yourself & count your inner wisdom as well.

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High Priest Upright Love & Relationship

High Priestess Upright Money & Career

High Priestess Upright Health

High Priestess Reversed Love & Relationships

High Priestess Reversed Money & Career

High Priestess Reversed Health


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